Scam letter(s) from Irina to Rick (USA)

Letter 1
My dear friend,
I don't know weather you doubted that I'd answer you . As far as I've understood from your letter you are a very responsible and interesting in conversation person.
Talking about my interests and tastes ,first of all,I want to say that I'm student,and I study in our state University. In my free time I work in a small restaurant as a manager. I try my best to be not tight with my parents financially,but now it's not always possible.
Don't think I'm always so serious,a least not in all questions. I use to be a romantic nature,I'm fond of music, romantic movies,with happy ends,I'm crazy about night walks hand in hand.
I live with my parents,as far as you've understand,and I've got a lot of relatives,whom I love very much. I want to know more about your family,if you have one.
Though now I have no possibility to travel ,because of the University,but I still like doing this.
If I had a chance I would choose a work or any business linked with traveling,because only in such a way we can understand our life, secrets of nature ,communicate with interesting people and so on. But nowadays we can also do it with the help of Internet. I hope that if you e-mail with me further ,while traveling you'll tell me about the places you see around.
You know,it's rather good to communicate with someone through the Internet but this can do only in the beginning,because if people get interested in one another,only real meeting can tell the main - through the language of eyes,features,hands, through the voice of body.
I'm crazy about sports,I love volleyball most of all,and I think it's the most beautiful kind of sports,(surely after gymnastics and figure-skating ). What sports do you like?
You wouldn't believe but I, also, love cars. Mostly I like German,French and English ones. And what about you?
I hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely yours,
PS.Dear,please,write me back to the address:
Letter 2
dear friend Rick !!! Thank you very much for your attention!! I am very pleased to hear from you!! You seem to be a very intriguing man for me and I long to know you better!!!!
So,I live with my parents, unfortunately I have no brothers and sisters. Yet I have lots of cousins, they live in other cities in Ukraine, but we see each other at least once a month, we're very close and when we meet we just talk our souls out as we usually have so many things to tell to each other :-)
Also I have a cat, it's called Bobo. It's so fluffy and funny, it plays with everything it sees. I love it so much and I even consider it a family member as well:-)))
My native city is called Enakievo and is situated on extreme east of Ukraine. Our city is not very big, but it has lots of greenery and the streets are very narrow and cosy. I can't say that there are a lot of places of historical interest, in our city the most popular are small restaurants and cafes which serve tasty and cheap food. It's a pity we do not have a McDonald's here, we have it only in the capital city, Kiev.
Now my studies: in my University I take economics and management. I just feel I was born for that very thing!!!Yeah, the lectures are sometimes boring, but I enjoy everything I study. Especially I like the theory of developing of states. It's so interesting to know how most powerful countries of the world were developing...I try my best to get good marks for my exams, in the majority of cases I do!!!
As for my work, it's a great deal of practice for me because in the restaurant I work as a manager. The thing I mostly enjoy in my job is the staff, all the guys are so friendly and nice!!!!I have lots of friends among them:-)))I work part-time, though the salary is not so enormous, still, I just LIKE the job!!!!!!! I'll finish my letter for now.
but I'll be looking forward to hear from you soon!!!
Letter 3
Hello my dear rick !!!!! Thank you very much for your letter to me.
It was so pleased to receive your letter.
i am very happy taht you have choose me in the Internet although there are many beautiful girls but they want to take money from people.
I hope you will trust me and while it is good start for our friendship. At first I want to tell you about my family.
As any person I have mother and father but unfortunately I don't any brothers or sisters.Also I have one dog and one cat.They are the best friends.when I am look for them I think why people can't have such friendship????the friendship it is something that the GOD gave us.
What about my mum!!!!
My mother's name is Elena.She is a doctor(therapeutist).she treates people.she always say that the health it is the important thing in our life because without health you couldn't do something.
Every day she had hard-working day although she earn only 300$ in a month.she told me that when she studied at the Medical University she didn't sleep because she learnt and now it is very pity taht at least no money for living.
Of course you can think that weare rich people but no....
Every person need to wear something,to pay for electricity,buy a food and go for sport.Life is short bt we want to live.
My father wish that i will be more richer then they.
i think he is right and that's why he advised me to find special man over Internet. My father name is Misha.He is very strong but kind man.Sometimes he can be funny,makes jokes but sometimes thoughful.He is taxi-driver but he doesn't have own car.
My father is enterprising but he could't reproduce in reality because it is impossible in our country to have own bussiness,buy new cars,make good repair.We earn a little money but much pay a lot of money for electricity.
When my father was a younger he was engineer but then factory was closed and he go out.He is a person who can give to anyone in anyway.
As peoples says daughter find common language with mother and son with father but it is not about me.
I can't tell to mum all my secrets and my problems usually I tell to my Dad.He always very attentive to me and can give me good advise.
i love him very much for his kindness and honesty. My family is not very big but also I have a gradfather.he is 69 years old.H ei svery good person but he has modern point of view.He is good-looking.Every morning he do sport.all his nighbours are in shocked because my granfather is like a guy.It is always pleased when your parents are ok and then you are happy. What about my hobbies.
As you can understand I like sport.I adore tennis.Every weekends I go at the stadion and play in tennis,also I go at the swimming pool because I am crazy from swim.I've never been in abroad but if I had a chance I would love visit hot places such as:South Africa,Florida-Miami,Turkey-Antalia. Where have you been???
What is your favorite countries???? I hope my letter will not make you boring. I wait for your reply. Irene.
Letter 4

Hey!!! I am Simple nice Lady who wants to find a simple happiness;) Like to have fun:) and make each day as a holiday:) i am an optimist and i do belive that each man creates his destiny with his own hands:) would like to try:)? Well write me
Letter 5
Hello, Rick:) thank you for your lovely photo! I am very excited about our contact. Thank you for your interest!! How is your day:)? how are you? I am fine!! Well, I think i will tell about me, cause I think that it is necessary to learn each other to establish good relationships! I am here seeking a partner! Why here, in the Internet and among the foreign men? Well, once when i was a little girl, a 5 th grade pupil at school, my classmates and teacher went to Kiev for sightseeing and excursions! So we were walking along the streets and my attention was caught by one couple. She was a young beautiful woman and he is I think in his 35-40 yo. they were very beautiful both because even i was a little girl i have understood they are in love with each other so much!! He presented her a beautiful rose, white rose!! My favourite flowers are white roses!!! and she smiled to him and then we were going by right near the place they were standing and i smelled a beautiful aroma and heard their talk just a little but i have understood really nothing cause he was a foreigner!! Well, I was really impressed by the love and happiness they have and since that time i was sure that I will marry a foreigner!!! SO here I am:) I Have bored you to death with my childish memories hahaha:) but it is tells why i am her in search of foreign man instead of having a husband from here!! Well, That is it!!! Well, As you know i guess I am Tanya:) You can see my picture;) Hope you will like it:) I graduated from college several years ago and now I work as a shop assistant in the supermarket!! I am 26 soon, will be 27, my birthday is the 23 of August! I live in Lisichansk. That is in the east of Ukraine. Well I do belive that a man and a woman must have something in common and of course some differences:) Well I want my man to be an honest trustworthy caring, loving and passionate:) Oh I will close now I dont want you to fall asleep:) We have some time and i will tell you more about me in my next letter. meantime i am waiting for your letter impatiently and tell me about you more;) Thank you:) Take care Kiss your Tanya
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