Scam letter(s) from Elena Scherbarkova to Robert (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Congratulations my friend Robert!!!!! I so am glad, that you have answered my letter. I wish to tell at once to you about me directly.
My name is Alina. To me 31-years. I was born in the small beautiful city of Almetyevsk, now I as alive in it, it is small
City with the population of 150.000 people, and it - approximately 700 km from city of Moscow.
About me it is direct, I have left School and institute. I in perfection know English language.
I can write and is good understand all that you write to me in English. As I have higher education.
Now I work in a beauty salon of our city.
There I impose cosmetics, and as various, procedures with superimposing the person of cosmetics.
Or it is easier to make manicure. This all enters my trade. I as attempt am good to look,
you can estimate me in a photo which I as send you in this letter.
I have no brothers and sisters. In family I one.
I lived with mum. But when my daddy has thrown us, and leaves to other woman. We with mum have started to live separately.
As I as already adult girl, and I have solved for me directly, that I should live separately from parents.
My mum, agrees with me. I as mum of visiting in the purpose, it live in other end of city. I try to not recollect the daddy because
It operated very awfully to us with mum, and is simply awful, when native people have no conscience.
And it is valid - very much pity to me because in our country, there is no law, on punishment for such actions.
But I all the same recollect the father because till 18 years I have lead all childhood with it.
Now I shall tell a little about me directly, about character. I the sociable girl. At leisure from work
I like to be ready to various dishes, I very much like to be borrowed in it. I remember my mum not,
Time has learned me to it when it was still bright, it worked in a dining room.
To let out days, I Like to spend time with girlfriends to sit, what to be coffee with a cup of tea or
Tasty Coffee, Conversation on various subjects, divides about.
Possibly it is interesting to you, why I
I search for happiness through the Internet. Recently I have seriously started to reflect above the partner during the Life,
On Second half. I reflected above age, and certainly, from time to time, happens so one,
Without that person whom you love. I on it have heard time also directly, Removed With
Announcements of the Internet Service. I have entered into the Internet of cafe, me studied to use It,
Have shown Some sites on the acquaintance studied to be registered. I was hardly, Is registered, have made
Do not think in all that in me it will appear, and consideration of a site on which I saw
Your structure. Also this which in me took place, it it that as
Does not surrender to explanations. I should to write to you. And result, we have begun friends
With you, at least have begun. On it I finish the letter, I hope, that it is the resume, you will answer some people
Questions. If in you
Questions concerning me and my life, I shall answer them, will appear Still. Alina.
Letter 2
Greetings my friend Robert!!!! I am very glad, that you have written to me again.
I very much waited for your letter. Because I have no experience in correspondence,
and I very much experienced that I have written to you that that not that and
consequently today you do not write to me. But I see your letter, and to me it is very pleasant,
that you as have answered me. Today, In this letter I wish to tell to you about the country.
I wish to tell, that Russia very much greater country, and it comprises set of beautiful places.
As very rich nature, set of a wood, trees, and the rivers, lakes. It is very beautiful, and romantic.
But as in our country, it is very complex to live. Some inhabitants, I would tell that simply survive.
Even in my city, set of disorders in the street.
Especially in the evening, it is very terrible to one even to leave on walk.
As it is a lot of larceny and robberies. As in us in Russia much jobless people which do not
know as themselves and the family to support without work. It really is very awful.
Many people cannot find to themselves good work. Can you heard, as in our country.
For this reason that to the majority of people not where to work, they become alcoholics,
or become worse set of young men addicts, already from young age. I do not know where looks and why
not that does not do our government. But it is really awful. I would not want
that my children as have got in such conditions as in my country. Yes, I as wish to ask you,
you love children?? YOU wish to have children in the future??? To me your answer because is really very important,
I search for the person for really serious attitudes. Here I very much want children
because they so are fine, and children in general our future!!!!!! I think that you agree with me.
But in my country, I am afraid for the future of children, it is very terrible for presenting.
To Russia children, at parents of alcoholics, do not go to school. Or are engaged in larceny since small years.
Or is even worse use drugs. I do not wish to tell, that my country
Absolutely badly. In us as there is a set of good people. But I do not try to search for second
half here in my country. Because I assume, that as it will appear, the alcoholic, or is even worse, the gangster.
I very much dream of second half about the kind and careful person who will love and understand me.
Therefore I have decided to find to me directly
Very good decent person. From the good decent country. Which not, not when will not lift a hand
on the woman and as good formation will educate our children.
