Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Zahaets to Thomas (Sweden)

Letter 1
My name is Natalia to me of 29 years I live in Russia.
I very sociable woman.
I search for the man for attitudes.
I want will find the man which me to understand and will want to construct with me attitudes.
I liked your structure and I have written to you the letter.
If you will want to learn more information on me that write on my electronic box.
It will be very pleasant for me if you will answer me my letter on my electronic box: I shall be very glad to receive the letter and to answer him.
Up to meeting Natalia.
Letter 2
Greetings Thomas.
I have been pleasantly surprised, having seen your letter to me.
I want to correspond with you.
But before I want to tell about myself that you have little bit better learned me and I also hope that you will tell a little about yourself that we have better learned each other.
I think it to us strongly will help to come nearer to our dream and we shall find common language.
I live in Russia it very far from your house, whether also I do not know you were sometime here. My city refers to Shelanger.
It is small city, but very beautiful and me here very much it is pleasant to live.
My birthday on July, 12, 1977.
Now to me of 29 years and I still have not found the of the partner in life, second half.
I the romantic person and not looking on that that everyone speak that the love at first sight does not happen, I believe in it.
I want to find this person that when I have found it I have understood at once, that it is really that of whom I always searched.
I am cheerful and almost always cheerful.
I like to feel confidence.
It is pleasant for me when behind my shoulder there is self-assured, strong and beautiful a man which at any moment can stand for itself and for the beloved.
I rather versatile woman.
I can be pleased lives and present happiness to the favourite person.
All my familiar speak that very easily to communicate with me and that I very kind and sociable person as speak " soul of the company ".
But not looking on all this I and could not find to myself the man in Russia.
If you knew Thomas last time Russian men very chilly concern to women. It is much more interesting to them to drink or sit with the friend.
I was not married, but I some times met and I can tell only one, that after several appointments at them all interest vanishes.
Also my unmarried girlfriends speak also.
Russian men degrade, him it is more interesting alcohol, instead of beautiful Russian women and it very much irritates me.
I simply want to be happy and loved.
For the sake of the person who will love me, I am ready to go on all.
I shall be cares and to respect it.
You know Thomas I also I love gymnastics and very much I like to float.
I simply adore to float.
I try to watch myself and the appearance because it is very important for each woman.
I as like to be alone with the nature.
I like to walk in the evening on city.
I very much like to look from a window at a sunset.
I want to have children, but before I think it will be necessary to solve it with the beloved.
Only when we together shall decide that children, only are necessary for us then and will be.
Thomas If you want to learn me I shall answer closer necessarily write also I to you.
In the following letter try to tell to me as about itself and the employment.
If you can that have gone to me please the photo. I wait with impatience of your following letter Natalia!!!
Letter 3
Greetings Thomas!
It is good, that has answered.
I waited the answer.
I wanted, that you have written more about yourself.
You have hobby?
My hobby navigation.
I go to pool three times a week!
I frequently get tired, and navigation of me weakens, the ambassador I feel as though I anew was born!
Thomas, as still know about each other I more few devote this letter as to the description of my life and my employment that we could know more about each other.
I have finished university and have received higher education by a trade the teacher of Russian, and now I work at school.
I learn children in elementary grades to Russian.
While this work very much is pleasant to me, especially it was always interesting to me to communicate with people. I live one.
Father has died 7 years ago.
We live if fairly not so.
Mum on pension and recently very much is frequently sick.
And at present I care of mum in fact she at me one, relatives of relatives at us are not present.
It is necessary me very difficultly.
I provide mum and one only pension at mum not big and frequently there is no money.
Recently I work much and I have not enough time for rest, and generally I very much like to travel, even trip to other city, delivers to me a lot of pleasure, but basically we with girlfriends have a rest on the nature, we take the permit on a camp site on any lake.
I like to sunbathe.
It so is pleasant to lay under beams of the scorching sun and to feel, how warmly is spilled on all body and after that to plunge into cold water.
Please inform me that you think of my appearance?
Personally for me, appearance has no any value, it is important for me, that the person from within as his private world as it concerns to people surrounding it is advanced is.
As frequently at us speak in Russia " Appearance it happens it is deceptive ", that the person should be loved not for his beauty, and how it concerns to people and addresses with them.
I as love humour and it does my life more brightly.
As to mine harmful habits perhaps at me they practically are not present.
I do not smoke, because I think that for the woman, it is not ethic.
