Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Belan to Lawrence (USA)
Letter 1
I shall take on Monday the credit as now I want to be provided, instead of then. I conclude the contract for 5 months. Therefore I can not meet you, if you will not take any measures to help me. To me it is no ridiculous, when you write me, that can not help me. I know about credit cards and it is no pleasant for me, that you tell lies to me. If I take the credit I leave also I I change telephone number for ever to leave the person who can not provide me now. To me many offers and my employees have acted, speak, that I spend in empty time for you as you do not want to provide me now. For me you particularly nothing have made, and I hoped for your care. If you will not help me on Monday will be late because I a letter box, the phone to change and you will not hear more about me never . rum will arrive from abroad and I shall give you his site and you will understand with Romoj as I have no to this any attitude. You do not want to help me now others will care of me.
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