In Russia such people to find very difficultly!!!!!!!!!
I think that you as write to me more about you, and about conditions in your country.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Your girlfriend Alina.
Letter 3
I welcome you the my dear friend Robert!!!!
I am very grateful to you, that you Have written to me the mutual letter.
In me today very good mood and when I saw your letter I was even more joyful because you have written to me.
I wish to ask you As has passed Your day today? How your mood?? You as are glad when I write to you.
Me very much it is pleasant, Which we continue our the correspondence. It is very interesting
To me to learn about you. And I think, that it is mutual. I as write to you about myself all.
You love music, or films?? If yes that write what, I as like to look films, but I do it very seldom,
I love films with a genre of a comedy, it very ridiculously and fascinatingly.
But I listen to music very seldom, and in music, it is pleasant to me popular songs.
As at leisure, we with girlfriends from work, visit fitness club what to look better and as we improve a figure of a body.
I send you my photo. I think that you as estimate, my appearance!!!!!! And what you do at leisure??
As it is very interesting to me. And I ask you to send me your photo also. I wish to tell to you that I am very glad, that
Has found such good person as you. You to me every day all
Become more interesting. Even in free time, I think as and of you. Before I
Has acquainted with you, I felt very lonely girl. To me as really it is very boring without the present of the man as you.
Yes I also have a girlfriend and girlfriends on work, but even with them I cannot state the
Secret feelings and all the ideas. I think that you agree with me??
Because I think that at you as there are friends and friends, and you as cannot tell to all of them.
At a bad case above you will simply laugh. YOU agree with me in it??? Yes as I wish to ask you,
you set of familiar girls or not???? To Me it is very important that you will answer.
Because you unique to whom I write. And I hope that you as write only to me!!!????
As I begin To get used to you. You are very interesting to me. I spoke about you to my mum.
And it was very glad for us. Because it as understands that good the man difficultly to find in our country.
And it wishes us the best future together. I wish to find the quiet and good person.
And I am very glad, that, we have got acquainted.
I think that you will answer my questions to you!!!!! I wait for your letter with greater impatience.
Your best girlfriend ALINA !!!!!!
Letter 4

Greetings my dear Robert!!!
To me thanks for yours Letters would be desirable to tell once again to you.
By means of yours Letters to me on becomes much more cheerful. And I feel that I not one, of me think you. I wish to tell,
To you, about our attitudes. I sometimes have a strange feeling as though you dreamed me.
And you seem to me to such relatives and friends. Can it is simple, I Has got used to feeling of loneliness.
You do not have it??? When One seems to you that you, and any more who is not present beside.
Even if that Happens in the street or somewhere that not who cannot protect you. It frightens
Me each time more increasing and more. To me really it is very lonely, and I hope that you understand me in it.
Your letters inspire to me trust. You now for me Not only the best friend with whom I can express the feelings.
You for me mean greater. I trust you, and I want from you reciprocity, what you as trusted me.
I very much would want that in all of us has turned out, and we were the best pair. I really already think that you mine
Prince whom I so long waited. And I trust in it that the destiny does all only to the best if in it to trust.
Your letters mean for me very much much. By means of them, I understand your ideas and feelings.
And for you, whether it is important? Our attitudes!!!
I consider you, very much The good and gentle person. My dear, tell more about itself. I consider myself as the romantic girl.
To me very much to like, do walks, especially in park in the evening when it is not absolutely dark yet,
and in the sky so it is pure. I like to observe this remarkable scarlet, a sunset. And as in park pure air.
And everywhere green trees and a grass, believe, it is very beautiful and so it is romantic.
I usually do walks in park, when to me very boringly and alone. It even almost my dream as to
observe a decline with the favourite person. On coast, the rivers, the seas having joined hands,
we would look against each other, both gently kissed. And it is more to us together not than that it is not necessary.
I think that it sounds not silly for you!!? I trust you, and I really describe to you the most treasured dream. I wish to ask,
from you close or far, the sea, or simply beach where it is possible as to observe, a sunset???
I think that it as will be possible, to make my dream, our, general dream?????!!!!!! What you of it think??
Write to me your dream?? You have it?? It is very interesting to me to know about your dream as.
I wish to tell to you, that owing to you, I feel on much better and more cheerful.
Only with you I can will share the feelings. I am very happy that you my dear, understand me.
