Letter(s) from Alexandra to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear friend Keith!

Thank you so much for your attention on me and your message. I was happy to know that such a man like you paid attention on me. I want to get to know you better and to become friends with you or even something more, of course if you allow this to me:-) now, a few words about me. my name is Sasha, i am 25 years old. I think that I have the good character, i am very romantic person and i like to enjoy the life! i enjoy reading, meeting with new people and my friends. I want to love and to be loved!!!! Do you want the same??? I was born on the 7th of March 1982. I live in the city Starobelsk.

I am a student still but i work at the same time. I lived with my parents, but now i rent the flat, because they think that I am a big girl and I need to start my own family and life. I am here to find my only man. I want you to know from the very beginning that my intentions to this search are more than serious!!!! I think that there is no time for any kind of games. We are grown ups!! Right? So, if you are serious about finding your second part, let's correspond with you and get to know each other better and better. This is briefly about me. If you are interested in me, I wait for your letters and more info about you. I will gladly tell you more about me in my next letters to you. Take care and have a good day. Remember that I will be thinking about you and our further relations....

Truly yours Sasha

Letter 2

Hello, dear Keith!
I am so happy that you are interested in our further communication with you and that you wrote me the letter. I like you very much and I believe that we will create the strong long lasting relations with you. I know that the internet is full of dishonest people and I hope that you are not that kind of person who plays games. I am very serious about my search and I hope that you are the same kind of person.
I'm looking for someone who can understands me fully for who/what i am, where I've been good sense of humor ..I wanna spend my life with you not only till the end of time but till life after death... I am a down to earth woman who is looking for my best friend and love of my life... I believe in things in opening the door for a woman and treating her with complete respect. I have very close relationship with my family. He will love children. I will be intelligent, sweet ,loving, adventurous, spontaneous and into just about anything fun- at home and abroad. I'm very serious about my faith... I am worth pursuing because i am honest, warm, genuine I make a great wife because i am loyal and will give 100 percent of myself to my partner. I have described you my ideal partner for life, so now it is your turn. Tell me please about the woman whom you are looking for here. I wait for your letter to me. If you have something interesting to share with me, please tell me about it. I believe in a good future for me and you!!!! Many kisses and hugs
Truly yours Sasha

Letter 3

Hello, Keith!
I am so happy to get the other letter from you. You was in my mind all the time. I hope that everything is all right there with you and this letter will d\find you in a good spirit and mood. I do believe that we will be very happy together, as i do get the warm feeling of a happy person from you. I too think that love and happiness are to be cherished, as are you also to be cherished.
I very much have the qualities that you seek, and i will say that absolutely honestly with my whole heart, i am honest, caring, sincere, romantic, loving, happy, relaxed, and above all i am totally faithful to the one i love. i must say that i would enjoy being worshiped, by you, however in return you would have my undying love and mutual respect. I want to love and be loved in return, after all we are in most things equal. I would expect you to make most of the decisions that would affect our lives with regards to where we live, and the likes. I would prefer also to take you the lead where our love and romance are concerned, i am a passionate woman and although to make love in romantic settings is very nice sometimes animal passion will come over me and i will want to make passionate love to you, maybe just as we walk in the door from arriving from work or an evening out, or to just stop the car at some beauty spot and make mad passionate love. I would like you to return after a hard days work, i would like you to bathe me then dry me off with a warm towel and after you are in the bed and I massage your body to relax you, and then we would enjoy a passionate sexual experience we would both take great pleasure from.

I hope you know from my words further that we will be suited for each other as these words are my true self, and i would like to share my life with you as soon as we could arrange for this to happen.

I will end my letter now, but please give some serious thought to my words and the offer of a new life with me, I'm sure it will be so easy to love you so very deeply.

Thinking of you,
Yours, Sasha

Letter 4

Hello, my dear Keith!
Thank you for your letter to me!
I was really glad to get your reply. How are you doing there? How is life? I hope everything is fine with you. I'm all right. How did you spend this time? I've missed you very much. all my thoughts were only about you. Honey, I'm afraid that it is my last letter to you. you see I've got some problems and i need to pay for our corresponding. My limit is over. That's why i write you a small massage. I don't want to bag the money, but i have no choice. I've got now some problems with money, i haven't get my wage yet. I don't want to loose you from my life, you are really very dare to me. I promise that next time I'll try to pay for the correspondence and translating by myself. I do really appreciate if you could help me with it. I feel that you are my man, and if you are really interested in our relations you will help me. I'll be waiting for your soonest reply. i send you many kisses and hugs. With all my best wishes
Truly yours Sasha