Scam letter(s) from Olga Leuhina to Mal (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi my dear ????? Today I again here to see you in my mind and to talk to you We far apart, but it does not prevent to communicate with each other.
You know, I already wait for this moment when I shall sit down before a computer and I shall write to you.
I feel such ease thus.
and pleasant heat spreads on all body when I think of you. ... It is fantastic! I like it very very
I wait for the moment when we will communicate with each other directly without the help of machines.
ok! Today my pleasure double,
Except for your letter I have found in my box the letter from my aunt.
She is interested in you and as our attitudes develop. :))
oh this aunt. I do not know, who is interested in you more?
I or she ;-)
I joke only... ????? dialogue with you delivers to me pleasure.
Thank you for it
You know, my aunt the surprising person.
She has received fine economic education in Soviet time.
Then taught economics at university.
I liked to use her services for a examinations on mathematical disciplines. :) she is the expert in this .
I till now remember her reproaches. :)
Her favourite phrase: " that you will not make for the sake of the favourite niece " ... In the ninetieth years she trained abroad much
And somewhere there she has met her own darling.
Now she and her husband have their own business. I never was interested, than they are engaged.
The aunt often invited me to arrive, but I refused always.
She works much and she is constant on business trips.
And I? To whom do I am necessary?
Here I have favourite work and friends though... now in my life you have appeared. but the life is cruel...
And it seems a forgery when people speak you to smile and to be happy...
The life has the remarkable and positive moments...
but it has the unfavourable moments also.
When people feel grief...
They have the right to feel this way.
Me consider as the happy person,
But I have the moments when I am sad...
I accept it and I feel it...
And then, we hope, in some days- I move ahead.
I am interested in your character and your private world very much.
It is the most important for me.
I am in mood to communicate, and thus I here - writing to you.
I think, that the meeting is necessary for us
Only .. where? and when? I wish to tell to you about my some poor qualities . I think, that to know our poor qualities too - very important
Sometimes I dare to drink a rummer of a grapevine, to relax after tiring day.
Do you drink?
I have very serious weakness.
I eat a lot of ice-cream and chocolate.
I love it, and I can sometimes eat it two times a day.
It is dangerous. What are your weakness?
As I write to you this letter- I only have eaten a ball of ice-cream with chocolate. Excuse me. I shall be improved... ;-)
Do you want a little ice-cream and chocolate?
I shall assume ????? , that you have answered - yes I shall return with ice-cream through pair minutes... :) Waiting....
Waiting.... I have returned with your ice-cream.
Unfortunately you cannot eat it here. :-(
As I eat it :) and I think only of you Inform me - if you loved ice-cream :) silence.....
silence..... I hope, what you loved ice-cream??? I am going to ask to you some questions...
Please inform me, if I ask too much! My greatest fears - failure and loss
I am afraid, that I shall lose all.
Therefore I appreciate that I have...
What are your biggest fear? The biggest gift for me - children's THANKS and a smile!!!
What are your biggest gift? I try to not be materialistic. I try to be simplified.
I have no a lot of things in my apartment.
What are your opinion on it? ????? probably you will be not agree with me in the following.
Many people have rejected me because of it.
But I think, that the person should not go to church only for that, to incorporate to higher power.
I believe, that each person has the right to trust in that.
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