Scam letter(s) from Alena to Keith (England)

Letter 1
Hello!!! I very strongly would want to get acquainted with you. I hope that you as Want it. Because I so do not have not enough dialogue and to me it is boring one. And that More I liked your structure. Probably, at us with you something may, and To turn out, as you think! I soon shall move to work to England, and we Might on be much closer and have more chances to learn each other. If you Have become interested in me write to me on e-mail: . I shall wait from you for the answer. Alena!!!
Letter 2
hiello Keith!!!
I so am glad to receive your letter to me. And me that is very pleasant,
That you are interested in me and our acquaintance. It so is fine for beginning
With you dialogue and I am very strongly interested in you. Because soon I shall
To come for work to England to London. And in England I have only an aunt.
And consequently I search to myself for new friends and more serious relations.
For the beginning I shall tell to you a little about myself. To me of 27 years, but everyone speak that I look on 25.
And how you think? My growth 179 see weight of 48 kg. I live in Russia in city St. Petersburg.
I think that you heard about such city. I yet was not married and I have no children.
Probably it will be interesting I to you shall learn for which work to go to London.
And so, me have invited in shop " Topshop " as the designer. You know this shop?
I think that it not bad work. Especially I there have an aunt, and it already for a long time
Called me to itself. Well probably to you it is enough of it for first my letter.
I shall not trouble you with the greater letter. I apply my photo. I hope that it
To like you. And I wanted as will receive from you a photo. I hope that you will send me it.
Well now I shall wait for following your letter. Write to me more likely.
Letter 3
hi Keith!!! So it is fine to receive one more letter from you. It really lift to me Because I see mood that you are really interested in me. I as It is interested in you. And for me delivers a lot of pleasure that it mutually with yours The parties. You know I search not only the friend, but is possible also love or serious Relations. I consider you attractive as the man. So everyone can happen. Even that that we can create relations. In fact in our life all is possible. You agree With me Keith? Certainly I yet do not know when I shall stay to London. With me The representative of shop " Topshop " Tim Comfort should communicate, and name date Consultations in London. And then I shall stay to London for consultation and to remain There on absolutely. I hope that we can meet there and you can show me all Places in London. In London I shall live at the aunt. she have a greater apartment. she The good aunt. she already for a long time helps our family. It is possible to tell she to me as parents. For example she also has bought to me an apartment in which I now I live. I live one in 2 room To apartment. Here such here at me the aunt. ooo... Thanks you for your photos. I very much liked to see you. Yes you Attractive the man. I very much liked to receive your pictures. I hope that you Have still a photo. And you as will send me them still. And I shall as send a photo To you. What do you tell about it? You know I love a fashion. Because I the designer, but Sometimes it so strongly bothers. All these clothes and any another. Hunting to take and appear On a desert island. Yes, I would not refuse as to appear somewhere on uninhabited Island. A beach, the hot sun, and the most important with the favourite person. But while such at I was not present. And probably I can name it the dream. And what dream at you Keith? Tell to me more about your makings, dreams? It will be good to me to learn about you It is more. Certainly if you something interests in me, ask questions not Hesitate. I shall try to answer all of them. I send you one more photo to you. I think that it to like you. It I at home in a bathroom, would gather like To go on what that a party, I do not remember. It would be desirable to see and your photo. Well all I shall be To wait from you for the answer. Write to me, do not forget.
Letter 4

hi dear Keith!!! I so am glad that you again have written to me. Because with each yours the letter I see yours
Interest in me. It so is pleasant for me. With each letter all of us more
And more we become opened the friend for the friend. And me so it is pleasant you. I am glad that we
We aspire to learn each other. It is possible in the future at us something can also
To turn out. But it will be clear only when we can see each other face to face.
You agree with me? It would be fine to meet you. I hope that we shall have
Opportunity to see each other when I shall arrive to London. You would like
To meet me? But while probably we shall not be about it, is better I shall tell still something about myself. I like to listen to music. I prefer to listen
Quieter music. It helps me will relax and will calm down.
Before a dream I always listen even to one song. And you like to listen
Music before a dream? As well as all girls, I love
Flowers. Especially I love when to me them give. But to me already for a long time did not give
Flowers. Last time I was presented flowers by my daddy on mine put a birth.