Especially it harmful.
And as to alcohol I like to drink wine, sparkling, but in small amounts.
You know Thomas, I also very much like to prepare, I like to carry out on kitchen hours though I do not have this time.
I very much love Russian and east kitchen.
I hope you you will not begin to take offence for my foreign language because I studied it rather for a long time.
I learned it on special rates.
As to act in institute to me it was necessary to know foreign language.
Probably I shall finish the letter on it.
I shall wait for your letter Thomas Your friend Natalia!!! P.S. Leave to me the phone number?
Letter 4

Greetings Thomas
I am glad that you have written to me.
I very much like to receive from you letters.
On work I already all have told that have got acquainted with you on the Internet and know there were many questions about that as it.
I have told that it very interestingly, only it would be desirable the greater and I hope that you completely with me agree.
After the working day I go on foot to myself home.
My house is not so far from my work.
THEREFORE to me attracts to go on foot and to admire the city.
I spoke you that our city not such big but all the same to me delivers great pleasure to take a walk on evening streets of city.
In city centre many old buildings.
It is a lot of buildings which more than 50 years.
I very much like these old constructions.
They are always very beautiful and graceful.
For me, they - an embodiment of beauty.
I very quiveringly concern to subjects of olden time, I in general, very much love a history...
I do not like houses which have been constructed 20-30 years ago, in days of USSR.
All houses constructed at this time identical...
I very much like to walk in city centre, there it is always very beautiful.
At night at us in city other life wakes up absolutely.
Lanterns and city light up is filled with light.
I I hope could give you the small description of the city.
Tell to me please, than you are engaged at leisure?
Tell to me about the hobby?
I very much like to have a rest on the nature with the friends.
In the summer we go to ourselves on a summer residence all family.
I probably yet did not speak you that we behind city have years small house, but it very small and sometimes we there even remained for the night.
My mum puts there any greens and flowers because money not always suffices to buy in shops.
I probably already spoke you that I very much like to float and recently I have decided to enter the name in pool.
I shall go there three times to a week, on Monday, environment and Friday.
Tell to me please about the house.
In it it is cosy?
I live modestly enough.
But all the most necessary at me is.
Sometimes I like to dream up on kitchen.
But not frequently.
Quickly, that that I shall prepare also for all.
Very much I love visitors.
But they come, to my big regret not frequently.
We live modestly enough.
But all the most necessary at us is.
Thomas, you could tell to me about the family and friends?
It is very interesting to me to learn as you you will spend the free time, what your hobbies. You like to listen to what music?
Very much to like me modern popular music, especially foreign.
But sometimes I very much like to listen to classics.
Very much to like me " the Lunar sonata " Beethoven.
I listened to her many times, but thus is ready to listen to her again and again.
Each time she causes new feelings and emotions.
But, I can listen to any music.
And she will attract to me all the same.
Music does our life more colourfully and more brightly, without it would be melancholy and monotonous.
I hope that I shall soon see the letter from you.
Last time I with the big impatience wait from you for the answer.
Letter 5
Greetings my friend Thomas
I was so is glad to receive your letter.
At me today such good mood, I am ready to sing and dance.
One of these days at director of our school birthday was and we had party.
And so all over again we have ***** some champagne at us on work, and then all our employees have gone to restaurant.
We so wonderfully there have taken a walk, we sang songs, danced well in general had a rest is simply healthy.
Only next day at me the throat a little was ill and I now not much badly feel myself, but not looking at it at me good mood.
Thomas, and than you were engaged these days, tell to me, I so would like to learn as you has lead time?
I today was in shop and have bought to myself such remarkable jacket.
All saleswomen have told that to me she very much goes, and that in it I look much more youngly and she freshens me.
And you for a long time did to yourself purchases in shops?
Unfortunately I not so can frequently allow to buy to myself clothes, but not looking on it I always try to put on stylishly and fashionably, certainly all depends on opportunities.
And what fashion at women is pleasant to you?
In what clothes you would like to see the beloved woman?
Thomas, tell to me please about the friends?
You have good relatives familiar which you trust and can open the secrets and give vent to the soul, all problems which at you have collected also to you difficultly with them.
At me is a lot of familiar, but people which I can open the soul only a little. At me only two such girlfriends.
So dialogue with people gives all much.
I like to communicate with people and to learn for myself that that new, in fact to expand the circle of knowledge very important.
I try when I have free time to read books.
