Letter(s) from Anastasia to Donald (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings Donald!!! I was very glad to receive your letter. How are you doing at you? I'm fine. My name - Nastya. When I was small my parents named me Nasten'ka. Hardly later, when I began more years and already went to school my parents began to name me Nastya. When I stopped to study at university my parents named me Anastasiya. Anastasiya sounds more on the adult. As if my parents wanted to show me, that I have already entered an adult life. And it is valid so. All this my names. You can name me any of these names who is pleasant to you more. I like all my names. And how you were named in the childhood by your parents? I live in remarkable city. My city refers to Novocheboksarsk. This city is in Russia. My city very small, it even it is difficult To consider on a card. My city very beautiful. I love the city for his beauty. In my city it is a lot of trees and bushes. Especially I like my city in the summer when trees put on the The green order. All around becomes green and very beautiful. It very much to like me. I also love my city in the autumn, in the winter and in the spring. But in the summer it is pleasant to me most of all. My city is approximately in 700 kilometers from the city of Moscow. It is rather far. I at once want to be sorry for my possible mistakes. I do not have good skills of work with a computer. At school in which I studied, there were no means to get computers. I used a computer only only a little when studied at university. Since I have finished university, I any more did not use a computer. I use a computer of all some days and I can do something not so. Correct for me if I shall make something is not present so. Well? To me of 25 years. I have been given birth on December, 17, 1981. My sign on the zodiac - sagittarius. I work at school, the teacher of foreign languages. I a lot of time thought of where me to go to work after university. To me have offered work at school and I have agreed. To me delivers the big satisfaction to work for the blessing of a society. My work will be to train children in foreign languages. My work gives to me pleasure. I love my work! Our future depends on our children. How we shall bring up them also what we shall educate them formation. I very much hope, that all my efforts will help these children with future to achieve successes in a life. I have come to the Internet to find serious relations. I done not interested with relations which some days last. It not for me! I want to find such person from whom I can feel like happy. I am ready to offer everything, that at me is to find such person and to be with it and only with it. I do not exclude an opportunity to create family and to have children. I have met you and is not excluded at all, that you that person. Our life passes, and I nevertheless have not found happiness in a life. I want to find happiness in a life and I am ready to create family, and I am ready to this. I even thought of having children. I nevertheless do not know, to how many I want Have children. You love children? I do not search for the rich husband who can execute all My whims. To me the main thing, that it could provide family. Unfortunately, I have no Internet of a house. To write electronic letters, I go to familiar. At her place there is a computer and the Internet and she has allowed to come to me to it. In general I do not know, that to me still to tell about me directly. It further we can study more about everyone another. If I am interesting to you, you can ask me, I be pleased to answer. I shall send you photos. I only have no any very much. I hope, that our relations will develop and will get stronger every day. Write to me more about you and about your city. I heard about the countries abroad much and it is very interesting to me. I shall wait for your letter.
Good-bye. Nastya.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Donnie!!! How do you feel? How at you an affair? I hope, that at you all is good. I am pleased to receive your letter! Your letter fills my breast with happiness! I could not become happy in my country, and find the person, which Would like to create family. Here, in Russia, men serious and long attitudes and especially at all do not interest creation of family. Later I have decided to try to find happiness abroad. The girlfriend informed me this way. Last night to me there has on a visit arrived my former girlfriend. Now she lives in Finland with the husband and they very happy! She has got acquainted with it through the Internet. First they corresponded letters, and in 2 weeks it has invited her to itself(himself). They have lead together some time. It was 4 weeks. For this time they have learned each other well. Later they have understood, that they are created the friend for the friend. They have understood, that are loving each other and now they are happy. Now they live together in Finland and at them the child was born. They are in love each other and very happy! I was very pleased for it. I during long time have not made to try such kind familiar, through the Internet. I was afraid of it, it was terrible and not clear for me. I did not understand how it is possible to get acquainted through the Internet. Before I considered to get acquainted people should be face to face to each other that they could look on each other, feel presence physically. But my girlfriend has insisted to this. She wants, that I also was happy. The girlfriend has there and then warned that in the Internet is a lot of men who live abroad and want to get acquainted with young girls from Russia. But they get acquainted not to be together or to begin a joint life, but only for the sake of entertainment. She collided with it. It has frightened me very strongly. On this I want to ask you: you are seriously adjusted in your intentions and really want to find partner in life? For me your answer is very important. I think, that the mutual trust and honesty underlies any serious attitudes. Only those people which will trust the friend the friend from the very beginning of the attitudes will have hope for the further Development of the attitudes. The trust and honesty in attitudes are very important for me. If two persons like each other, trust and attitudes they will live a long and happy life together are fair with each other in all from the very beginning of the. And that them will not separate! Every day their lives Will be for them as new day, such, as if they have just got acquainted. Still completely not known and novel. You agree with me? Above all I trust the parents. I precisely know, that they of me is never deceived and always will be with me. I do not doubt of it. I trust you the same as also to the parents. Also I hope, that this trust mutual. I in turn speak you, that I hate a deceit! And each my word - the truth. My parents gave me very good education of me and on this the word "honour" means for me much. Now I are pleased which has been solved on it as I have met you. I think, our acquaintance will be long and the further. I want to have good family of love with the husband and