My favourite flowers it is lilies. They such gentle and beautiful.
Still I like to look cinema. I like to go to cinemas. Still I love
To walk on park on city. And very strongly I love sweet. In general that all
Girls consider that sweet makes look ***, but I so do not consider. I love sweet, and
I consider that at me a beautiful figure. And what you love? Today I am going to go to float with the girlfriends. Also I hope
That when I shall return and I shall check mail I shall see again your letter. So
Write to me. I shall be glad to read your letter again.
My embraces. Yours Alena!!!
Letter 5
hi dear Keith!!! So it is glad is happy to see your answer. You do not represent as a lot of pleasure delivers to me It. And still especially today in the street fine weather. The sun shines. When at last that I I shall depart to London. You do not represent as I it wish to appear somewhat quicker there. Though probably is not present, While in London I know only you and my aunt. And here at me it is a lot of friends. But nevertheless to me hunting To see you. But I there is no need to long in fact shall soon arrive also we can will meet. I here Only it is excited by that, and suddenly I shall not like you? Or to not like you my character. Here it starts to excite me. You probably think the same, whether not so? But we shall not be To think on the future we shall meet and we learn. You love animals dear Keith? I have decided to buy to myself a kitten, what you think of it? I want To buy Siamese. I shall play with it and to care. But here I do not know can buy is better it in London? I already had a kitten, but it has died. So I do not wish to recollect it, ok. Sometimes It seems to me that you very strongly flatter me. Certainly to me it is very pleasant. Your signs Attention I force me to be confused. And I already start to get used to you. Especially to me it is pleasant When you speak me about my photos. So it is pleasant to read it. You romantic. You too very much Are attractive the man. And to like me your person. Especially to like me your lips. You Probably well kiss? It not a hint, it is simple a reasoning. So do not build illusions. Well all the same you nice. I shall wait from you for the answer. Write to me.
I wish to see somewhat quicker That you will answer me. I shall wait.
Yours Alena!!!
Letter 6
hi dear Keith!!! You do not represent as I is happy to read your letter. Because I with Impatience waited for it. All because today before a dream I thought of you and not Could cacioou. You know I has got used to you. So it is pleasant to write to you the answer. Hunting To express my feelings in the letter but as that is impossible. Even at me was Such ridiculous case today. I have started to write the letter to the girlfriend, and on To habit has started to write in English. Because thought of you. You as Think of me. Also what in general you represent, what think of me? Tell to me about your opinion and feelings to me. Probably I am similar on The little girl who in-first time meets the boy? But nevertheless I hope that all of you equally will be in earnest to it. Do not worry about the visa, I can make all. Because I will be helped by my aunt. And she will provide for initial and starting life in London of me. So it not a problem.. And in general, hunting a lot of your attention. I the girl and to like girls When the man gives them a lot of attention. You know, sometimes it seems to me, that I not It is serious. But sometimes so strongly hunting to talk about something serious. Here For example to take us. In fact letters it in fact only that not To miss, but now they develop into that that hunting to write all time to you and To receive your letters. I feel it. You feel the same? But at us but There is a chance to be together. And I hope that it will come soon. And then I shall arrive to To you also I shall see you. I shall hear your voice. I can touch you. Yes, it would be Perfectly. I already start to dream of it. I start to think of that that To walk with you. All the same an artful piece this Internet. Tempts very much and It is impossible to make that. Here for example now, I would like to embrace you, but I can not. I look at your pictures. I read your pleasant letters. Also I am pleased that you are at Me. I hope that you will not force to look forward to hearing from you long. My embraces. Yours Alena.