Thomas And you like to read books or newspapers, you prefer what genre of books?
Personally I prefer historical books and love novels.
I still very much love magazines about the nature and animals.
I want to tell to you about the small dream.
I always wanted to visit mountains.
It probably so is romantic and fine.
When you look with is high and under you such fine kind from which you even are afraid to breathe is opened that all this has not disappeared.
I so want to visit there, it is possible sometime my dream will come true.
And you sometime were in mountains?
If was tell to me please what sensations at you it has caused.
By the way I wanted to send you still the photos, but at me while it has turned out nothing. I probably can make them during several days, most likely tomorrow.
And now it is time to me to go and I shall finish the letter on it.
I shall wait your letter.
Your friend Natalia!!!!!!!!!
Letter 6
Greetings my friend Thomas
It was very pleasant for me to see your letter again.
Lovely you do not worry on ours with you of the attitude it as will not affect.
And all remain as is.
We shall continue to communicate and learn each other as it is possible better.
Probably I to you yet did not tell that I very much want to learn to operate the automobile.
Simply I think that probably to me it to anything, in fact I do not have machine and besides I am afraid of the big speed.
But all the same probably in a life it can be useful to me and I do not know that to me to do. Thomas, whether you can to me will advise it is necessary
to me to study to drive the machine, and that I cannot be solved.
I today want to tell to mum about you.
About that as we communicate, about that what you.
I the truth do not know as she on it will react.
Because she lived in Soviet Union and earlier there was no Internet and that that occurs now.
Because now the youth began such dismissed, children start to smoke and drink with small age, in addition now there was many person which use drugs.
And I constantly think, that will be with my child!!
If I of it shall decide to give birth and present it a life.
Because I already wrote that I shall give birth to children, only if my beloved it wants.
I think that you very much will like it also she will understand that distance for us not a problem, especially that we so realize that each other.
In fact you agree with me Thomas?
Well that I have such friend as you which it is possible to ask advice.
Earlier I imagined dialogue through the Internet strange and frightening.
And now when I have got acquainted with you, my opinion was changed.
I became more unchained in the letters and besides you very good person and it is pleasant and easy to communicate with you.
Thomas, how at you an affair today?
Than you are going to be engaged tonight?
I today am tired and the more so that conversation with mum will borrow a lot of time.
Therefore it is time to me to go and I shall wait for your letter.
Your friend Natalia!!!!!!!!!
Letter 7
Greetings Thomas!!!!!!!!!! How your affairs, how at you mood?
I'm fine.
Now I am at the aunt in Cheboksary.
It not big and beautiful, but unfortunately very noisy city.
In this city most of all to like me quay is a place where it is possible to sit, have a rest and even to dream.
When I was small we with mum very much frequently went there to walk.
For me it became already native place.
Me till now pulls there.
When I sit there I recollect the childhood.
Tomorrow I again want to descend there.
Well all right let's talk now about us.
I have absolutely overlooked to tell to you that I yesterday talked to mother.
We conducted long conversation and have mentioned many themes which I had to it to explain, that finally has led to to that that my mother has believed me and even very much was delighted to that that I have got acquainted with you.
She counts that it funny, to communicate with the person which so far from you.
At me at once it was cheered up, that mother has approved my decision.
Dear but she wants to write to you the letter and to talk to you personally.
Dear tomorrow when I shall come to the Internet of cafe I shall take my mum with myself and she will write to you the letter.
Thomas, I become really very glad that our friendship more strong.
With each letter we learn more and more and more about each other.
And this much means, I began to understand you better.
You became really very expensive to me as the friend.
At me very few familiar men with which I could so to behave as with you.
With you I feel open and fair because this distance between us, does me more liberated and it is easy for me to communicate and open to you the soul.
I too very much hope that you also openly communicate with me.
Because the friendship is based on trust to the person.
If you do not trust the person that it to you not the friend because you cannot entrust to it the soul.
Therefore I very much appreciate ours with you friendship.
And I am glad, that between us there are such warm friendly attitudes.
It is pleasant for me to read your letters and to think, how you there now, than you are engaged.
Due to these ideas my working day passes much faster than usually.
I do not know as, but something in me has changed after I have got acquainted with you.
I do not know that in me has changed, but I feel it, and I feel as that I have changed in the best party and consequently it is important for me.
Thomas, I hope that you understand me, agree with me, that friends should be valued, that only the friend will help you a difficult minute and will submit to you a hand of the help.