children. I so have no high temperature of any person. I go after work home and I see empty an apartment. To me at once it becomes sad. To me not to that, to to be prepared for a supper. And as though I wanted to be prepared for a supper, to establish The table also waits for the favourite person home from work. I dream from a domestic life. At me has worked to be all time one. I want to have children. I want, they are children of dews in high-quality family and have been given birth in love of parents! It is very important. In Russia it - is a lot of mothers single games, and I want, that my children had the good father of love. I very cheerful person! My hobby is to skate. Very much to like me it to do. I like to go in for sports. In the summer, almost every day, I make small jogs and I do various exercises. Thus I observe of the health. In the winter I do skiing and on skates. Even in the summer I go to bathe on lake together with the girlfriends. It is very healthy! I very much like to prepare for various dishes. Especially I like to prepare for something new. At leisure I like to listen to music or to read the interesting book or magazine. I listen to various music. All depends on my mood. To us to city very much frequently there come exhibitions. I very much like to go on these exhibitions. There much all interesting. At exhibitions I learn a lot of new. You love exhibitions? About!!! At all for a long time I began to go on rates on driving to receive rights on management of the automobile. The automobile at me is not present, but I very much hope, that sometime it at me will be. I want to tell to you a little more on myself and about the past. I have been given birth in 1981. since the birth I live in city Novocheboksarsk. When to me there were 7 years I have gone to study in school. I studied 11 classes at school. Has left school with gold Medal (almost all examinations has handed over on an estimation 5). After school I have acted in university. When I entered the university, I very strongly worried. I started prepares for receipt in university at school. I very strongly wanted to begin training at university. On faculty on which I acted very big competition - 12 person on 1 place was. I acted on faculty of foreign languages. But I have won the excitement and in a result there was the fifth in the list enlisted. I very much liked to study at university. To us taught many foreign languages. But most of all to us taught English, French and German languages. And on this now I rather well know these languages. I studied at university of 5 years and have then received the diploma. After the termination of university of me have directed on training abroad. I have lead on training of all some days, but these days I have remembered for all life! It was first time when I have visited abroad. Very much it was pleasant to me also me it was very interesting! After that, I have been borrowed on work at school. At this school I now also work. I at all do not know what to tell about my life. I rise in the morning approximately six mornings. I to be washed, I have breakfast, and I go for work. My working day lasts from 8:00. Also I have a break of a breakfast. The ambassador work recently I go to familiar to write the letter to you. I already wrote to you, that I go to familiar to have the Internet. Then I go home. I live separately from parents as they have a small apartment (1 room) and there it is difficult for all of us to be placed. I live in an apartment with one room. I remove this apartment in rent. I constantly visit my parents and I help them in all. I still did not speak them about you, but I think, that it does in the near future. You not against? At me very good parents. My father (Sergey) works at bus station. To it 51 year. My mum (her name is Galiya) works in shop on sale of clothes and it of 50 years. Still I have the younger sister. Her name is Marina and it of 12 years. In total in my family 4 persons (mum, father, the sister and ?). We do not have no place in an apartment with one room. On this I remove an apartment in rent separately from parents. Still I have cousin and the cousin. It would be certainly better, if we could speak by with you to phone. I very much would want to hear your voice and to speak by with you to phone. But I do not have such opportunity. Unfortunately, I do not have phone: neither domestic, nor mobile. And on this I cannot give you his number that you could call to me. I went on a telephone exchange to learn, whether I can call to you. But that I have learned me has very strongly afflicted. It appears, I should pay not small money for negotiations with You even if you will call here. And if I shall call to you it will be even more dear. I should pay negotiations and in the event that I shall call from someone from familiar. Very much the shame to admit to me it, but, unfortunately, I cannot pay negotiations with you. I shall try very much and as soon as I will have opportunity I shall necessarily allow to you number that you could name me. Well? My dreams... I dream from a happy life with the favourite person and with our children. Undoubtedly, I shall have children. Probably not now, probably later, but it will be necessary. Agree, that it is difficult to have children of one. The main problem for me to do happy my future children. I want, that they have been surrounded with love to parents and have been provided all necessary. It is very important for me, that my children have received good education and formation, instead of went On streets. The future of my children is the most important for me. I am ready to go on everything to make my future children happy. Also I dream to visit known places of our planet. I want to travel and study the world. I want to study in every minute something new. I constantly read a lot of literature, but it is not enough of it. I very much would want to see all this the eyes, in a real life. Once, when I was on training, to me there was a happiness it to make. I very much would want, that the destiny has given me one more chance. Donnie, I never was for the husband, and I have no any children. I have been given birth in love and have placed her from parents. I am kind to people, and I forgive insults. I cannot make to poorly people. My parents always learned me, that it is necessary to answer evil only goods. So I also live. I try to make all with love of care. The love will rescue the world! I try to transfer feelings of pupils of love. The person who is capable love very much, can to reach in a life. I very much love children. Now you know much about me. I have tried to tell to you all as it is possible more in detail. If I have missed something, write to me about it. I shall necessarily answer. I would like to learn about a life there where you do live. I think, that it absolutely other world! My girlfriend who lives in Finland with beloved, spoke me about it. She speaks, it so other people and is perfect other life. There more benevolent people also are more sympathizing, and the life is better. Write to me about a life in your city. I shall wait for your letter. All kind. Kisses.
Yours Nastya.

