Scam letter(s) from Olga Shadrina to Larry (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, my loved Larry!
I today have felt the happiest woman not light when has read your letter. I at once have told about all to mum and the daddy. Mum too very much was delighted. The daddy has told, that it is pleased with your decision. he has explained it to that the person who is ready to receive visitors in the house has rather serious intentions.
We with mum very much would like to look, as people abroad live.
Neither I, nor my parents never left Russia.
You know, we have not big problem. At me and my mum is not present passports for travel abroad. Still it is necessary to legalize corresponding papers and visas. For their registration it is required about 1,5 months. But my girlfriend has brother who works in travel agency. he has told, that all this can be made much faster. If he will engage in it, all will be already ready in two weeks. But the certain sum of money is necessary for this purpose. At me is 150 $, but us does not suffice 800 more $. Such sum is necessary that have legalized papers as soon as possible. I would not want to trouble you and to ask, that you have helped us money, but I am afraid, that I cannot simply collect such sum itself. If you have such opportunity you could send me of money through Wester Union then I would receive them already next day. And I would give documents to the same day on registration.
I so want to meet you somewhat quicker. I want to sink in your embraces, to feel heat of your hands and your kisses! I so love you and very much I miss! I hope, that our meeting becomes real during the shortest time!
Write to me the answer, whether I can hope for your help? Well all right, it is time to me to go already to work. But I so would not like to say goodbye to you! Probably in the near future we should not goodbye any more never! I like, whole and I wait for the answer!
Your Olga
Letter 2

Hi, my favourite prince Larry! I so am glad, that we shall soon meet! My dream at last comes true! It seems to me, that all this any fairy tale. I the true princess and you my fantastic prince! Soon we can embrace each other, look in eyes and tell each other as strongly we love! Today I have talked to the brother of my girlfriend. he has told, in the beginning it is necessary to pay their services to start to make documents. It is necessary to pay as soon as possible that I have had time to arrive on your vacation. If you will send remittance Western Union within the next few days I shall give documents on registration at once. My data: Olga Shadrina Russia, city Yoshkar-Ola Index 424000. Lovely, do not experience about preparation of meal. I think, that my culinary abilities at height, I can surprise you. I do not know precisely when our documents will be ready. As soon as they will be ready, I shall inform to you when I shall be at you. After that you can transfer your vacation. I would not like to say goodbye to you, but affairs wait for me. See you soon, my beloved prince! I very much miss and with impatience I wait for your answer! Hot kisses and embraces! Your Olga.
Letter 3

Hi, my favourite prince Larry! I with the big hope wait for this minute when we shall be already together! I understand your anxiety, beloved. But we should trust first of all each other. I trust you completely and I wait for the same from you. I already wrote, that the daddy cannot arrive to you on a visit. he cannot leave work. it very important and without him there will not consult. And mum with the great pleasure will visit together with me your house. She will be with us for Christmas. And then she will go home to meet new year with the daddy. I shall stay at you for all holidays. So we can better find out each other. I hope, that all will pass wonderfully. Parents thank you for your greetings. They too wish you all good. I want to take pleasure in love as well as you. I shall be very glad to see all that you want to show me! So it is wonderful, that we shall carry out a lot of time only together and nobody will prevent us! I very much would like to see your country. I know, that she beautiful. it necessarily is pleasant to me also I shall want to remain to live in the USA. But my parents most likely will not want to change a residence. They at such age when it is difficult to move to other place. Here, in Russia, at us all lives making related, friends and fellow workers. On this mum and the daddy do not think at all to leave from here. But they with pleasure will come on a visit to us. All friends and relatives are very glad for me. They approve my decision. Not important, the person with whom I shall be happy lives in what country. The main thing that all was good. I very much love you and is sure, what exactly with you I shall find the true happiness! Larry, I never received remittances earlier and I do not know, that it is necessary for this purpose. Please inform me the necessary data that I could receive money which you have sent me. Now I stop to write my letter, my prince! Hot kisses and gentle embraces. Your Olga.
Letter 4

Hi, my beloved Larry!
I have received today money which you have sent. Thanks big for your support! I at once have given documents on registration. In a week to me will precisely tell, which number they will be already ready. I at once shall inform about it to you.
I so am glad, that we soon shall together. My parents have regarded your gesture, as gesture of the person which is very seriously adjusted on relations. They now trust you more and thank for the help. Parents transfer you huge greetings. We with mum already start to collect things. By the way, how at you with weather? What things to us are better for taking? I so worry! I can not wait, when I shall be near to you!
Now it is time to me to finish my letter. It is time to me to return to work. I like, whole and I wait for your letters! Your Olga.
Letter 5