Letter 7
mmm. Keith so it is fine to read your letter. I so strongly waited Your answer. Also wanted to esteem that you have written to me again. It so is pleasant For me, that all time write to me. I already want to arrive in more soon London to remain there and at last that to begin To work. And not only for this purpose. And to see you. That at last that I could talk to you face to face. Today I was written by my aunt. And she has told me that soon leaves in Africa with the husband. So probably I shall be absolutely alone and you should be With me. You see I do not know England absolutely. You will be my guide Keith? Each day will drive me on city, that I might get used to it, All time. Do not worry dear Keith, I joke. I and itself can if that To take a walk. So I shall not borrow from you a lot of time. But I hope that We can find time meet? Most likely I shall be To arrive to London in the beginning of month. So remained at all much, and Soon you can see me, and I can see you. Recently I Even began to think of that more soon to arrive to London more and To think of you. At all does not disturb that. Especially when I present that You will look after me. You will look after me? As the man to To the girl. With all rest I will be supplied with my aunt. Simply at my aunt There is no a lot of time. And I do not want to miss at home one. So it is necessary to you frequently Me to see. Well now I am compelled to go. I wish you good day. I shall be To wait from you for the following letter. Write to me faster and do not overlook about Yours Alena!!!
Letter 8
Keith, my dear! Always so it is fine to read your letter. Your letters Always cheer up me. Even now at me was not what Moods and here is how only I have received your letter, my mood Has risen. And on the person at me a lovely smile. All because I have read yours The letter. You do not represent as me pleasantly to read all your words for me. You seem to me such careful. The hunt is faster to see you face to face. But I know that soon it to happen because already soon I shall arrive to London and We can meet. One of these days representatives " should write to me Topshop " and to inform day of interview. And then I shall know exact date My arrival. To me the hunt faster to sit aboard the plane and to fly. Sometimes I think, and suddenly I to not like you in a reality. That will be then. You will cease with me to communicate. And at me you see any more will not be whom. Because my aunt departs to Africa with loved. She is very glad that I Has found you, and she is sure that you good and will not throw me. You see so? I hope that so. ok, now I shall finish my letter to you. If you May send me more than your pictures, ok. I shall wait from you for the letter. I send you my air kiss. Write to me faster. Alena!!!
Letter 9
Hi my dear Keith, you do not represent as pleasantly to receive your letter. All because in the street goes a rain and the cold wind and as soon as I have read yours letters blows, to me it became warm and joyful. At all I do not know as you to describe this all. And what at you there now weather? At us practically all day pours a rain. And I so do not have no heat. So it is a pity, that you are not present beside, and I can not get warm in your embraces. Well, while about it I can dream only. Today I was written by my aunt and she has informed that already in Africa. Tells to me as at them so warmly. And still she has told that will return to England only by September. So I think till September to me it is necessary to live in hotel. But it not a problem. That I all about itself. How at you in general there? I hope, you strongly wait for my arrival? I as last days only also think of it. I sit now at home, and I do not know what to do, probably I shall go now I shall be going itself for something to eat. Today was going to go to mum on a visit and has not gone because of weather. Probably now tomorrow I shall go to it. I already was time think to begin to prepare for resettlement. It is necessary to make has put much. It is necessary to renew an apartment on mum. Still it is necessary to pay the credit. Well, it not a problem my aunt has told the credit, that will help me with it. And how you live? At you all is good? I hope what yes. At all I do not present myself that I did today if not your letter. That you are at me is very pleasant for me. I feel in reliable hands. Very to like to read your words and to see your pictures. And still, I wanted to ask you the exact address, telephone number. That I could not lose you. You will not escape from me where. Well you I shall not frighten of such words. I joke. Well, probably, now I shall go, I shall prepare for something. Write to me. Do not overlook about me. I send you the sweet kiss. Yours Alena
Letter 10
Hi, hi and once again hi my Keith!!! Is glad to see your letter again. If it is fair now we sit together with my girlfriend and we read it. I hope that you not against it? My girlfriend as liked it as well as to me. She speaks that you good and beautiful. I even am jealous slightly. Well but all the same I shall be in London near to you, instead of she. It pleases me. She sits next and does not understand that I write you. Because she does not know English. So ridiculously it turns out, I write about it, and she does not guess at all it. Well, all, probably, will suffice about it. What you tell about my new photo for you? I specially did it for you today. It to like you? I hope that, yes. Mmm_ at all I do not know as you to tell it, but I feel, that you very strongly began to not suffice me Keith. Because today I have seen the new guy of the girlfriend. And so it wanted to me to see you in a reality. Too I want to receive gifts and that me looked after. O, for me so it is given did not look after. I probably even have overlooked that this such. Well to you I shall not impose myself. And I probably am similar to the girl which arise itself. Though I already for a long time have told you that I test sympathy. But to tell you, that you very strongly like me, I should see you face to face. Therefore through letters to not transfer all feelings and to not see a sight. You see the sight solves much, you agree with me? Because through letters when to not construct the relation. Lovely Keith, I am compelled to run and finish the letter to you. I shall wait from you for the answer as soon as possible. I embrace and Kiss you. Sweet Alena!!!