Letter 3

Greetings my dear Donnie!!! We already are copied a lot of time and I think, that with you it is time to us to proceed on you. How you? How has passed yesterday your day? Than you were engaged? It was very pleasant for me to read your letter. In it you have very interesting ideas and I love them. At me everything is all right. I feel wonderfully. Last night I looked film. Very much it was pleasant to me. Film referred to "Intuition". The main heroes - the young man and the girl. As soon as they have met, then have grown fond each other, but have been compelled to leave. They lived in different cities, thought about each other, but Knew nothing about each other. Only due to the intuition they could meet again. Film very beautiful and romantic. You looked this film? Having come today in Internet - cafe I was very glad to receive your letter. I want to tell, that if you for a long time will not receive from me letters it does not mean, that I have stopped with you correspondence. No. Simply the matter is that I not always can write to you the letter every day. I sometimes simply have not time to send you a news about myself because I frequently should remain for a long time on work. Today at me very heavy day was. I am strongly tired. I almost all the day went on city and helped mum to legalize papers, that she could receive the new passport. You imagine, my mum has lost the passport when she went in the bus. As soon as I began to read your letter then all weariness somewhere was gone, the mood has improved. I at once have overlooked about all and began to think only of you. And in general, recently I began more and more and to think of you more. Recently with me something is created absolutely for me not clear. At me dream began to vanish. The sleeplessness has appeared. When I lie down to sleep, I can not fall asleep. I for a long time to lay, I am overturned with a side sideways and I fall asleep only in some hours. I became absent-minded. I leave the things anywhere (that never was with me earlier). Leaving for work since morning, I overlook to take documents necessary for me (sometimes I take them home when I have not time to complete on work and I do work of a house). On work I began to distract frequently from an affair. With me such for the first time. And yesterday, when I took a shower, have not noticed, how from the soul has appeared hot water. The present boiled water! I have been so abstract by ideas on you and on us that has not noticed it. Fortunately, all has costed. I during time have made reaction. It is simple a miracle, that I have not received a burn. I cannot understand, that with me to be created. I do not know why, but ideas about you do not leave my head. Each person wants to be happy, and we with you not exception. But various people become happy for the various reasons. Everyone needs something for happiness. I hope, that our dreams and desires to coincide. We want to have happy family, and I think, for which we have this purpose all preliminary conditions. I think, that we should study everyone another better during some time. Then I think to us, it is necessary for to meet. Actually through the correspondence it is impossible to study the person completely. But when you - with it about, hold it for a hand, speak with it, study it completely. If we shall be ready to a meeting with each other it it would be wonderful. On a meeting we could study each other better. We could carry out a lot of time together, speak, go in the evenings. I think, which the meeting will make good for our attitudes. What do you think of it? I would like to know about your life more. You probably already saw very much and can divide impressions. I think the most part from you also. I shall look forward to hearing from you, I hope, that you can soon write to me. Kisses and embraces. Nastya.

