Letter(s) from Irina Sorokina to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hello Keith
I am glad to see your letter
I will tell you a little about myself.

As you know, my name is Irina. I live in the Russia.
I am 26 yeas old, 173cm tall, slim, with brown eyes, single, never married, no children, i work as a waitress in a bar.

Please also tell me about yourself. I am not seeking a pen friend.
I am seeking a special man to become my best friend, develop true love with, and to marry.

Answer why you have decided to find to yourselves the friend through Internet?
How for a long time you search love in the Internet?
You have correspondence with other girls from Russia?
I finish the letter and very much I wait for your answer.


Letter 2

Hello Keith

I am very glad to receive your letter! I am very pleased that I have an opportunity to write to You.
I search for true love. I hope, that our dialogue will proceed.
I want to have frank dialogue with You. I am capable to fall in love only with frank man.
Write to me more about youself and your life.
It will be interesting to me to find out as passes your week-days
I with pleasure shall tell to You about myself.

I was born and have grown in city where I live now. It is small city.
If want I can tell about my city in the following letter.
Now I want to tell more about myself and my life.
Now I live one in an flat of my parents.
My father the driver of the lorry. He carries cargoes on all Russia and abroad.
Unfortunately I can not tell to you about mum. She has died when to me was 8 years.
Mum has died tragical death.
father does not like to recollect it therefore I knows about mum and her death has not enough.
I think to father very difficultly to reconcile to death of mum till now.
My father was at home very little. He gave a lot of time to the work.
Father's mum my loved grandmother was engaged in my education.
It was very fair, strict person.
From the childhood the grandmother has accustomed me to be fair with people.
Unfortunately she has died in 2003.
It is difficult for me to recollect the grandmother but you should know about me all.

I have finished school in my city. My school to be not far from my flat.
After school I have arrived in college of commerce. In college I studied 4 years.
After college I wanted to arrive in university.
But to receive university education in Russia it is very expensive.
After study I have gone to work. All over again I worked as the dealer in small firm.
I liked this work but I had the small salary.
After that I have gone to work to a cafe - bar as the waitress.
I work from 8:00 Am till 5:00 Pm. It for me a unique opportunity to earn money.
My work takes away from me a lot of time and forces.
My cafe to be near to the big factory of manufacture of artificial limbs.
During dinner there come many people from this factory.
I would not have time what to find the true love.
Now the Internet for me a unique opportunity to find loved the man.
I not for a long time began to use the Internet for search of love.
I am very glad that you have answered me.
I hope the Internet will help me to find love.
My dream now to create family. I am very tired from loneliness.
The majority of my girlfriends already it is married.
Communicating with girlfriends I see that home life happens different.
Life of my girlfriends - various.
In life of my girlfriends there are many various events as bad and good.
I have very boring life. All my life passes at work. Now I am lonely.
It is hard for me to come home in I am empty an flat.
Now I am completely ready what to create family.
I can offer much for the sake of good family lifes.

Excuse for my big letter. I your time hopes has not taken away a lot of.
I wanted to describe the life in detail. I hope to you it was interesting.

I wait for the answer.


Letter 3

Hello Keith

How your day? What new?

At me all well houses and at work!

I shall tell to you about the life more in detail.
I think to you it it will be interesting.

Sometimes it seems to me that I have got stuck in one day.
Each day when I go on work I see same people.
At work we have the same clients each day.
I am tired with my work. Not leaving from a house in the morning I know what there will be my day.
I constantly would think of that that mark my life.
I would dream of that that envy family. To me has bothered to live for itself.
I want to live for the loved person. I dream to start family.
The main thing in my life that people which would love me were happy.
I hope you you understand about what I speak.

It is interesting to me that to you happiness?
For me happiness when near to me people close to me.
I am happy when I have care of relatives.
I am very tired from loneliness. I search for persons which will destroy mine loneliness.

Your letters help me to not be lonely. Dialogue with you is very important for me.

Now in life the unique pleasure for me is my father.
I with pleasure wait when he comes back from business trip.
We it is very good we communicate. Father always gives me vital councils.
My father has advised to arrange my home life.
Because of his advice I have decided to use the Internet for search of love.