I shall wait tomorrow for your letter. Your best girlfriend Alina.
Letter 5
How your mood today??? At me again as very good mood, because when I receive from your warm
To me on it, it becomes much easier than the letter. I feel happy.
My grief and loneliness at once, disappears, and on my person appears happy
Smile. At all to work, my girlfriends speak me, that I look on much better and more cheerful than earlier.
I spoke them the same about you, and they are very glad that we have found with you each other. I as am very happy, that we we can make a single whole. Even, it seems to me that you
Are sent to me by whom that, from above that my dream at last has been carried out only together
With you. You also happen are sad and lonely as I???!!!!
At I think that you as well as I wish to make the happy future with children, together we can carry out it, I think that we should not wait more. But me, why it very much
Urgently I wish to divide with All of you it. I think, that we necessarily should divide
All pleasures together, YOU and I us now two. I very much trust you, and I do it with each your letter.
It seems to me, That I every day get used to you more urgently. And I would like more and more and the nobility
About you it is more. You also should trust completely to me because without it I consider
That there can not be a present love!!!!!
I have really got used to you. You my favourite person!!!!! I wait tomorrow for your letter.
Your Alina.
Letter 6
Greetings my favourite Robert!!!!
I am very glad, that you have written to me and have supported me.
With you I very confidently feel in the feelings to you. I know, that now I not one,
that I have Very good person whom not when will not afflict me and on the contrary only to
support and love me. I have decided to tell it to you.
I cannot constrain more the feelings inside of myself, You very kind person and I trust you.
It can be look Silly for you, but I LOVE YOU!!! I thought everything, I wish to tell to you,
That I cannot without you, I wish to tell to you, that I have fallen in love with you,
I love you Mine the most favourite!!!!! It took place so
Quickly and suddenly, I have not made to expect it my favourite, it - so
Sensual for me, I cannot without you more. I cannot be more than one. I love you
Favourite! I feel you in the heart. I feel to you the biggest feeling on the basis of,
it is my love to You. From your messages, I see that we, not
Indifferent to each other, I hope, that you will agree with me
I, is it for true!! I hope, that you feel to me such
Greater feelings to me. I feel the happiest girl because I have found you,
You - my future person. You my prince. And I write it to you, from the
heart. I wish to cry also , Because it - so happiness for us, that we can be together
Soon, that we can to have normal family, I so want it, Because I cannot to be one mine,
the basic part of mine Girlfriends are married during long time, they have asked me all time before
Our acquaintance to you, about what, why I could not to find the person, on
Their questions I could not answer, but I have told them, that I want it
Very much, but I cannot to begin any close feelings with any person
Because of my difficulty. But I wish to tell to you That I feel about you not difficulty, I feel to All of you
My love to you! My dear you help me to live in my grey and lonely
The world. I so would like, to wake up with you in one bed. And to look at you when you sleep.
I would like to take Walk with you in park or to go together on seacoast or the rivers.
Dear,I as very much would want that you have answered me, only fairly lovely!!!
You correspond or be friends of other girl???????????????? I ask to answer you it very important question for me.
I very much hope that I the unique girl at you. I ask you to not write very much any more to
whom except for me. Because I very much trust in you and in our future together, in our feelings, to to each other.
I have really fallen in love with you, I very much hope for your mutual feelings to me. I shall wait with greater impatience tomorrow your letter. Your girl Alina loving you.
Letter 7
Congratulations my dear Robert!!!
Favourite, how in you today weather?? How feeling you?? I feel,
In the seventh sky with happiness because, I love you!!!!!
Your letters give me the big charge of good mood, and my ideas are directed only on
You. I think that our first meeting will be the finest event in our lives. I do not know as it will occur, I represent that you meet me at the airport with colors pink roses, about it so perfectly my darling.
You to be for me the best and favourite person in this world. Every day I wait for your letter.
I think, whether you will write the letter to me or not.
Otherwise I shall feel upset, and I at all do not know, as I shall be resolutely upset.
I today wish to tell to you, about that that when I was the girl, I liked to read novels about love.
I The idea, that in a life all happens, as it has been described in books.
But time has gone, also I have started to understand, that in a life all occurs
In another way. But I become very happy, that my life now is similar
That life about which I read in novels. I am grateful to you for it. I wish to tell to you about loneliness,
Especially one of soul and a body. Loneliness - an awful thing. As For me, being the lonely person
I have no desire to open my eyes in Mornings. I do not require a forgery of love. I require real love.