PS. I send you in this letter my photo. It is a photo it has been made, when I studied at university. To the left of me the girl from whom we together studied. How I look? I am pleasant to you?

Letter 4

Hi my favourite Donnie!!! How yesterday has passed your day? Than you were engaged? At me everything is all right. All is good. The only thing, that does not please me, this my loneliness. You missed on me? Thought of me? I am very glad, that we have found each other! I am sure, that the destiny has plans for us with you! I think, that to us is given to be together. Our ideas and ideas coincide. We think equally. It something means. Very seldom you meet the person who thinks as well as you! I am glad, that we have found each other. My beloved Donnie, I think of you and about we much. Me as if draws to you. I cannot describe to you these feelings in the letter. It is very difficult and even it is impossible to make in the letter. It is very difficult to pick up the necessary words correctly to express everything, that I feel. Now we are very much far apart. Letters it is possible to write huge quantity: hundred, one thousand... But as though is detailed we did not describe itself in them, all the same there will be a lot of all unknown person. Our letters, it only a small part of ourselves are as though full and substantial were. We cannot learn well each other even if we shall continue our correspondence many months successively. Secret parts of our souls, our characters about which we can learn only at a meeting all the same will stay. You agree with me, lovely? Only the meeting in the person will help us to learn completely each other. Only having met actually, we can study each other up to depth of soul. You agree with me? You want our meeting? I more and more also am more declined to a that variant, that it is necessary for us to meet you. You are very interesting to me with your letters. But I do not have not enough now only your letters. I would like to meet you! I would like to learn what you in a life! My dear Donnie, we can meet? I think, that us now it is necessary to meet in the person! We know about each other enough. The great cannot be learned from correspondence. If there are still any important things in which you interest ask me. I want to develop our attitudes. I do not want, that they stood on a place. I would like to move towards each other! You will make a step to me on a meeting, my dear Donnie? What do you think of our meeting? You want, that I have arrived to you? I can make it. I learned in a travel company about travel to you. It will not be difficult. I will need to make the international passport, the visa and tickets. On registration of all documents it is required about 10-12 working days. For registration of the international passport it is required 135 euros. for the visa 127 euros. The ticket to cost 648 euros. also to me it will be necessary will do the insurance which will operate in your country. It costs 150 euros. I I think of you and about our meeting much! It is dream which seems impracticable... But I hope, that all of us shall meet also we shall be happy together!!! I shall have holiday. I would like to lead my holiday with you together. Each time when I read your letter, me is more and more and it would be desirable to meet you more. I want to see more likely you in the person my dear Donnie, to put the gentle hands on your neck more likely and.... To present you the sweet kiss. I very much would want to come to you. Only the meeting in the person will help us to learn well each other. I want to know about you all! It is very important for me, that we have met in your country. It plays for me the big role. If we shall meet in Russia this meeting will take place for me is absolutely ordinary. I shall live also the usual life and you will become only tiny part of this life. Only its small part. I cannot give you a lot of time, I as though am strong it did not want. I shall be limited in a free time which I can devote to you. I shall be borrowed with the daily affairs and cares and I at all will not have a free time on leading it with you. Whether enough to you there will be only 1 hour which I can give us with you? Very much it is not enough of it for me. Absolutely soon, to arrive to you, I take holiday. When I shall be in holiday I shall be ready to arrive to you at any time. Donnie, I take holiday for the sake of you. To arrive to you and to be with you. I have already agreed with the chief, upon holiday. As to my parents I already spoke with them on this theme. I have told him, that I correspond with you. Also that, I shall probably, soon leave from Russia. My parents wish me only the most good in this life (as well as all parents which care of children). They completely approve my intention. They agree with me and entirely support me in my intentions. Both I and they we realize, that in Russia it is very difficult to provide happy And a good life. It here is very difficult for achieving. It can be achieved only having moved to live abroad, and having met there the good and loving person, wishing to begin a joint life. In Russia me keeps nothing. Unique who is expensive to me here are my parents. I very much love them. They for me it is the most important on light. For me there are no people which are more dear to me than my parents. It is necessary for me to see my parents. This quite natural desire which is tested by each child. You and itself perfectly should understand it. Now I finish the letter because it is time to me to go. I with impatience wait for your answer and our meeting! Write to me more likely, that you think! With love in heart. Yours Nastya. P.S. I constantly think of you and I miss my beloved Donnie and very much I hope soon to meet you.