And you began for me to one of from - such friends whom I value, at me not so it is a lot of them and on this it does my friendship to you even more
I wish you successful day and good mood.
I wait for your letter.
Your friend Natalia.
Letter 8
Greetings my friend Thomas!!!!!!
I so am glad to receive again from you the letter.
I just now start to understand, on how many I was lonely.
But now I have understood, that you became very expensive for me.
At me it is cheered up, when I receive from you letters.
Now you have taken a place in my heart.
I every day think about ours conversations and I on the person have a smile.
In the evening when I went to bed, I thought of you and when I have fallen asleep, dream has dreamed me.
In that dream we went together, having joined hands, on ocean coast.
And ocean, playful as the kitten who has pinched in our ***** legs, licking our traces from damp sand.
The dairy pink dawn only was born in the cloudless sky, spraying waves with his gold spark, the easy breeze played with our hair.
And you know Thomas, I for some reason never asked you when your birthday.
I think that it is the most important holiday for the person in his life.
I very much love this day.
This day at me always good mood.
And as you note the birthday, write please in fact to me very interestingly all as to you.
I am really glad to that that we have got acquainted.
Before our acquaintance my life was boring and has lost any sense after all my failures.
And I thought that I more never can believe the man.
However in process of dialogue with you I start to change the opinion gradually.
Itself I do not know why, but I as small believe each your word.
Probably for that time when I was one, I have managed to wean from all it.
I do not know, I while itself have not understood yet the ideas.
But I am glad that we know each other.
I with impatience shall wait for your following letter!
Yours Natalia!!!
Letter 9
Greetings my friend Thomas I am very glad to receive the letter from you.
How your affairs?
You remember, I told to you about my dream?
After that dream, my attitude to you has changed.
I have understood, that I love you, my dear Thomas.
I do not present the existence without you.
I every day read your letters somehow to come nearer to you, my love.
I hope, that you will consider this with understanding.
I am in confusion, never in before I tested such pure and sincere feelings to the person which yet did not see in a real life.
I hope, that you will help me in it to understand.
I cannot do without your letters.
They are necessary for me as air, as a life.
I think, that I have made correctly, that have told to you about the feelings because very difficultly to hide the true feelings.
Speaking you these words I very strongly worry, all this is very unusual to me.
My love Thomas, now at me has appeared new meaning of the life.
I have undertaken many things with new interest.
I think, that the Internet very much helps the person.
As, for example, in my case when due to the Internet I have found you.
I am very grateful to girlfriend Tanya who has helped me to be solved on this step and to send the questionnaire in the Internet.
All these days when I read your letters I tested with each letter, that I become closer to you.
I have understood that I am valid love you.
You are necessary for me as water and air, I cannot present now myself with other person. You for me now one all over the world.
It is love has blinded me, and I do not pay attention to any men except for you.
I am happy that you at me are, that you only mine.
It is not a pity that I can transfer you all emotions on the Internet.
I would like to see your eyes your smile, and to tell to you all this directly to face.
You probably agree with me what to transfer the feelings in the letter very difficultly.
In a life all this looked absolutely on another.
But your letters have made me happy, and I am very grateful to you for it, that you have presented me the love and the warm feelings to me.
I have not had time to notice at all as my feelings all became stronger and stronger to you.
And now I need in you, I for the first time have tested such feelings, which distances to me pleasure and rest.
I close eyes and I see you, and at once it becomes easy for me and is warm in soul.
Thomas, I hope that this feeling will be mutual.
I very much would like that you tested the same feelings to me because the meek love kills the person.
I do not want to feel a pain and intimate flours.
I simply want to be the happy woman which will be loved and desired.
I want to create the family and to enjoy a life.
All this time to me was so alone, but now I have you and to me it became much easier. Certainly between us of the sea and oceans, but it does not do my love more poorly, on the contrary she every day becomes stronger.
Certainly it only dreams, but I in these dreams present that we with you shall be together and at us all will be good.
Though I certainly understand that between us such huge distance and I at all do not present as our attitudes can rise on a level above.
I very much would like to take your hand and to put the palm on yours, to feel as warmly our hands will be spilled on a body.
I love you and now for me this most important.
Now I sit and I write to you the letter and the stream of feelings has gushed over me such, that I simply am at top of pleasure.
I know that your following letter will make me even more happily.
I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
Yours Natalia!!!
Letter 10
Hello dear Thomas!
