Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Rick (USA)

Letter 1
Hi! Wonderful Princess really want to find her Prince and to be happy with him. I'm looking for a man for a family. I'm polite and tender girl. My inner world is various and I promise that you can always talk to me when you want. I have many hobbies in my life. I go in for sports. I try to keep myself fit. Every morning I go to the sports-ground and do some exercises. To the point, do you like sporty girls? I'm very sociable. I want to know something about your dreams and goals. You can ask me everything you wish. I'll be happy to answer your letters. Your Princess is
waiting for you.
Letter 2
Hi, Rick!

I'm glad that I received your letter. My heart really jumped when I saw that you answered me. Does this mean that I caught your attention? Thank you for your nice photos. Actually, I love dogs very much and I must say to you that you have beautiful puppies.

By the way, I want to tell you something about myself. I was born in Krasnuy Luch. It is a little town in the east of Ukraine. I'll be 24 in October, 3. Now I live in Lugansk. I'm a slender girl with green eyes and long blond hair, like real princess. Actually, do you know that Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful in all the world? You saw my photo. Do you think I'm pretty? I work at the hospital as a medical sister with children, so I live in the hostel for medical workers. My salary is 100$ for a month. I think you are laughing form this figure already:-)) But I love my job, because every day I help sick people, especially children. Do you like children? Actually, I love kids ver much and I want to have my own. How about you? Do you want to have children? How many?

I have many hobbies: sport, dancing, reading an interesting books, cooking, camping. My life is full of parties. But I want to make it more serious. I hope, you will help me, my Prince. Of course, you want to ask me why I don't want to make some relationships with men who live in my town or country. I'll answer you that they are coarse with girls and I don't want to associate my life with drunkard or uncertain man. And all men whom with I had some contact, wanted from me only to make ***. Maybe it is my destiny to be happy with foreigner. That is why I'm here and write to you. I'm ready to overcome any distance, if it is real love. Unfortunately, I don't know any foreign language and now I use a translation service but even this doesn't stop me.

All my friends have families. I've never been married. I want to make a real family where I will be a good wife. Do you want to have a good wife? I'm sure, every man wants. But I don't want to live with husband like his "nurse" - I want to get something in return from my love. It will be good if everybody perceives each other in this manner how he is in his soul. Do you agree with me? I hope, yes.

Some questions to you:
1. Why do you look for a woman in the Internet?
2. What is your main goal in your life? 3. Have you ever been to Ukraine?

I'm very glad to get to know you and I really want to know you better.
So, write, please in your next letter something interesting about yourself. For example, some funny incident or maybe something that you want to tell me. I hope that tomorrow I'll receive your letter and we'll continue our virtual contact.

Your Princess Tanya.
Letter 3
Hi, dear Rick! Thanks to you that you make me feel happy because today I received your letter. At that moment, when at the translation service I was given your answer, I understood that all my thoughts about you were truthful. I felt that maybe soon my life will change for better. Thank you for everything you wrote. I impressed by your thoughts and I saw that your inner world is many-sided. I'm interested in you and I want to tell you my story. As you know from my last letter, I have many friends and all of them have families. But I'm alone... I think, the reason of my problem is not in me. The reason is in men who is around. They are miserly, coarse and most of them are drunkards and drug addicts. That fact makes me feel sad. So where can nice girl find a good man? I think, not in my country. As I already told you, I've never been married and I have no children. But I tried to build relations with one man. I loved him very much and he told me that he loved me too. I thought that I found the man of my dream. We have been together about a half of the year. But one "beautiful" day I came home and saw him with my best friend in our bed. You can't realize my feelings at that moment... I didn't eat and drink for several days. I know, it is a banal story, but that man ruined my heart. From that time I'm careful with people. But now my heart is open for REAL love. I'm looking for respect, understanding, true love and passion. I hope, I'll find it... maybe with you... You know, neither big distance, nor unknown language won't stop me. I want to have my own family, but with normal man, like you:-) I'm sure that the principal things in the human relationships are - love, respect, friendship and some others. And it doesn't mean what is the color of your eyes or hair and what religion you confess. I think that you have the same opinion. Today I send you my photos and I hope that tomorrow I'll see yours. Your Tanya kisses you:-)
Letter 4

Respected Mr. Rick, first of all, I want introduce myself - I am Vasiliy Tolkachev - financial manager of translation company "". As you already know, Tatiana used a translation service during her correspondence with you. She paid some money to translate your correspondence. Now she can not use our service any more because of difficult financial situation that formed at her. We just inform you about this, but if you are interested in continuation of your correspondence, you can render a financial help for Tanya. My telephone number is +38-095-251-94-99 or via e-mail: . You can contact me and we'll discuss all details. Tanya waits for your decision. With high respect,
Vasiliy Tolkachev.
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