Hi, my beloved Larry! I have received your letter. Do not experience that it has non-standardly gone a little. I could read its and all have perfectly understood. On the account of my work do not experience too. Me will not force to work more removed on this time. Simply I very well understand in the work and on this my chief is afraid, that cannot find the same expert. But he the good person. he realizes, that I go behind the happiness. Certainly it is a pity to him to let me off, but he has already wished me happy journey. I make the visa for 6 months. Documents are already made out. To me have told, that is possible they will be already ready at the end of this week or in the beginning following. I wait for it with impatience. At last we soon shall together. I love you and very much I miss you. When we shall be together we can give each other all our love and care. I love you as well as you me. And I want to divide with you both griefs, and pleasures. To live with you for a long time and happily. Do not miss! Because soon we shall meet! I like, I miss and I wait for the letter! Your Olga.
Letter 6

Hi, my beloved cool guy Larry! In my soul to become very warmly after your letters! Your beautiful words do{make} me happy! It is very important for me to know, that you wait for our meeting with the same impatience, as well as I! Your love gives to me wings! In the morning when I wake up, I think of you. When I lie down to sleep at night, I again think of you. In the afternoon when I distract from work, you again come in my ideas! Every day, each hour and each minute approach you to me! Soon, very soon I shall sit in the plane which will deliver me to you! Also you can not hesitate some the tears because I shall cry too for pleasure when I shall see you. We shall conclude each other in embraces and we shall understand, that all this not so simply dream, and a reality! I like cheerful people. It is very good, that you like to joke. Sometimes it is very necessary to unload conditions. I too like to joke. Doctors speak, that the laughter prolongs a life. So to laugh it is very useful. I love different music. All depends on mood. Basically I love popular music, classical and modern dancing music. To me very much to like to dance. At me rises moods when I hear good music. I at once would like to dance. Do not experience concerning that you are not able to dance. I shall teach you. We shall choose the most beautiful songs which will like us and we shall dance! I have found out about tickets. We with mum should fly to you with change in the city of Atlanta. The start will take place on December, 17. It will be long travel, but we with mum are ready to it. Tickets will cost for us in 4979, 20 $ including gathering of the airports. I at all did not know, that it so is expensive! To me have explained, that because of forthcoming holidays of the price for tickets have risen. In agency have explained to me, that the prices for tickets have risen because of forthcoming holidays. We have talked to our relatives. We could borrow 480 $ usd. Our relatives wish us happy journey. They are glad, that we go in other country. It is unusual and surprising for them. Beloved, what you think of it? I wait for your answer, I miss you so match. Yours forever Olga.
Letter 7

Hello my dear prince Larry! I have received your letter. Yes I shall take a single ticket for myself and two tickets for mum. Mums tickets cost 2589,60 USD. And my ticket costs 1450 USD. Total our tickets make 4039,60 USD. I so am happy that we soon shall to embrace each other and to kiss. We shall spend a lot of time together. My mum on December, 28 should come back back to Russia. And I shall stay with you. We shall be the happiest in the World!!! I love you I wait for your answer. Your Olga.
Letter 8

Hello my dear Larry. We have no so much many money. As I already spoke you that at us is 480 USD. But it is not enough of it and us does not suffice 3560 USD. You can help us with such sum? I know that it is the big money. But without this sum of money we cannot buy tickets. I very much wait when we can embrace each other and kiss. Whether Larry write to me you can help with the finance? At us now it is snowing and in the street it became very beautiful! What weather at you now? I very strongly love you also whole. Your Olga.
Letter 9

Hi, my beloved Larry!
I have changed the electronic address because there was a mistake on a server and in Internet - cafe have created a new box for me. Excuse, that has not warned at once. Simply because of this turmoil I have overlooked!
My dear, do not think that I ignore your questions. Simply I was going to answer them in the following letter.
You know, we in Russia have such saying: " all age are obedient to Love! " It is not important, how old are you and what between us a difference, the main thing that we loved each other. When I am in love, I do not notice other men around of myself. Appearance and riches is not the main thing! The main thing - sincere love, understanding, respect and trust! We should trust each other and support in any situation.
I understand, that you already have children. It will be difficult for you to grow the small child now. But I think, that now it not the most important. The main thing that we should meet. When our relations will approach to the that moment when we should solve this question again, probably you will change the opinion. And if is not present, I shall take part any your decision. Because I love you and I respect your opinion and your desires.
You know, I have contract with travel agency through which I make documents. In any case I should buy tickets from them. Because I already promised the brother of my girlfriend that I shall order tickets in them. His wages depend on it. I cannot bring him, especially now when documents are almost ready. On Friday they will be in my hands. If not this fact, I could refuse the arrangement but then our meeting has been postponed for 2 months. On this I need to reserve within the next few days the ticket, differently them be simple can not later. Cost of the ticket makes 1400 usd., including fine expenses and gathering of the airports. Write to me, that you think of it. My parents do not take offence at you. They understand, that presently all is very expensive, and not everyone can allow himself it. Mum has already blessed me on a distant way to my happiness. And the daddy has told, that if I very strongly love you, he has no right to stop me. he has told: " Listen to the heart! You will find the correct decision only there! " I have found this decision, I want to be with you!
I very much miss on you, my dear prince! I wait for your answer, with love - Olga!
Letter 10

