Scam letter(s) from Inga to Keith (England)

Letter 1
Hi! I am lonely russian girl. I have seen your profile in agency and it has interested me. I have decided to write to you the letter and if you are interested by my profile you can to write to me on my e-mail My name is Inga I from Russia city Kazan, I the usual girl who has begun search of love on the Internet. I shall tell to you in more detail about myself if you will answer my letter. I wait your letter. Inga!
Letter 2
Hi my friend Keith! I am glad that you have answered my letter. It has pleased me, means to you too my profile has liked. I spoke you that I shall write to you in the following letter a little about myself. My name is Inga I live in Russia in the city of Kazan. I was born in the same city, date of my birth on August, 27th, 1980 and me now and in the further I shall tell 26 years to you about myself more in detail because, I think that in one letter, on the life to you to not write, and I think that it will be more interesting to you to learn about me gradually. In the city of Kazan with me my the most favourite together lives and my the most dear that at me is she is my mum. Mine mum call Natalia, my daddy Andrey. Unfortunately the daddy has divorced from my mum and I did not see the daddy since the birth, mum told to me, that the daddy has thrown it when has learned that my mum is pregnant. Today I for the first time in the life write the letter to the foreigner, and I at all do not know about what to you still it is possible to write. I work as the waitress in cafe and my trade to like me. I hope that you yours faithfully will concern to my letter and too write to me about yourself and I hope that I shall receive your answer soon. I send you the photo and I hope that I shall like you. I also would like to see your photos and I hope that in the following letter you will send me them. On it I shall finish the letter to you and I hope that it was interesting to you to learn about me and now you already know that that about my life. I also wish to tell to you that you asked to me questions and I shall answer them, I think that they will be decent. I shall wait your letter.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Keith! I am glad that you have answered my letter and our communications proceeds, we learn gradually about each other. How are you? I today have come from work and have decided to descend in the Internet of cafe and to check up mail, and I have received your letter. I have read through it and now I answer. I did not speak you, I know English language, the truth my colloquial English it is better than written and consequently I wish you to ask if to you that not clearly in my letters you can ask again that me and I to you shall try to explain it, ok? I was born in Kazan, and I spoke you about it, since the childhood I went on evening rates, on studying English language, I was spoken by my mum that English language is now very necessary, and it has appeared the truth, now I can freely communicate with you, and I am glad to it. I shall tell to you a little about my childhood. As you know, from parents, at me only mum, and she tried to make everything that I have grown in happy family, and I am very grateful to it. Actually, my childhood was very good, we together went to have a rest on resorts in our country, and I in the childhood am very good. I also wished to hear that happened with you in the childhood, and wished to learn a little about your parents? Keith I search in the man first of all for love and trust, mutual understanding and kindness, honesty and sincerity, but certainly all have negative character traits, and it is impossible to find ideal the man, the main thing that there was a mutual love. I send you the photo where I am at home, I hope that it is pleasant to you. I was photographed by my close girlfriend. On it my time in the Internet of cafe has come to an end also I is compelled to leave. I hope that I shall receive your letter, and tomorrow I shall answer it.
Your Russian friend Inga!
