Letter(s) from Yana to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hello my dear stranger,
I'm tender, kind and serious lady.
I search careful,attentive and fond man, in oder to creat relations.If I intrested you ,you can write me to yanushka81@mail.ru

Letter 2

Hello Keith,
Thank you for giving me a hope and for your attention!!!
Keith I have received any answer from you, can you resend it to me?
Hope that my second letter only develop our relations and will make it more stronger.
I have already written you about me.Thus I live in Ukraine. I'm studing at the university in Donetsk.But I can't say that I like this big city very much.
I like very much my little native town Gorlovka, where are living my family.Some people prefere to live in big cities,which are always overcrowded and always noisy.People don't care about each other,trying lonely.
In my town, I mean Gorlovka i know almost everyone and i know whom to ask for help.
There i spent the best years of my childhood.But unfortunatly I had to move to Donetsk, because it's a city where you can get more perspectives about studing, working..
I have a wonderful family : mother, father and my brother Vadim.We have been living all together one friendly family till I have left.But even still distance doesn't have influence on our warm relationship, because we are still family. I see them not very often, only few times in a month, but this meeting as balsam for my heart..
In summer I enjoy going on picnics,frying meat and playing different games.You know I'm good cook and I like to do it, all it's remain to find a man to whom I'll be able to prepare deliciouse dishes, do you want to be him;)))
Speaking about me, i can say that i'm very cheerful person, i like get acquainted and communicate with different people.When i have free time, i go on shaping.In the evening i walking with my dog Mailo.He isn't a special kind of dog, I have found her few years ago on the street, when she felt so lonely as I;))Sometimes, when i feel upset, i like talking with her.
Don't think that I'm crazy.Just sometimes, it seems to me that she listen and understand me.
Probably now she is only one living thing, with whom I can share my thoughts, my emotions about something and don't afraid to be betrayed. Sure I need more in my life, then just to be open with my dog. I need a man,who will be sincere and honest with me, to whom I'll be able to tell everything that I have on my mind and in my heart, and don't afraid or worried about it. I hope you understand me..what I mean..
According to my work, now I'm working at spa-salon,at room of sun lounge, I'm assistant here.
I like my work, because I have a chance to know a lot of people. I think it'll be interesting for you to see my photo, from the work place, but sure usually during the day I'm wearing on uniform, but not in such way as I'm here;)))
I want you know i'm here can be with you at once.

Kissing you,

Letter 3

Hi Keith ;0)
To begin my letter I'd like to say that I am very glad to get your letter again.For me to receive your letter as for child to receive a candy;))
Keith, sorry I can't afford to come to England, to make international tickets, visa and buy the tickets costs a very big money, I don't have such one, but maybe you will be able to come to me?
Keith,to tell the truth, I should say that since the time I first got your letter something has changed in my life. Now I wake up hoping to hear from you as soon as possible;0) I have a good feeling about us and I do believe that we will become a good friends… You know, once one said that there can be friendship without love, but no love can exist without friendship. So I am sure that we will become good friends and even more…
As I told you I am very family-oriented girl and it seems that we have a similar aims and priorities, I think this is things which make you so close to my heart.
I see that you are looking for the same. I want to ask you one thing. Tell me are you ready to have relationship with a girl from Ukraine, the girl who does not know your language yet who has different tradition and culture?
The matter is that I want to tell the truth to you from the very beginning in order not to have secrets from you.
My English is not enough to communicate with you and I have to use the services of interpreters. I ask because I am very serious about you and I do not want to lose contact with you. I believe that thing goes right with us in the future and I think we should meet in person one day and maybe I will stay with you forever. I know that it is not a simple thing to move to a strange country but if we are in love it will not be a problem for you, is not it?
My sweetest man,I want to know more what do you like and what you don't like.I want to hear it, just to learn the way in which I can make you happy!!!
My angel, you know,I don't go to many clubs , but sometimes my friends and I get together and we all go dancing. We also go to comedy clubs to watch comedians.
I have a good sense of humor, after all if we can't have a little fun in our lives what good would that be? I have had dreams about finding my soul mate, and sharing with him everything in my life, I think I found HIM and it's you!!!
Sorry, probably I should not to tell such things so earlier, but I can't supress my heart, and now when I'm siting here, I'm just scribbling the words of my heart to you!!!
I would like to read of your dreams, and to know a little of what you want, what do you expect from our communication?
Kitten,Let's, discover, maybe we have much in common!!!
So, I guess I shall stop by now…
I hope to hear from you soon.
Have a nice day. ;0)


P.S.Send you billion kisses to your sweet cheeks;)))