Loneliness Problems not only soul when everyone does not force anybody to trust when anybody
Health, your mood when everyone has all cares of your life, yours
The days which are passed in the same way. Only troubles. Such person knows
Only its shower, its feeling and its body.
From your letters I understand, that I pull to the conclusion which you are deeply
The talented person! At you the best feelings. Owing to yours
Intelligence you above than your environment. You as waited and want as well as I the present love,
the person which you understand in all. You also As I have a few difficulties to
find people of our opinion for the communications And mutual understanding.
Even people the closest to us is frequent enough Cannot have our ideas.
They try to impose their way of life. But you Strange. You do not resemble everyone.
It not always reaches people Opinion. You have good The passions filling your free time.
The lonely person - very thoughtful The person. The loneliness is accompanied by consideration.
It is lonely The person who can pass the objective decision of values of a life.
The person Rules its all life.
Each person - a brilliant star if it has favourite, person for which it shines!!!!!
I shall wait your letter. Kiss only for you!!!!!
Letter 8
Congratulations my darling Robert!!! In me all is very good. I am very glad, that
You love my feelings to you and all my letters. When I write to you the letter, that my heart
It is interrupted from love to you. I am always very glad to receive your mutual letters.
Dear, I agree certainly I want all it. To be beautiful and graceful for you.
It is very pleasant to me. You very interesting and surprising person.
To me to be very strong it is desirable it would be close to you and
To this project every day everything, that you are stronger and stronger for our love.
I have fallen in love with you as the little girl. It can is ridiculous, but it is valid so!!!
But I like it, very much!!! Dear I very long think of us about our mutual feelings.
And I am assured that you That second half which I required very long. I very much waited for you,
I thought of second half about you. I thought also of ours
To meeting. I represent it as significant event in our lives!!!
It is so fine, when I arrive to you, and you look On me, with loving eyes also look at me.
Also wait with greater impatience when I shall approach to you. Also I shall gently kiss you,
also you give me The most beautiful flowers, pink color. I kiss you, very long.
And it is more to us not that will not prevent to make all that that we so wished to make together.
I very much want all it as soon as possible, to see you and to be near to you always.
To me it is very lonely without you wash favourite. I have no enough of your tenderness,
Your attention of your present love and caress.
To me even it becomes sometimes sad, that I cannot kiss you. I am assured, that we should,
meet and lead most time together is remarkable. Only you and I and our dreams!!!!
I wish to divide the life only near to you. Only you, I see in the heart,
only from you I wish to have beautiful children. Because you the best person in the world.
YOU my favourite person!!! I am happy that, you have lifted in me this the big flame of love.
I am proud You my gentle. The loving Vas Alina.
Letter 9
Congratulations my dear prince Robert!!!
I am still happy to receive your penalty And the warm letter!!!
My dear you in me the most good in the world!!! I wish to tell,
that I wish to be ****** only for you!!!!!! I am mad, It is glad,
That you in me and in my heart for ever. Actually only with you I find full happiness and understanding.
It is very easy for me with you to tell to you about all about all that I think,
about the feelings to the favourite person, to you. Earlier when I at all did not know you,
I felt similarly to the lonely girl. Princess without prince. But now all
On the contrary. My dear now, I there am not anything, I cannot think for
Exception that from you. All my ideas only about you. I am ready to shine to All of you a life.
I am ready to give all of you my mutual feelings of love.
As you I did not meet such people. I cannot present,
Which will be, if I shall lose you. Even awfully to think of it.
It seems To me, that wait for us with the fine future. I ask you, to write all yours
Feelings and all your ideas on us, road I ask that you have written
even more Because when I read it to me so well, and I can dream and
To be pleased, during these moments when I read your letters with your feelings,
I can feel the happiest girl in the world. That happy princess. I wish to present again myself dear and most
The gentle girl who is happy, only at seeing your letters it seems to me
That you and I this single whole and to us, there does not be not nothing to stir.
I understand feeling Love only reading your letters road. I think, that we when it
should meet and execute all Our dreams. My dear I very much love you and I estimate our strong
Attitudes. But I think that only when we shall meet, we shall be a single whole.
We can feel each other beside.
I shall feel you, your body, your eyes, and your love. I am very glad, that our attitudes are mutual.
The darling, I think of you every minute and second. I would want that you as thought of me every instant.
I love you my prince.
