Scam letter(s) from Elena Kiseleva to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, my unforgettable Ken!!!
Again I write and again I enjoy these moments. Really, my beloved, these moments I feel we are together. It's just if you are sitting behind my back and reading what I am writing. Really, it sounds incredibly, but all the time I feel your presence next to me. Every moment when I open my eyes in the morning I expect that you are lying next to me. When I go to the kitchen I expect to see you drinking your morning coffee. In fact I need your presence constantly; I need to hear your voice and to feel your smell.
How much I want to touch you and to kiss you in reality!!! Of course I am sure that you receive my sweet kisses that I send you in my letter, but they are just imaginable. I like more to do it in reality, my darling!!!
My dear I shall try today to you to call. I hope, that you will answer my bell. All that I was necessary for travel to you already have paid, except for insurance is 870 $. My love you will help me with 870?
Without your help I cannot arrive to you.
Today during the breakfast I had a small talk with my mum. She is sure that we are created for each other because she sees my condition and my happiness. She says to me that we must keep our love and that we must develop our relations. In fact, my darling Ken, we must not stay on one place, we must go forward. I agree with my mum, she has a great life experience and she always gives me good advice.
You are the best man I have ever known and I am happy I know you. In fact, my sweetheart, I want to say to you, that after having read your letters I melt with my happiness. I feel your attitude to me and I am ready to answer you with reciprocity. But I know you have felt it and you feel my love energy. Oh, how great it is!!! How enormous it is!!! It is higher than skies and stronger than iron!!!
I am ready to give all my heart and all my soul. Take that!!!
I cannot feel happy without you, I cannot relax. You know before I had a lot of things to think of. But now they are far from me... Now only you reign in my thoughts and in my dreams. Of course I do not forget about my family and my friends, but that is you who is the king of my heart!!!
I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU!!!!! I can repeat these words for million times!!! I want you to hear them!!!!
Well, I became too excited, really, I felt in love with you irrevocably!!!
But I love this feeling; I love my love to you!!!
I always wait for you!!!!
Million kisses, Elena!!!!
Letter 2
My dear Ken.
I have gone once again to the Internet of cafe, wanted to see your letter.
And I see your letter.
I so am glad, that have found you.
You such sympathetic and kind, I love you.
Yes we have system of remittances the Western Union.
What to send money through the Western Union, it is necessary as to do all as in gramme of money.
Use that information, that I today have written to you. ok?
If you now at a computer write to me. I shall wait for your letter about a floor of hour.
I hope, that you now will answer me.
I love you.
I wait.
Yours Elena
Letter 3
Hello, my sweet, Ken!
I writing you and I know that I cant express all feeling just by letter.
I need your touch, your strong hands and warm body! I want it right now and forever!
I want to be with you and feel our love and passion. I think that our love making is Oh, I have no words, I need you. Please, be with me. I cannot be along anymore I want to be with you and be happy. I tired of waiting and I know that soon we will be together, but time is killing me. I have so many emotions and I cannot stop them inside of me. I want to give you all. Just take it and I will be happy. I think about future and I ready to embody this future for us. I love you, I need you. When I can see you? I want it so much!!!!! I trying my best and I know that we will settle all things and we will be together. I glad that I am not along with all staff and you want to help me with some problems connected with my arriving. Thank you for this, my only one!!!
I do not have bank account.
My mum has told to me, that it is possible to send money through the Money Gramm.
I know that it is necessary to have information to send money thru Money Gramm.
I am going write you this and please be careful, there should be no mistake.
Last name:
Money Gramm. As I know to use this sistem I should receive after your translate money in my country 8 numbers to have an opportunity to receive money in my country! So when you will send money to me please write me 8 numbers and I will receive it in my country.
I need to know it and that you have already sent me. I will need a full information about you (country, state, name, last name, address) .I hope that everything will be fine and I can do everything very fast. I really dream about our meeting. I love you so much. I love you, never forget it!!!! Your russian tender woman, Elena.
P.S. I yesterday tried to call to you, but you did not take a tube. Where you were? Today I shall try again to you to call. I hope, that you will be at home.
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