Letter(s) from Oksana Rogovskaya to Joaquin (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello Joaquin,

Dear, I can come to you for a couple of weeks at first. I am so glad that you want and you'll help me to come to you!!!! Of course, the best variand is to send money via Western Union.

here is thwe info you nrrd about me to transfer money:

My full name is Oksana Rogovskaya
My address is: Ukraine, 36000, Poltava, Kochetova Street, 24, flat# 3.

I also need your full name and the town and the country you are from.
Then, after you transfer money to me, you'll have to write me the nomber for me to go and to pick up the money. Dear, when will you send me money for me to start the process faster?

Letter 2

Hello Joaquin,

Thank you very much for your letter! I know that it's too soon to speak about love to you, but for me you are not just a simple man, but a man from my dreams, you're my prince, yes! I want to come to you so much! I see our meeting in my dreams! You know, I have conneceted the tourist firm, they say it's a very good agency, I can give you the mail, you can connect the m and find out all the prices for me to come to you. Baby, I need you and I also think that you serious about me. I don't want to lose time, I want to be with you as soos as it's possible. The site of the tourist agency is: podorozh@bk.ru. Tell me, will you help me to come to you? Can I trust you?

Your Oksana

PS I am falling in love with you, really............It's such a great

Letter 3

Hello Joaquin,

dear, I went to the agency today and found out all the info. So, I need passport, tourist cvisa and tickets to come to you. The passport costs $101, the visa- $180, and the tickets to Madrid $369. They tild me that if I apply for the passport for example, tomorrow, I'll be able to come to you in 2 or 3 weeks! Isn't it wonderful?!