I always with the great pleasure read your letters.
It is pleasant for me to receive from you letters.
I am very glad, that I again managed to write to you.
Long time at me was not opportunities to write to you.
But now I at last have reached a computer and now with pleasure I write to you the letter.
If you knew what pleasure to me delivers to write to you the letter.
The truth it is very pleasant for me to write to you.
Because as the person - you good and very much you like me.
You know Thomas, recently I think of us much.
Yes, you were not mistaken about us.
I think not simply of you, about my attitude to you I think of us.
I think, whether there is at us in general a chance, to meet in a life?
As far as it is probable, and as there will be our attitudes further.
Probably we shall simply communicate a little and we shall go away who where.
And there can be all develop on another.
Interestingly, is not that so... Thomas, every day, than I was more with you I communicate, the more I think of you, the is more often I catch myself on ideas, that my attitude to you varies a little.
I start to concern to you a little on another.
You every day mean for me more and more and more.
Forgive, if I shocked you the words a little, I did not want, simply I want to tell, that I already simply do not have forces to constrain in themselves
those feelings which me overflow.
Thomas, you very much like me.
I shall wait very strongly for your answer.
Your Natalia!!!
Letter 11
Greetings my friend Thomas!!!!!
I am very glad to receive again from you the letter.
It was very pleasant for me to come today in the Internet of cafe and to see there your letter.
You know, I do not know why, but I wrote last letter to you with very great pleasure.
When I wrote it, for one instant suddenly it seemed to me, that you are near to me, and I write to you the letter, and you at once read it.
Such dumb dialogue with the help of a computer.
I do not know why to me so it seemed, but it was very strange and at the same time pleasant for me.
It seems to me, that it has taken place because I already have very much got used to you.
I have very much got used to dialogue with you through the Internet, but I every day would like to communicate with you more and more and more, every day I would like to learn more and more You, and also I would like to open completely to you.
You are very interesting to me in dialogue, I very much like to communicate with you, know, I though and not so corresponded with people through the Internet, but me much delivers great pleasure to read your letters.
It is a pity, that I have so not enough opportunity to write to you, I can write to you a maximum on in day if I had houses a computer, to me it seems to one letter, that I would not leave a house but only did that wrote to you.
Recently I have understood something, I have understood that the Internet has one very big lack, through the Internet I cannot hear and see the person, with
Which I communicate.
You know, I very much would like to meet you once in a life.
It is very interesting to me to communicate to you in a life, after dialogue here, on the Internet.
And it is interesting to you?
It seems to me that very interestingly.
Thomas, I wanted you to tell still something, I at once want to ask you a pardon for these words if they probably will seem to you strange but when I have left from the Internet of cafe, still something seemed to me.
You know, earlier when I did not know you, I everywhere went one in the sense that at me was nothing also to me one was always comfortable, certainly I always did not have the close person, but I very much did not feel this shortage.
But now, when I have got acquainted with you, it seems to me, that all has a little changed.
Yesterday, when I have left from the Internet of cafe, I have understood, that something does not suffice me.
I felt that I did not have not enough you.
For that time while we with you communicate I has had time to get used and become attached very strongly to you.
Likely it sounds a little fondly as so can be for such short term.
I do not know, how it has taken place, now I know only that very much does not suffice me dialogue with you.
I very much would like to communicate with you, and not only on the Internet, but also in a life.
You likely have now thought that I can speak not the truth, or that it can simply seem to me, but I want to tell to you, that the more I with you communicate, the the greater
You cause interest in me as the person and as the man first of all, the more to me would be desirable you to learn.
And still I wanted to tell to you a little about my dream, you remember, I told to you, I think, that all this is not simple so.
All this is certainly very unreal and it is improbable, but I heard, that dreams it little bit other display of ideas of the person when it is awake, I spoke you, that I all time
I think of you when I go along the street when I go for work, I all time think of you.
And in dream of idea of the person, gather in a single whole.
And you believe in prophetic dreams, that is in dreams which can predict the future?
I heard, that such dreams do not happen, and there is that the person in dream thinks a little on another, and prophetic dream it not that another except for as skill of the person to foresee
The future also that if to understand that it is quite logical sequence of ideas.
I do not know, whether you have understood me that I wanted you to tell, but I wanted to tell that I think that it was not simply dream - dream.
I do not want to trust that it was simply dream.
Also you know, I very much would like to meet once you in a life.
Forgive, if I shocked you with the recognition a little.