Letter 4
Hi Keith! How are you today? What you today did? I recently have returned from work have gone home and after I have had supper has come to the Internet of cafe. I am very glad to receive your letter and I am glad that you continue with me dialogue. By means of our dialogue we learn each other more close. I today wished to write to you about that as the daddy and mum have met mine each other. My mum was born in Kazan and on a nationality it the Tatar. About 30 years ago it has taken holiday and has gone to have a rest in one of resorts of Russia, my mum as well as I, likes to have a rest on beaches. During rest my mum has met my father. They have got acquainted and have grown fond each other. After in one day, my mum has informed the father, that she is pregnant from it, he has told, that does not want children and after that it has disappeared. I am glad that my mum abortion has not made, and has left me, and I to it am very grateful to it. I understand my mum, she very much wished to have children, and she as to me has told, the daughter wanted. After I have studied at school, I have acted in technical school. I since the childhood wished to become model and at me even professional photos made on a photographic studio were kept. I already passed selection among other models in modelling agency and when about it my close friends and relatives have learned, they have categorically asked me to not climb in this business. To me have told that in this business a lot of bad and violence over girls. I have agreed with them and have started to search for other work. And as not strange I have found work suitable for me, it is the waiter in cafe. I liked this work and I till now work there. Keith I live in republic Tatarstan, in the city of Kazan. I am glad that you have told to me a little about you, it was valid to me to learn it pleasantly. On a photo that I have sent you I am on work, at us and everyone go to cafe of heat in easy clothes. On it a photo, a building in which there is a cafe where I work, this very beautiful building, as well as outside, and inside. I hope that to you was pleasant to read through my letter and I would like to learn from you whom you dreamed to become and where you work now. I hope that I shall receive your letter soon.
Letter 5

Hi my friend Keith! How are you today? At me all is normal also I hope that at you too. Today in the street just fine weather and me it was pleasant to return from work home. I have decided to be passed on foot up to the Internet of cafe, it is not far from my house, and on the way home I have met the girlfriend and we with it stood a little and have talked. I to it have told that I have begun search favourite by means of the Internet, it to me has not believed and has told that does not trust in love on the Internet, I have overpersuaded it and have told that there are many cases of a meeting and a marriage of enamoured people which have got acquainted on the Internet. After conversation with my girlfriend I have gone to the Internet of cafe and have received your letter. I with pleasure have read through it and now I write on it the answer. I once again send you a photo where I houses, I hope that it too has liked you. I like to pose in front of the camera, and I hope that you this does not confuse a photo, and I as ask you that you did not ask me ****, or ****** photos as I think, what it not decently, ok? I hope that my letters bring to you pleasure, it is very a pity to me that my time in the Internet of cafe is limited also to me it is necessary to finish the letter. I hope that you soon write the answer to my letter.
Your friend Inga!
Letter 6
Hi Keith! I am glad to receive your letter. How are you today? How you have lead today the day? I'm fine. I today wished to tell to you as I usually I spend the day. There is I early in the morning, at 6:30, and gather for work. I live far from work and consequently I should so early rise. My working day begins at 8:00 and at 12:00 at me a lunch break. After work I usually came back home and then I went to my girlfriend. Now when I have met you, I go to the Internet of cafe to receive your letter. Recently me discos do not interest any more and only sometimes I leave there with girlfriends. I recently the beginnings like classical music and I am am pulled to romanticism. I would not know from what it could occur. I did not reflect seriously earlier to find the favourite person, and now I have begun search of the man with which I wish to begin serious attitudes. In the following letter I shall tell to you about my guy from for which I have changed opinion on men. I also wished to ask you, I search for serious attitudes and you know it, and I wished to ask for you the sanction that I could name you not easier my friend, but also dear the friend. You for me become such with each your letter. I start to understand that I knowingly have come to the Internet of cafe and have begun search of love. I have found you and it madly pleases me. I send you the professional photo, I spoke you that I passed competition in modelling agency and consequently at me the photo were still kept. Now I too like to do professional photos and I in the further still shall send them to you. I hope that you with pleasure have read through my letter and I shall wait your prompt reply.
Your friend Inga!