Life in my city as if has stood.
Inhabitants of my city good people.
I with pleasure communicate with people in my city.
But my meaning of the life to find the loved person.
I understand that in my city I can not find the love.

I feel that this year I am am waited with main recesses.
This year I can find the love.

I finish the letter and I wait for a fast reply.

Have remarkable day.

From heart Irina.

Letter 4

Hello Keith

How your day today? How your mood?

I have excellent mood because have received the letter from you.
I for a long time have noticed that my day depends on my mood.
When I have excellent mood my affairs go it is excellent.
Thank you for your letters. Your letters make my day good.
Your letters are magnificent. You search the same that I and I think that we approach each other.
In your letters you write much about yourself and I shall find out you better with every yuor letter.
For me the big happiness to communicate with you.

I have very much told about myself. I would want that you knew about me more.
I tell about myself because I think my letters make us closer. You agree?

Today my father has returned from business trip.
Him sent through Baltic to the Russian city of Kaliningrad.
After the business trips he always visit me.
Father very much loves me. Till now he counts me a small daughter.
From the business trips it he always brings to me many souvenirs.
This time he has brought to me ear rings from silver.
My father always to me tells about the business trips.
He was in many cities of Russia. Very much to like him city of Kaliningrad.
This city belonged before Germany.
Began to belong to Russia after the second world war.

At a meeting we always tell each other all news.
I to him have told that I have correspondence with you.
It was interesting to him to listen about it. he asked about you.
He asked as I treat you.
What I wait from our correspondence? How you treat to me?
What you wait from our correspondence?
He set to me is a lot of questions.

I frequently present our meeting.
I reflect on our conversation at a meeting.
How you to yourself imagine it? I present it as a meeting of friends.
Any relations it of dialogue.
You are glad to our dialogue?

I seem to me with everyone the letter shall find out a lot of new about you.
It means we become closer.
Unfortunately now I one. With me there is no beside liked man.
To me would like to escape in dreams about you. I constantly present you in ideas.
Yesterday sleep dreamed me where we talked at a meeting.
My sleep speak me about my most secret ideas.

I wish you good luck!!! Let your day will be better!!!


Letter 5

Hello Keith

At me all well home and at work!
I very much waited for your letter!
I do not understand that with me, I the whole days think of you!
You pleasant, good, kind, I can tell to you all! And you understand me!
It is very pleasant for me that far from Russia lives the person , to which I am necessary!
I very much like your letters, I with the great pleasure read letters!
Both it is more and more and I understand you more!
I think that all will be good and we shall meet! Our meeting will solve much!
We should understand each other and have real dialogue!
To have walks, travels, entertainment, I shall be going with the great pleasure for you and we shall have good supper at candles!

Recently I have read the love novel.
In this novel it was told about a love story.
It is a history occured in 18 century.
Reading this book I understand that as well as now in those times love this most important in human life.
The person always tested feelings of love.
I know you very sensitive person, you should understand about what I speak.
I very much like to read books about love.
Love this word which is known all over the world.
The love connects people from the different countries. I think that for love there are no barrier.

I very quiveringly treat words of people.
I always attentively read your letters.
I write you from my heart.
If you think that I write you not about that please correct me.
What you think of that that I have written?

I wait for the frank answer.


Letter 6

Hello Keith
How your day today? How your affairs?

I was very glad to receive your letter.
It is very pity that you have such big truble.
I hope you are OK.

I very much wait for our meeting. It is not important for me where she will be.
I think that if we shall not have a meeting we should not write each other.
I write you from my heart.
I trust you the most latent ideas and feelings.
It will be a pity to me if my words and will stay on a paper.
I very much affliction if not can see you.
We know each other a little. But I know that you the good person.
Our meeting it is necessary what to find out each other is better.
We shall understand as we we are categorized to each other only at our meeting.
You you believe in love on distance?
I can believe in love if I shall be sure that my liked person will be a line.
It is very difficult to keep love when between people the big distance.
You agree?