I very much would like to learn your opinion.
How you think, we can once meet?
And you would like it?
I with the big impatience shall wait for your following letter.
Letter 12
Greetings my friend Thomas!
I was again very glad to receive from you the letter and I hope that to you too very pleasantly to receive from me letters.
Also to me delivers the big pleasure to write to you the letter today.
In fact with each letter each other we become closer.
It is very a pity to me, that we have no opportunity to communicate with you personally.
It seems to me, that that people have learned each other better a lot of time is necessary. I very much would like to communicate to you personally, to look at you as you move as you talk, to me all is interestingly.
In fact I of it about you do not know anything.
So it is interesting, when you communicate with the person on the Internet you learn it from within, but you can tell nothing about his appearance,
certainly we have photos, they certainly give us any representation how the person looks, but they cannot transfer his gestures, his manners, and I very
much would like to learn about you more and about it too.
You know, right at the beginning of ours with you correspondences, it seemed to me, that I shall write to you a pair of letters, and I shall stop on it.
But after has passed any time, I have understood, that I cannot normally live without you, without your letters.
I cannot live without dialogue with you.
I want to tell, that since I have received your first letter, my attitude to you has very much changed.
Now you mean for me much more, than then.
Now I would give much meeting you in a reality.
But unfortunately we yet have no such opportunity.
You know, when I reflect that we once could meet, mine heart starts to beat very quickly, and I start to worry very much.
But then, when I start to think how many all for this purpose I was necessary
At once very strongly I am upset, therefore as our meeting starts
To seem to me almost unreal.
In fact I am in other country, you speak in the other language, and in general you are on other party of globe.
Once I thought what to find love on the Internet is unreal.
Now I of other opinion on it.
Now I think that it very much even really.
Therefore as it seems to me, that it was possible to me.
But how it seemed to me most important it to find the love, but now when I feel earlier, that I have found the love before me there is a new problem and what to do further?
Further likely as in a good teleserial about love we likely should meet, I
very much would like it.
But I think, that for us it is almost unreal, and so, as appeared, to find the person it is half more, and second half is a meeting in a life.
How you think, we once shall meet?
You would like me to see in a life?
What can we make for this purpose?
It is very interesting to me that you think of it.
Please write to me soon.
It is very interesting to me, that with us will be farther.
Yours Natalia!!!!!
Letter 13
Greetings my love Thomas
I am madly happy.
At me very good mood!!!
My dear Thomas, yesterday I went to travel agency, have learned much about tourist trips.
I very much would like to visit somewhere, for this purpose I recently began to save money, now I have a little.
In fact I not to time where was not also to me awfully terribly to go there where I know nobody also I at all I have no representation that I there did
Now to me already not enough simple correspondence through the Internet.
I very much would like to meet you to learn you even better.
Now, that I about you know all, all this very much is pleasant to me in you, and all this very much involves me in you.
I feel, that you very good person, and I very much would like to learn
You also in a life.
And after long reflections I have come to a conclusion that probably would be wonderful if
I would arrive instead of rest to you.
It would be the present rest, near to the person who is very interesting to me, and we at last that could get acquainted with you on much closer than in
In fact only when we can see each other in a real life and talk the friend
With the friend only then we could understand what feelings we test
To each other.
I so would like to see your smile and that as you would be happy if could meet.
It probably will be very healthy and it is romantic.
I hope that you not against such decision, that I was going to go on rest to you.
It will be absolutely not a pity to me of the spent money to road to you because I think that will spend with you for me most pleasantly on light.
I miss on you and my ideas only about you.
And I am very happy that at me such opportunity travel up to you has appeared.
In fact differently our meeting probably never would take place.
I hope that you will agree with me that I have made the correct decision to go to you in visitors.
If you certainly against it if you do not want that I have arrived to you and have lead the rest near to you that inform me about it!
But now at me very good mood and fighting adjust to go to you on a visit, because to me very much hunting to learn to you on closer and even better.
My dear Thomas, I talked to mother on the account of that that I want instead of
Rest for border, it is better to visit to you.
Because we are already well familiar also I test warm feelings to you.
That I already for a long time did not test such feelings to men.
That you very good person and I want to try the happiness and to leave to you for some time to learn each other better.
My mum after some meditation has told to me that if I so has decided and that if I really feel that with you Thomas, to me it will be valid well number why and is not present.