Hi, my dear Larry!
Yesterday we had snow. The temperature of air of one degree is higher than a zero. So at us weather not the finest too.
My same data, that I already wrote to you. And you are right, it too a place where you sent money last time.
I have 480 $, but they will be necessary for me to reach Moscow. On this from them almost remain nothing. And the sum which I have specified to you (1400 $) is cost of one ticket including gathering of the airports.
I shall write to you about flights and time when I shall reach the airport, in the following letter. Tomorrow I shall receive documents and at once I shall order tickets on the near future. In agency to me will tell, what flight and during what time will deliver me to you. I shall inform to you about it at once.
Beloved, I am afraid to fly to you a little because it will be my first flight by the plane. I did not fly before never. But it is possible even to like me. Likely, it is healthy - to test sensation of flight!
People always wanted to fly, but the God took away their wings when has let off to live to the Earth. On this they thought out different adaptations again to depart. Also have thought up the plane in a result!
If you want will send something to my parents, the address on which you can send this parcel:
Russia, Yoshkar-Ola
Index 424007
P.o. 106.
With impatience I wait for your letter, with love, your Olga.
Letter 11

Hi, my dear Larry! I have received money which you have sent. Thank you very much. Beloved, I do not know how to tell to you, that happened. I have bad news. The matter is that my mum was ill. Today, when I received money, my mum has felt badly and her have taken away in hospital. When I have come home I has found on a table a note from the daddy. In it has been written, that he with mum in hospital and that to me is necessary to arrive too. I have been very much frightened and have run in hospital. When I have come there, the daddy sat in a hall very pale and upset. I have asked, that happened. he has told, that it is better to me to sit down. It appears at my mum of a problem with heart. And this attack any more the first. There were also others. But I did not know about them. Some times the daddy caused first aid to us home when I was on work. Mum has forbidden to him to speak about it to me. She saw, that I has much put on work and as I am happy that has found you. She did not want to sadden my pleasure. But probably last days she very much experienced because of your letter in which you have written, that my name and a surname are on a site "antyscamm". Doctors have told, that this heart attack is caused by stress which she has tested. Lovely, I do not accuse you that to my mum became bad. But our meeting should be postponed not for a long time. You should understand me, now I am necessary for my mum more, than you. Besides the daddy leaves for business trip for some time and I will need to look after my mum. We necessarily shall meet you, but only little bit later. You should understand me, in fact you would act as on my place. Forgive please, that I keep you waiting again, but it not my fault and not my desire. Beloved, I need to go home, to collect necessary things for mum which will be necessary for her in hospital. Forgive me once again! I very much love you. Your Olga.
Letter 12

Hi, my dear Larry!
At me big to mountain! Today I went to hospital to my mum and the doctor has told to me, that she has felt much worse! The doctor has told, that if we do not want, that with her there was the most bad urgent operation is necessary! But in our city similar operations do not make also my mum have urgently taken away in other city. There to her have made full inspection and informed, that it is make operation today necessarily. Even one day of a delay can ruin my mum! The most terrible, that operation paid! it costs 2000 $! Doctors have told, that I should come back home and find this money if I want that my mum has recovered. You at all do not imagine, what huge there was my happiness when I have recollected about money which you have sent me! It is simple a miracle! I have 480 $, I mean in general almost have typed the necessary sum of money! I have borrowed the missing sum from our relatives.
I write to you from Internet - cafe which to be in that city in which will perform operation to my mum. I have paid money and doctors have started to prepare operational for work. For now I have free minute, I have decided to write to you the letter.
My dear Larry, I hope you you will understand me and you will forgive, that I has spent your money. But you should understand me! You have parents too. Unless you would not make for them utmost and even impossible? Money which you have sent is as a gift of the God! If not you, to my mum would be very bad! I shall pray for you all life! You have rescued my mum and she will be very grateful to you too! All our family is grateful to the God, that your money came so in time! All of us are grateful to you!
I shall write to you about all changes in health of my mum.
Please, understand me! I have arrived how prompted me my heart! I believe, that you will forgive me and will not become angry. With love, respect and huge gratitude, your Olga.
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