Letter(s) from Hannah Mensha to Jim (USA)

Letter 1

My love,

I have apply for a visa but the embassy give me appointment for interview tomorow before they will issue me a visa.But if i recieve this visa I don't have money for flight ticket.Are you going to send me money for ticket to come and meet you there.

Because the embassy ask me why im going to states and I told them i'm going to meet my husband and he ask me have we married I said yes then they said I should collect the form and fill and submit with and come back tomorow with my international pasport after interview they then know if they will collect my passport for stamp or not but they will confirm from my husband in states first before any other thing will be followed.

That means I will be meeting you very soon.I will love us to chat or send me an email so that I will reply.it seems that they will call you from U.S.A EMBASSY HERE IN GHANA.I know you are doing good and ur health I am missing you dearly I wait for your quick reply.

Yours love


Letter 2

Dearest, I am currently in Ghana were my mother hale from as my father is late, befor my father died and when we were all in my country serrie leon,he came to deposit huge sum of money to the tune of nine million united state dollars with a known bank and have promised my mum that the funds shall all be transfered out of Africa while we all shall depart africa to make investment there and leave there for the rest of our lives,my late father have made me the next of kin to the funds should anything happen to him when he made the deposit and now that he is dead, i still want to actualise his dream as the funds in the bank were instructed on deposit to be wired outside africa to the united states states,he has made arrangement with one of his freand to receive this funds but he has no