I with pleasure write you about the feelings.
I very much wait for each your letter.
Reading your letters I try to understand each your word.
I fall asleep, I sleep and I wake up with ideas on you.
I feel that I fall in love with you.
Unfortunately I can not write to you all feelings.
It is very difficult to transfer the ideas through a paper.
I would like to tell to you it personally.

My father speaks what to live in loneliness very difficultly.
After death scold he has lost the most important in life - families
I feel loneliness on myself.
I try to distract work but all the same constantly I think of my future.
I do not present myself lonely. I would want that near to me the man was liked.

Write to me that you think of that that I have written?

It will be a pity to me if we do not understand each other.
I wait for your frank answer.


Letter 7

Hello dear Keith

I waited for your answer. For me time stops when I wait for your letter.
All my ideas only about you and about our first appointment.
I always on any other business present our first appointment.

Sometimes I dream that you will meet me at the airport with the big bouquet of roses.
I shall embrace you. We shall have a passionate kiss at our meeting.
After the airport we shall go to cafe and we shall speak about love.
I shall want to look where you live. We shall go to you home.
You will show me your house. I shall look all your rooms.
We shall drink for our meeting fault.
I very romantic person. I love romantic music.
I the request to include you a romantic melody.
You will invite me on dance.
I dream to dance with you till morning.
You will embrace me for a waist and we shall be turned in slow dance.
I shall look at you. Our lips have merged in kisses again.
It is dream of many girls.
I as well as would like all girls of love, children, family happiness.
I want have a line of the person to which I can to trust all pleasures and troubles.
You would like to embody my dreams in a reality?

Write to me about what you you dream. I think our dreams coincide.
It is difficult for me to fall in love with persons.
I very well should know persons what to fall in love with him.
Reading I understand your letters that you the good person.
I think at a meeting we shall understand that we have true love.
Unfortunately it is very difficult to understand that you feel on distance.
Therefore it is necessary for us to meet.
Our letters and words will be vain if we shall not meet. You agree?

I think it it is silly to love persons and to not want him to see.

I hope I not vainly I trust you the dreams.
I am sure we shall make our dreams a reality.

Have remarkable day and enjoy life.

With love Irina

Letter 8

Hello my love

I always shall name now you my love. Are you not against?

I have remarkable news to you. I have decided to execute our dreams.

I for a long time dream to see you. Dream to have strong embraces and a gentle kiss with you.
I shall try to execute my dream.
Yesterday I have learned that in 2 weeks I shall have holiday.
I at once have decided where I shall carry spend the holiday.
I want to carry out my holiday at you in the country. I want to visit you soon.
It will be best my holiday. All holiday we shall be a line.
Most my treasured dream I will come true shall be near to you.

For me your feelings are very serious.
I read each your letter very attentively.
If you do not object about our meeting I shall prepare for documents for trip.
Our meeting will be possible if both of us shall want it.
I shall do all what to lead holiday with you.
I would understand that it in our forces what to have a meeting.
If we shall prepare together to a meeting our meeting is held.
You agree? I hope you too you want a meeting and you will help me.

I believe only mutual love. Therefore I believe that both of us want this meeting.
It will be the beginning of our joint life.
About this meeting we shall tell to our children and grandsons.
I will be sure it the most remarkable holiday in my life because you will be near to me.


PS I liked your pics very much.

LAST NAME: Sorokina
CITY: Yoshkar Ola
STATE: Mari El
ADDRESS: Vodoprovodnaya st. house #132a apt 3
POST CODE: 424000

Letter 9

Hi my love

I have just come from tourist agency. To me have told that full cost
My travel to you will approximately cost 900 euro.
I have only 200 euro.
What to me to do?
I very much wish to spend my vacation with you.
You will help me with my arrival to you?
Kiss you and wait your fast answer

Your irina

Letter 10

Hi my love

Excuse that I have not answered you at once, but intenet cafe had
Some technical problems, and I could not write to you.
My love I can open an accound in bank and you can send me money.
What do you think about this?
Simply I really have no money to arrive to you, and me
Nobody can help, because it much money.
I very much wish to meet you.
I love you and wait your answer

Your irina