I wait from you for the letter. Your Princess, Alina.
Letter 10
My GENTLE TIGER ROBERT !!!!! In me today again all is very fine.
Also in me very good mood. And in you? How today your mood??
To me so it is very important, because, I think of you, and I would like it you as
Were happy just as I. My favorite, it is very interesting to me by which you do
When to you it is boring or bad mood, or also bad weather??? I at once
Think of you and about your letters for Me. I would not know in what I to clothes was,
the most important for me to be favourite and to be near to you. All my friends and friends
Are very glad for us and the success and the happy future wish us only
Together. My mum dreams, That we were together happy. It so - glad for us, and it, as
Transfers you the best wishes. I spoke it about you set of times.
And it is very happy with that that I have found the happiness, second half. You my dear.
It very much hopes for that that You will look for me and as to protect me.
My mum. It is very happy that I have found you, instead of another badly person who if only used girls, instead of loved them on the present. My darling, today I very long dreamed.
I wish to share with you my dream.
As you have already possibly assumed in this dream, there was only I And you my prince.
We all over again have made walk with you. In park where as set of pairs, and all as have a rest.
The darling, We go with you keeping for hands, and I have asked you to come into cafe what to eat ice-cream together, it so is fascinating, I eat and I look at you. And I have loudly laughed, because you so closely look at me, and I see in your eyes, that small fire which means, that present love and care of me.
I think that it can and sounds silly, but for me it is valid, so fascinatingly and cheerfully.
Then we could go and observe city where do you live. I not to time was not abroad,
and for me there would be it as very much, interestingly, to do cognitive walks together with you my prince!!!
You could show your city in your free time, we as could be everywhere only together.
My favourite I so wait and very strongly I want it. I shall be at top of the world, and the most,
happiest girl if it will occur as soon as possible.
I ADORE YOU!!!!!!!! Your tigress Alina!!!!!!!

Letter 11
Congratulations my Angel Robert!!!
My favorite I am very happy, that you have again written to me such remarkable and beautiful letter, I am very glad, that our friendship with you develops in stronger attitudes and it seems to me, that it - shortly our ways of love, impracticable dreams will be connected already actually, and all our last
Possible will actually embody!!! I am so happy, that we shall be together my dear, I also cannot without you, I love you. I could not understand earlier that such existing love!!!!
But now my favourite, I understand it only with you my dear my heart, belongs to you instead of than whom it is more. This biggest happiness for me to be to hold identical sights with favorite of number always these for hand, to feel it, to kiss your gentle lips, to caress hands and then to be borrowed with it in closer love all the night long long long or all the day long long long. I love you!
All heart which all soul wishes to be with you. I am grateful to you for your last letter.
With everyone new your letter my love to
All of you become stronger and is more urgent, and find an increasing force. I constantly think,
About you also give us you together. The world of that tenderness, love and
You give pleasure to me, passing about all our problems and cares. I am very urgent as you.
You my unique love! I do not do Desire to hide from you something, I trust you and consequently
to me very important, it also you Trusted me. It seems, is this, love letter remains in your memory, up to ours to again and again with you From a meeting. Our meeting with you is necessarily leading.
With impatience I shall wait from you The letter from speed. The strong whole, with love and tenderness for ever, yours Alina!
Letter 12
My gentle Angel Robert!!!!
I am again happy to see your letter, my favorite, I so am glad that ours
Feelings are always mutual! I would want that we were together, and what all our dreams of a decline and walks in park were real.
My prince, I wish to tell, that I cannot to live without you, you my angel,
And I love very urgently you.
My favourite, I can repeat it many times, that I am happy only with you, with your feelings, with your ideas, and with your love which overflows me, and my heart, you washing the love is unique. I trust all of you, and you have made my heart happy, only to you I can tell all the ideas frankly.
I LOVE YOU!!!! You light in my life. I so feel is remarkable and it is joyful when I see your words of love and caress. I adore you my angel, I love you and I wish to be all life only with you, to touch you, to feel you, and to be always near to you wash an angel. Dear I so dream of that day when will occur our long-awaited, the meeting which I so strongly wait as waited all life for you.
My darling I so wish to see you, and to be with you, since that moment as you will meet me at the airport. I shall present you the most tender and warm kiss to you my prince.
I cannot simply wait for it, for me each second lasts infinity, without your gentle words.
My favourite, I cannot be one without you any more, I wish to arrive to you as soon as possible to be even more happily only near to you wash the darling!