In fact a life one and to stay its houses and and to not find the love, that half with which I would be happy actually both could live for a long time
and is happy.
I was very glad to that that my mother has approved my decision and it has given to me of even more force and confidence.
Loved I so want to be near to you.
I very much want to feel your embraces and warm words which we shall speak each other.
I shall wait for your letter.
I love you Thomas.
A kiss Natalia.
Letter 14
Hi my LOVE Thomas!!!!!
How your life?
Than you are engaged?
I'm fine.
With my mum also all is good.
I was very glad to receive from you the letter.
It very much was pleasant to me.
Today I had very good mood because I have woken up with feeling of love to you.
I have woken up with understanding of that in the other end of the world there are you my love Thomas.
There is that person who really loves me.
I am very happy, that you with me, that your love always in my heart.
I think of you and about us, during that moment when we at last shall be together.
In the evening I had a supper with mum.
For a supper we together with mum blinded pel'meni and have prepared salad from cucumbers, tomatoes, an onions and fennel.
It appeared is very tasty.
It is very a pity to me that one more my day has passed without you, without that with whom I am am connected with attitudes.
I very much want that we were together.
My lovely Thomas you think of me?
I every day think only of you, I fall asleep with an idea on you and I wake up with understanding of that that you are not present with me beside.
And consequently I become a little sad.
But I believe that you want to be a number and I again start to be pleased lives.
I very strongly like!!!!
I wait with impatience of your letter. Love and kisses.
Yours Natalia!!!!
Letter 15
Hi my dear, my loved Thomas.
I am very happy to see your letter.
They always deliver to me pleasure.
But loved understand to me of it a little.
To me it is poorly simple in letters to speak that I love you.
I cannot express all feelings.
I want to see you, I want to be with you and about you always.
Lovely I cannot live without you any more.
You understand you which that person I so for a long time searched.
And I am very happy that could to find you.
Now I want to be with you.
I want to feel your presence, to feel taste of your lips.
If you knew as me badly it happens by evenings when I sit at home at the TV and I look serials about love.
Where young people like each other, they always together and they are constantly pleased lives, kiss.
On me it very strongly operates also I pay.
I pay every evening.
Loved I cannot live without you.
I want as soon as possible you to see, embrace, kiss.
Our acquaintance is destiny and we should be together.
You the finest favourite my lovely person on light.
I love you and only you one and I shall like eternally.
Even if we when shall not be together I all the same you I shall like.
Lovely I love you.
C impatience I wait for your answer.
Yours and only yours on always Natalia!!!!!
Letter 16
Hello my love Thomas.
I am happy that again I receive from you the letter.
I very strongly love you Thomas.
I already for a long time about thought and dreamed, it would be simple a miracle to celebrate my birthday with the beloved - with you my love Thomas, it would be simply enormously healthy, I very much very much very much want it, and with impatience I wait for this moment when we we shall be together, you only present my loved, I suggest us to plunge ideas for one minute into dream and desire that we already together run each other towards with open arms, and you my lovely run towards to me with the big bouquet of yellow roses, we for a long time cost not releasing each other from strong embraces and steadfastly gently look each other in the face, and cannot see enough against each other in any way.
It is very good us together.
We at last together.
Our hearts flare, our pulse jumps up all fastly and fastly, we like each other and to whom we shall not give.
And present my love that day of my birth on July, 12 has already come, we in the evening happy sit on a soft sofa and we drink wine from smart glasses, and beside fire wood in a fireplace beautifully crackle, we gently embrace each other, and we speak each other gentle words of love, about that as night is short, and we look at this fire, the same as at us in hearts and to us together so is madly pleasant and cosy, that it would seem we could stay so eternity not releasing each other from a kind.
You speak to me gently: " Lovely close eyes " and I close and when again I open their that I see before myself very smart diamond ring which you to me allow and speak " Happy birthday loved, I very much love you.. " - also you tender kiss me.
I am outside of myself with happiness and pleasure, so it is pleasant for me also we not coming off we are strong kissed.
You have imagined it?
How it romantically the truth?
I of it madly would like, and you?
My loved Thomas I with impatience wait for this moment when we shall meet, and we carry out our dreams because our love is not present any borders.
I every day think only of you my desired, and always you I love.
Your love on always Natalia!!!!!
Letter 17
Greetings my loved Thomas.
Today I to you shall tell as I have lead the day.
My girlfriend has called me in an ice palace on to skate.
When we came in an ice palace we have bought tickets, to us have told to wait while the session will end.