Letter 11
Dear Keith! I so am glad to inform you, that I have received the letter from London from representatives of shop about Topshop» I so am glad. Now I know date when there will be an interview. You, probably, and would not like to learn, when, you see so? Well and so interview will be 14 August . It is already absolutely fast. And it means that soon I can see you. I so am glad. You do not represent as my heart for excitement is beaten now. You even, probably, for thousand kilometers hear his knock. Because at last that we shall see it each other. You hear soon you can embrace me. At me even to be turned the head with happiness is a little. Now I need to write the letter to my aunt that she has sent me of money to the visa, the passport and to the ticket, well still there for mum and on a triviality. Well it only formalities. The main thing that I tomorrow shall go, and shall begin to prepare for documents. Dear Keith, I so am happy. But also it is slightly upset, you see I then shall leave on long and I shall not see the friends and mum. Even as has now thought of it, and began so sadly. Even the hunt is a little to cry. I understand, that my mum is glad for me, that I have found good work, and have found you. The one who can take care of me. But she all the same as longs in soul. Well we shall not be about bad. So it would be necessary to make all and to fly more soon to London and to you. Dear Keith, forgive but I should finish the letter. Because I need to write still to the aunt and to inform mum and girlfriends. You see you the first who has learned about it. Well. I miss on you. Kiss you!!! Yours sweet Alena!!!
Letter 12
Hi Keith, my prince! So is glad to receive your letter to me. You do not represent how many to me pleasure bring your letters. Sometimes I even for pleasure do not know what to answer you. I sit and wait when my aunt will write. When I have told mum that I know date of interview and that already soon I leave. She has strong embraced me and I have told me about daughter is glad for you, the main thing do not forget about the mam and to me began so it is a pity her. As if I leave from it for ever. I all the same I shall come. And my girlfriends have told me, that it is necessary to note such event and to arrange a farewell party. But I think that I shall not be to arrange that. I now am excited with your opinion on all it more. I so would not like to see you. To see your eyes. To hear you. Mmm_ I am simple noia I shall go. Soon absolutely soon we shall a number. Already so it is given waited for it and remained absolutely hardly hardly. What you feel my dear Keith? What your sensations as you only have received my last letter. Tell to me about all. That you think of it that feel. Want to know all. Write to me faster. I so would not like to see your answer to my letter. I wait!!! Gently Kiss you. Only yours Alena.
Letter 13
my dear Keith!!!
I so am happy to receive your letter!!! Also is very glad to write to you my answer. But at once I shall tell to you that at me not so that and good news. As you know my aunt should give me money to that do documents arrive to England. But she now in Africa and she will return only at the end of August, and she may not send me money from there. She has written to me that there what that laws that it is impossible to send money in other country. And she may give me money only on arrivals in England. She should give me money to that do documents and repay the credit for an apartment. And as there are some money to my mum. But as you already know my interview will be ***** and I can not pass it and I all the same need to be this day in England, differently I shall lose this work. And I do not see what way to arrive to London to this number. Because I have no so much money. And my aunt has offered me one thing. As you already know I told to it about you. And she has offered me that she has transferred money from its account to yours, then you will send this money to me. I trust you and am sure in that that you not will to deceive me and will help me with it. She as has told that you gave me your bank account that she might translate money to you. What you tell about it? You are capable to make so? I hope what yes. Because I do not see that complex in it. And I very much need in it. Because I on anyone need to arrive to England. Especially we with you want to see each other. Also it is one more occasion to make as my aunt has offered. So you think of it. Inform me faster. Because it is necessary to do all quickly. And I have not enough time. It is necessary as soon as possible to start to prepare for documents. I kiss you. yours Alena!!!
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