Letter 13
Greetings my the most favourite Robert!!!!!!
I cannot limit more the feelings and emotions in me I am direct also cannot them. Completely to transfer you in the letter I want it in a reality road.
I dream of day of our meeting. I so wait for this moment in the life when we can be together only you and I my dear prince. I dream and only I dream, but I as want it actually, to embody our dreams in the real world with you my favourite.
My gentle, today I met the girlfriends on work. And I spoke them about us, about that in all of us so is remarkable and it is fine.
Dear, I also spoke that I take holiday, lovely my girlfriends, also, are very happy for me.
The darling when I have informed that I take holiday, I would go what to write to you about it.
And when I went, I have started to represent about you about ours
To dream of our long-awaited meeting which was in us till this day only in dreams.
I so am happy to be with you. I cannot wait any more, and to be one.
We should be Together, road we should meet as soon possible.
And we should raise our love in the even greater form. My love is not present at me
It is more than forces to wait for our meeting. I have decided to visit travel agency to study and take
The information for arrival in you. I wish to learn as better to arrive In you.
The darling, I so wait for this moment in the life. The favourite, in my country, it as is very dangerous especially to foreigners. Here it is many gangsters.
I very much experience for you. Because you for me mean more than the favourite person!!!!!!
You my the best, and the most dear person on all light. My favourite, I as very much hope that,
our dream will be real, our meeting is possible.
And That dream with colors and ice-cream, both that park and a beach, where we together.
And you always beside my prince, I so strongly love you. Favourite, I have decided to arrive to you.
To us to not wait and suffer what for any more this time of loneliness. How you look at it?
I shall visit tomorrow this agency.
The darling, I think that me as will ask about flight and about the visa of travel.
But how much I know, now there is a tourist visa, for 3 months, and it can be prolonged at our desire.
I heard about it also. And road, I likely should speak in agency, about that I shall arrive to what city, or the airport. I do not know it in your country. And what most nearest airport for you, what you could thinking to meet???????? I as wait in your letter of the answer.
I at once shall write about all that to me will tell in agency. My fine I very much love you, I cannot
To live without you, I so wait our meeting. I consider that our meeting is necessary for us.
Because we are not lonely any more and we should meet.
I cannot even sleep without you my darling, I always think and I represent you.
And as you me meet!!! Loving you, your princess Alina.
Letter 14
Greetings my fine and the most favourite on light Robert.
Favourite, today I have visited agency of travel.
My dear, I am so happy, that we shall absolutely soon together my prince.
Certainly I wish to be only for you the darling. My dear, I do not have personal phone, but I can call to you from public phone if you want.
My fine, to me have explained, it after I bear mourning at all cost of documents,
To me will start to assort all necessary papers for travel to you.
Dear, to me as have explained that all time will borrow one, or a maximum two weeks then I can arrive to you. To me as to inform my number of flight, and date when all will be ready.
My prince, I such happy, that our meeting so is close. I as learned how many all will cost,
To me have explained that: Cost of registration of passport 37 of euro, reception of the visa
40 euros, also trip up to Moscow and visitings of embassy, where I
Should explain that the purpose to visit you the country, with which I can visit your country, it costed 150 euros.
Insurance on my personal health - 260 euros and tickets up to
Your country to you and back - 720 euros. Favourite Robert, and also
The agency is percent on norm 70 euros. My favourite all cost will be equal 1277 euros.
My dear, I think, That that it summarizes, is possible for you, my fine, I want this all
Our dreams and plans will be executed as soon as possible.
I so hope that our long-awaited meeting, will be the most remarkable event in our life.
The darling, I cannot pay for this trip if you can help me with it, I ask you, my favourite,
YOU can help me with payment of a trip??
Dear, write to me in the following letter the answer. Mine gentle, I want very much,
Our meeting, I waited during all life of this happiness when I can be
close to you My favorite. I wait for this happiness when you meet me With colors at the airport!!!
Favourite if you do it for me, I shall Be the happiest ******* light.
Write it to me please in the following letter.
If you cannot help me with this my favourite - I shall understand it as if you cannot help me,
It - also greater money for you, we can remain friends. But it for me the most awful because
I love you and I wish to be as soon as possible with you wash prince.
My favourite, But I also do not want simply friendship, actually I love you, and The majority of my stored dream it should be with you. I cannot pay, but I hope very much,
My love, that you do me by the happiest ******* the Earth as soon as possible!!