We have gone to buffet have taken on cups of coffee and began to discuss you. I have told about you, that you wrote to me. My girlfriend was so is glad for me, that I have found which man I wanted.
She to me has told that with you at us all will turn out, as she already for the husband and knows that such serious attitudes.
We have waited when the session will end. We have gone to an input to a locker room and have given tickets. To us have told to pass to a wardrobe where give out skates.
We with the girlfriend have dressed skates and have left on ice. There was to many people. They were all joyful.
And at this time I have reflected, as it would be good, if we together went for a drive with you on skates. Would keep with you for hands. Nevertheless
as me does not suffice a number of you.
I very much like to skate. When I go on skates, at me such feeling as though I fly by air, having moved apart hands on the parties.
To me so has liked in an ice palace. There it is especially good, when in city there is an intolerable heat.
To me so has liked as I has lead the day. I shall remember this day for a long time.
Tell to me about the best day?
On it I finish the letter and I shall wait for your answer.
Your Natalia.
Letter 18
Greetings my loved Thomas.
I so am glad to receive from you the letter.
Me so does not suffice a number of you. I want you to embrace and kiss you.
I so strongly love you, that I can not already live without you.
Today, when I have read your letter, at me was very strongly cheered up. I so am glad, that you write to me. I would not know that I did without your
After work we with the girlfriend have gone to walk in park.
In park it is pleasant to me! There fresh air not as in city. In city it is a lot of machines and ecology at us not so good.
In park many people basically of pair walk.
When I see them, I understand as me does not suffice a number of you. I would like that you were near to me.
And you want it?
When we walked my girlfriend to me has suggested to descend on a disco a little to dance. I have agreed.
When we came in club, we have bought tickets. Then we came into a bar and have taken on cups of coffee. We have sat down a little table and have started to talk.
Then my girlfriend has called me on a dancing to dance.
On a dancing it is a lot of to people even there was no place was to dance, but we have found a place where it was possible to dance.
Then slow music began and guys began to invite girls to slow dances. Me too have invited, but I have refused because I have you.
I stood and looked as everyone dance and during this moment to me so there was no you my love. To me it became sad.
I have suggested the girlfriend to go home. To me it was boring here because with me there is no favourite person, that is you. The girlfriend has
understood me and we have gone home.
When I have come home could not fall asleep for a long time. I all thought of you and understood as me does not suffice a number of you.
I do not know as I shall live further without you.
On this sad note I finish the letter.
I shall wait from you for the new letter which to me will lift mood.
Your Natalia.
Letter 19
Greetings my love Thomas.
I so am glad to receive from you the letter in which so it is a lot of tenderness and love.
I so strongly love you!!! You cannot present yourself at all as I love you.
I want to be near to you, to live where be at the sea, to look in a place with you at a sunset, and then to look on falling a star and at the moon it so it is romantic,
And then we could make love on a beach on cold sand, but I would not freeze because you would warm me the body, I want that my dreams have come true when be in this life.
And at you is what be dreams?
I at all do not know that to you still to write, but I shall try.
I want that we walked on park keeping for a hand went where eyes look, it is not important for me where we would go the main thing for me that you were
near to me my loved Thomas.
I like to walk on park, to listen to singing birds, to see as a fish jumps out of water for pleasure, and can from that that she is in love.
On it I finish this letter and I speak once again as I strongly love you.
I shall wait with not patience of your letter.
Your Natalia.
Letter 20
Greetings my loved Thomas.
I was so is glad to receive from you the letter.
I have very closely read your letter.
When I read your letter my heart became transfixed, and there was any not a clear feeling.
Such feeling appears, when you strongly love somebody, and I love you very strongly.
I cannot live without you any more. I want to be with you beside.
You my most favourite person in the world whom I never shall forget and I shall like all life.
I very much very much very strongly love you know it. I can speak you
These words of love every day. I want to speak these words of love every day.
You my ray of light which warm me when I am cold, I need to think
About you as at me the mood at once will rise and inside I feel your heat.
I want to rise and speak every day to you " Good morning loved " I so strongly it I want.
I want to kiss you in your fine, sweet, gentle lips.
I want to embrace your gentle body. I want that you ironed me the gentle hand.
I think that my dreams soon will real
And I shall feel like near to that happy person all over the world.
I very strongly love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On it I finish the letter and I shall wait from you for the answer.
Your favourite Natalia.
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