Scam Letter(s) from Vita Bacman to Tim (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi, my darling smiling Tim!!!

Thank you very much for your letter - and I have to apologize once and agian for my late answer, I guess it's going to become my destiny soon - and it's totally contradicting to what I was dreaming about, indeed! To tell you the truth, I also think about you quite often - and you are the most special idea of mine! My darling Tim, I don't believe such cheerful and reasonable person like you may consider that nothing may happen from what we are doing now - it's a common knowledge, that an experience with Jelya is never nothing:) If seriously - I'm very grateful to you for your attitude to me - and with every your letter I get more and more persuaded that you are really an extremely special person, and it is really a delight to know you! Moreover, you are also a very frank and honest person - you warned me you were such!:)

Letter 2

My darling Tim, I also miss your letters, and miss writing to you, and I don't want you to think that I while away long summer evenings with a next guy, or went to visit my former colleagues in Transylvania. Believe it or not, I haven't got a large experience with men, moreover, it's not very easy for me to find a man which might excite my interest - at times I even wonder whether everything is at least all right with me:) I'll be simple and frank with you - for a reasonable time already I haven't been going out with guys, I've certainly denied several suggestions, primarily they all were made in quite a vulgar and monotonously boring way - even not promising great impressions:) I may seem different to different people, but not so many try to discern me in the way you are doing, and I feel I'm becoming used to it!:) So I tell you - no, they don't treat me with dignity and respect, but I guess it would be more reasonable to give me several lessons instead of them, what do you think?:)

Letter 3

My darling Tim, thank you very much for what I understood as a suggestion to discuss the problem of languages and translations:) Let me just put everything into an order:) I really value our communication very much, and I also feel quite uneasy when I have no opportunity to write you - don't take it as a complaint, but however independent I might desire to be, there are still cases when I wouldn't deny to have a strong shoulder near me to rely on (Transylvania didn't teach me anything:) My darling Tim, I'll be straight with you - I don't know whethe rit was what you expected from my letter:), but if you want to touch upon this topic, here is my opinion: I would have been extremely grateful to you if you could assist me with paying for our correspondence, therefore I could write you more often, and you wouldn't need to write me any remindings. I don't want it to look like as if I trying to sell my company - but it would be really noble of you if you took a hand in my life. I'm still just a woman, and I like to be spoiled:) My darling Tim, I'm grateful to you just for the very suggestion - and if you still decide to assist me, I guess I should give you some information about me, am I right? (Do you know what I'm afraid most of all when writing it? I'm afraid I might just misunderstand you, and you meant something quite of another kind:) So, I have nothing to conceal - my full name is Angela Nedobegha, my address is Ukraine, Rubezhnoye, Levchenko Str. 14/129. If you need anything else - just ask me! I guess, if you really decide to assist me, you are going to address some service like Western Union, - I actually don't know about any other service of such kind which is available in our town:) My darling Tim, I hope it doesn't seem as if I'm just grasping a chance - my darling Tim, I repeat, I'm already grateful to you for your suggestion, I never doubted your nobility!

By the way, concerning independence and self-sufficiency. The latter, to my mind is a kind of narrow-mindedness - however independent a person might desire to be, he or she still needs somebody to speak to, to trust to, and just to feel beside, don't you agree? Noone can live alone - and feigned independence leads to nothing but to mental derangements:) In my case, I just want to be myself, I'm not begging for help, but I don't pretend I'm not glad to receive it - because if people decide to help you, that means that they are not indifferent to you, and that's really a great reward!

Letter 4

My darling Tim, don't ever doubt I'll burst into your birthday even if uninvited, and don't worry about how I will get to you - I'll ask one of my boyfriends to give me a lift:)

Well, I wish you to have a marvellous day and magnificently splendid weekend, my darling Tim, keep sharing your smiles with the world - it likes them so much! Me too:) Many-many tender kisses to you!

Your Jelya!

Letter 5

Dear Sir,

Thank you for using our service. Lady Angela asked us to send you the information about our service.

Per-letter payment:

translation of one letter - $5

Unlimited service:

- one month unlimited translations -$200
- two months unlimited translations - $350 (including telephone conversations)

If you have any questions to us, please, feel free to contact us to

Thank you for your considertion.



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