I as shall make you the happiest person on on all light. Write to me the answer my favorite,
I shall look forward to hearing from you!!!!! I very much hope that you really make it for us,
for our future, and for our most remarkable love.
I kiss you my prince! And I look forward to hearing from you!!!!! Your princess, Alina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 15
Greetings my favourite prince Robert!!!!!!!!
My favourite, I write to you now because I have learned about banks very much.
All the day long long today I as the visited bank. A favorite. I have no personnel
The bank account and if it, to make it it borrows a plenty of time.
Dear, under my visa I can be with you 3 months but if we shall solve with you
I can prolong it as. As favourite, I wish to tell once again, that all documents will be
Ready up to 1 or a maximum of 2 weeks, it - quickly my fine.
Robert my gentle, I have visited bank in Kazan today, it is not far from mine
Cities. In Almetyevsk we have no offices of bank, therefore I have gone
To Kazan to study, as you can help me with money for payment of mine
Trip. Dear, service of bank has explained to me, especially as
To transfer Money. It has told to me about " Gram of Money " or as
exist such bank as the Western Union. This company is known all over the world and
Offices can be found - in any country. This firm takes
Also small Percent for services. For money of transfer you should know mine
Name: Alina; Surname: Vasilyeva
City: Kazan;
Index: 428000
Street Gagarina the house 47 apartment 15
Favourite after that you inform me special confidential number with 10 figures,
After that I can receive money very quickly in a stream
From several minutes. Also I have, learn in bank that is a guarantee
Safety in transfer of money also that it also is reliable
Also it is not necessary to worry. Dear after you inform me number,
I go to operate bank and I shall take money. I am very happy, that we soon shall meet, and we
It will be vain waste time together my favourite, it will be me remarkable medley.
I shall wait reception of news from you with impatience.
My prince at last our old dreams will are real.
Robert I think, that it is easier variant for money of transfer.
After that you should inform me this information: your full name,
The surname, City, home addresses (as you have defined in bank). My dear here all
It is detailed described how you can send me of money through this bank.
Dear, than more quickly you will make it so, I shall more quickly with you.
It is very difficult to live for me without you. I am so happy
That we can meet, feel each other, it so well my fine.
I wait for your letter. Yours Alina, the most sweet kiss for you!!!!!!!
Letter 16
My majority of favourite prince on light Robert!!!
My darling, I so am happy, that we was absolutely fast we can together, only you and I my dear,
our dreams will be real, and we shall enjoy together love. Dear, I have so strongly like you, our love this finest in my life, I think that in yours as.
Dear, for payment of a trip I require in 1277 euros. My darling as soon as I shall mourn over
this sum of agency to me at once will start to legalize all papers for arrival in you.
Favourite, and in a week I can already arrive to you. My darling, as everyone will inform me
as soon as everyone will make. My gentle, than more quickly you help me.
That more quickly I can visit agency and pay my trip. Dear, I love you I there can not be one in
this world any more. I want with you on how many it to be possible more quickly.
You give me so much many positive emotions and through feelings, that I cannot compel them
in general and my heart, fly with yours Love also care of me. My favourite I not when did not
feel so happy from our love to each other!!! I was lonely, without you, I at all did not represent me, that you can so To change my life, my favorite, I so urgently love you. Now every morning and every night I dream of you about our meetings, when we together can holding to go for hands for walk, to be arranged,
And also it is simple along the street. My favourite, also together we can observe it
Fine decrease together on coast as in my dream. Dear you my prince to whom I give heart,
You have subordinated it, I trust all of you even directly.
My favourite I adore you, you for me, means the biggest, and is confidential, in this world. My angel, I so wait for our meeting when I can make to you the most gentle kiss directly in the airport,
Or on walk when we shall be together my favorite. Every day I think of you, even when
I go to bed all my ideas only about you my prince. I am fascinated in you, and is happy that we
Could to find each other. My dear, I with greater impatience wait for our meeting.
Your love Alina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 17
Greetings my most dear, and long-awaited Robert!!!!
Favourite, I so waited your letter, I so am glad that you have written nevertheless, my gentle,
I very much experienced that you do not write quickly and with you there was that that serious!!!
Favourite, I ask you to not force any more me so to worry. In fact you could write about that
how many you will to vanish. My dear. I so love you Robert, I dream of day of our meeting.