Letter 7
Hi my dear friend Keith! I am glad to receive your letter and now with pleasure on it I answer. How are you? I spoke you in the last letter that I shall tell to you why I have changed the opinion on men. Two years ago to us for work one nice guy and villages for a little table has come, I have served its order. It to tell the truth to me has liked also to me it seemed as I to it too. More close to the termination of my working day it has approached to me and has invited me to walk on city. We have pleasantly spent time, walk on city, and it spent me home. After that day it seemed to me that I have found the beloved and at us with it serious attitudes have begun. It has liked even to my mum and who was not against that that we meet it. After a month of ours the attitude I and my guy was invited to a disco by my close friends, we send and the girlfriend there has approached to me. It has told to me that this guy met already many beautiful girls and that it *** with the woman and than that it is more only interests. During this moment when I have heard all this, I have hardened and could not tell any word. I have certainly started all to check and really it has appeared as to me my girlfriend has told. I have quarrelled with it and we more when did not meet. I have told to myself that I now shall be cleverer and when I shall not look at external beauty of the man. I have madly regretted that I have met such guy and I hope that I shall not meet such men more when. I hope that at you such in a life when was not. I to whom told this history and I have told to you about it because I feel that you can trust. I am right? Keith I too heard about swindlers, I heard that many men, use a photo of models, and ask money in women from the different countries of the world then vanish. I think, what it is better to speak about *** at a meeting, than through letters, ok? On this a photo which I today have decided to send you, I am on one, from our city bridges, I have made this photo, more recently, at this time just there was a heat in city, and even at night the temperature was almost +25 degrees of Celsius. It is a pity to me but I should leave as already late and it is time to me to come back home. I hope that you soon will answer my letter and I shall wait it.
Your girlfriend Inga
Letter 8
Hi my dear friend Keith I am glad to receive your new letter. How are you today? I'm fine and I hope that at you too. In the last letter I to you have told about my last attitudes and I am glad that you have understood me. I today as am usual after work have come to the Internet of cafe and I have started to answer your letter. Today I wished to tell to you about my rest in Turkey. I spoke you that I like to have a rest on resorts, and I have decided to go to Turkey, I was advised by my girlfriends, and I there recently had a rest. I when did not see such beautiful places, it was valid beautiful, and in comparison with where I had a rest in the childhood, is paradise. I very much like Turkey and I have perfectly spent time. I when-be would like that we too so my dreams had a rest also it certainly only and I think that to us still early to speak about our meeting, but all the same I think that when-be it will occur. What do you think? I even have met one my friend in Turkey, I all over again have not learned it, because have passed many years as I saw it last time, she from my city, we have got acquainted with it in technical school, but then I have recollected it and we with it have lovely chatted. she too very much likes to have a rest, and I was very glad to this meeting, happens such, to meet the person who did not see so a long time, in other country. Keith I saw two your photos, you have new photos? You can send me them? I send you a photo where I have a rest in Turkey. I was photographed just by that my friend about which I to you has told. I hope that you will like my photos. To me it is a pity that to me to have to finish my letter to you, but my time in the Internet of cafe has ended also to me it is necessary to leave home. I shall wait your letter tomorrow.
Yours dear girlfriend Inga!
Letter 9
Hi my dear Keith! How are you? What weather at you? At us weather just fine, I earlier at all did not notice change of weather, it was not interesting to me, now why that pulls me on any romanticism. I do not understand that occurs to me, likely from that that I have met this all and I correspond with you my Keith. I today have named you my dear, and I hope that you not against it? You know that I search dear to me for the person, I do not search for simply friendly attitudes, and I know that you too are serious in the search and I am glad that we have found each other. Certainly even at family attitudes it is important to have friendship and the consent and I not against it, I know that without mutual understanding and honesty cannot achieve successful family the attitude. Mum to me told what exactly it was one of the reasons on which they and have missed my father. And in this letter I wished you to ask fairly, you have precisely decided to search for family attitudes? I hope that you will not laugh over me, but I should be assured, that you want it also our correspondence is really based on trust and mutual understanding. I before have met you was boring also to me was sad that all my girlfriends close to me have people which them love. I accused of it myself but after I have met you much have changed. My life has found sense and now I see that I had that that new. I cannot explain to you it in words because I know what difficultly to explain feelings in words. I hope that you seriously concern to all my words. Keith I was only in Turkey, and I too would like to travel. I send you a photo where I am in cultural entertaining center Piramida, we usually here have a rest with my girlfriends, and on a photo I am in a disco, earlier I often went on discos, and now me does not pull there, but I think that to you will be interesting to see this a photo. I think that I on it should finish my letter and I with impatience shall wait your answer to my letter.
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