Letter 5

Greetings, my dear Donnie! I am very happy to receive your letter! For me your reciprocity to me much means! I am glad, that you too want to meet me! I am sure, that this meeting is necessary for us! We can learn better each other! We can understand, we approach each other whether or not! For me it is important to be near to the person that it is better to understand it. We can write each other one million letters! But we cannot understand each other well while we shall not meet. I think, that the meeting is a transition to a new level in attitudes! I want to do this step forward! You will do to me a step on a meeting? I think of you and our meeting much. I understand, that we not so long ago are familiar! But it seems to me, that I know you many years! It is very unusual to me! But it is very pleasant! I would like, that our meeting was as soon as possible! I think, that we can lead very good time together! It will help to develop our attitudes. I could take holiday from my work and arrive to you! I learned in a travel company about the visa and all necessary documents. For me there will be no problems with an input in your country. I shall be glad to arrive to you! But there is some question about which we did not speak with you. It is very inconvenient for me to speak about it. But our future depends on it. My travel to you will be costs the big money for me. It about 1060 euros! I do not know as far as this money big for you. I receive the small salary. For me to pay for my travel, it is necessary to work half-year. Thus I should not eat and pay for an apartment. I cannot pay for my travel to you! I very much want to meet you! You can help me? To me........ The big shame to admit that I cannot pay documents, but I always with you was frank and now I speak you all as is. It is very inconvenient for me to ask you about something........ But only so we with you can be together. Our future depends on it! Probably we shall create family in the future! But for this purpose all over again it is necessary to learn well each other! What do you think of it? You can send me of money for my travel to you? I was possible to do it through system of remittances Western Union. learned about it. It is reliable and simple. My data only will be necessary for you. Your full data will be necessary for reception of your translation for me. These are those data which you will fill in Western Union! I can arrive to you in 10-12 days after I pay for my travel. Donnie, all in your hands. Ours with you of destiny and ours with you the future in your hands. All that I want is to be happy. But for happiness it is necessary for me to be near to loved the person. Donnie, I trust you the destiny and sincerely I hope, that absolutely soon we with you shall together. Write to me soon! I with impatience shall wait for your answer! I hope, that all will be good! I very much want to meet you! Gentle kisses, only for you, my dear Donnie! Nastya.

Letter 6

Hi lovely!! How you? All is good with you? Than you are borrowed? How passes your day? I was very glad to read your letter! It is a pity, that it such small. Lovely, I am grateful to you that you want to help me. Your help means for me much. Big to you thanks. But lovely why you do not want to help to do to me documents through travel agency? Why? You do not trust me? You do not trust travel agency? What did you mean, when have written " if you are serious show me "?