Letter(s) from Anastasia Baranova to Bert (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello Bert.
I am a unique girl from Russia, the Kirov city. My age - 28, my height - 172 sm, weight - 56 kg. I have light hair and dark blue eyes.
Some words about me. I rent the apartment one, my parents, alive in other city. I work as the teacher of Russian at school. Also I have partially borrowed work in social sphere with small children (nurse). I love children so!
Friends speak, that I - the attractive, optimistic, kind and sensitive person. I like to communicate with people, At leisure, I like to visit my friends, reading books, seeing films and cookery. O! Yes, I prepare very good, and I like to create new dishes. Also I like to support the form and to go to a hall of gymnastics.
I - in searches of true love, my best friend and the soul mate. I wish to meet the reliable and responsible person who will be the special person for me. I only require one special person and I have no interest in others.
I am very opened also its lung to learn me so please ask me something.