Dear, I have remarkable news, I visited 2 days ago travel agency, and I have given my documents and the passport, for registration of the visa, to me will make only registration, it as is not dear, as soon as to me everyone will make to me it is necessary to pay money in agency to take tickets the necessary documents the visa, and to arrive to you. Favourite, I shall arrive to you, month, but my visa is considered tourist and it can be prolonged, if certainly we we shall solve about it.
Dear, I do not require clothes, and in hotel I want only your presence by a number with me!!!!!
But the darling, unless the photo are interesting to you only, you do not wish to see me at the airport and near to you???!!! My angel, me asked already some times in agency when I am going to take flight to you, and to pay work of agency. Dear, you will send me of money for payment of a trip??????????
Favourite, I cannot wait and be one any more, me very boringly and alone without your heat and your presence by a number with me. Robert, I ask to answer you this serious question for our meeting.
The darling, if you cannot help me with a trip, I any more do not see an output as soon as to support our contact by letters, but it is not real also to me the present attitudes and plans together with you my prince are necessary. I look forward to hearing from you, same fast.
Dear, I love you and now my desire to arrive to you!!!!!
Your unique princess Alina!!!!!!
Letter 18
My favourite, Robert!!
My gentle, I so am happy that our meeting is so close. Dear, you have guessed I wish to make to you a surprise, and I shall not speak you what clothes I have bought, but I can tell only one that I shall in a red skirt. And you are right, red color to me will go very much. Only for you my favourite Robert!!!!!!! As mine favourite flowers it is Roses, they are so fine, and they so is remarkable look. I already represent your gift, you present them to me directly at the airport??? It will be the most remarkable Day in my life!!!! I am assured of it. Yes my dear, I spoke with my girlfriend on work. And it has agreed to help me. Favourite, my passport in travel agency, to me have explained that it still is registered, and to me as do the new passport for travel abroad, that I would not have problems in your country. Favourite, me as asked again about that when I can pay the trip, road, I have told, that till Wednesday I shall mourn money in agency. The darling, I hope for your words. And I trust you, I hope that you can send money till Wednesday. Favourite, I asked the girlfriend, that on it you would send money because I while do not have passport, it in agency, and I would ask you that you have sent money for its data.
Name: Zhenya
Surname: Chepaikina
Street: Pushkina 27
City: Kazan
country: Russia
Index: 427014
My gentle, I love you above all, only with you I am ready to divide the love. I wait our meeting with greater impatience.
Dear, I hope that you send money till Wednesday. I look forward to hearing from you. Your favourite Alina!!!!!!
Letter 19
Good evening my dear Robert!!!!!!
Favourite, I know that now as late, but I have decided to write nevertheless to you because after I have written to you, I have visited the girlfriend and have told to it that probably tomorrow it will be necessary to go to bank, and I wished it to warn, favourite, it has told well but when we with it have started to talk, and it has asked me as I have written a surname, in fact when it spoke me it in Russian, I as has remembered and has written to you it, but when it has said it again, I has understood that I has written to you its incorrectly dear, I do not know, certainly but I think, that in bank, is necessary all given to give precisely, and I simply was horrified because I have written to you its surname incorrectly. Dear, there is its surname not through the letter e, and through the letter a, Dear, I think that you still read through this letter since morning, and will specify correctly a surname, road, it is written here so, Chapaikina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The darling, excuse me, but I really did not know its surname but only heard as it spoke me it for the first time, and now I write to you it correctly. My favourite as you be interested as I it has been dressed, well favourite, today was in a white skirt, and a light vest, I would think that was pleasant to you as I is dressed. And color of my nails was, white, with grey patterns on nails. But when you will meet me at the airport I shall be in a red skirt and nails painted in red color. The darling, you ask about the massage, well dear, I shall make it to you as soon as we will have with you a free time after our meeting, I shall make it only for you, my tiger!!!! I am able to do it me as my friend on work not much learned, and I promise favourite, you will be in delight, from a touch of my hands, I shall make to you the best and most gentle massage. My prince I adore you, I so wait when we shall be together road, I so want a life with you beside. My gentle, I love you. I wait for this moment when you meet me. My favourite, now I go home, do not worry, to me not so far to go up to the house. I shall sleep and think of you, I shall wake up in the morning and first my idea, on you my tiger, I so would like, that a number in a bed would be with me you my prince. I love you my favourite.
Good night my favourite!!!!!! Yours Alina.
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