Roamnce scam letter(s) from Maria Furman to Lee (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, my dear and honey Lee!!!!
I hope this mail catches you at a good time.
How are you??? What are you doing??? So what is the weather like in your city? Here it is sunny and good weather.
I don't tell you anything about our meeting because I wanted to know some information and now in this letter I can say you how i can get to you.
You know I can't wait when we will be together and when we will kiss each other for the first time I think it will the most sweet kiss in our lives!!! During our kiss we will fly like butterflies!!!! By the way honey, I think that we will be the happiest couple when we will see each other and I think that there is a little time to wait and we will be together. Am I right?
I found out that government office can help us to arrange my visit to you to USA. They can make me International passport. It will cost 125 dollars and take 5 days. They can make a lot of types of visa. They suggest me to open tourist visa and it will about two weeks to arrange it. Visa can be open for one month, three or six. So the visa which will be valid for one month costs 213 dollars. Visa for three months costs 276 dollars. And visa for six moth is cost 305 dollars. Honey, I told that I need to go to Sun City Ctr, Florida USA and so they told me what tickets they can book. By Lufthansa 779 dollars + 76 taxes, by Delta Air Lines 858 dollars + 76 taxes and by Alitalia 889 dollars + 76 dollars taxes. You know honey today I was in the govermetn office and I feel that oh, soon I will be with you.. And I was happy of that news, because they can arrange everything so soon..
I also happen to think that now would be a rather good time to end this mail. I've been going on rather long now and hopefully you haven't fallen asleep yet. I miss you and I wish you a good day!!!
I send you the deepest love and warmest kisses on your sweet lips....
With love, your Masha!!! P.S. Here is one more time the information which you need for Western Union office. Here this information: My full name is Maria Furman. My address is Svobody Av. 14/35 Lviv, Ukraine, 79000.
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