Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Osokina to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my dear! I am glad to welcome again you and I with impatience wait, when I can tell to you HI - personally. Thanks for your message. Billy, my day was very intense and is very tired. I reached in office of agency and signed with them the contract. In conformity with the contract, the agency will prepare me for all documents for travel, to buy for me the ticket and to deliver me to the plane. From my city there are no planes to you and consequently I all over again will need to reach to Moscow, and therefrom already to you. My agent needs some information for a route of the plane, inform me dear, the address and the nearest airport to you to which I shall arrive. This information is necessary tomorrow that the agent could develop route and to establish all cost of travel. Today I paid in him the first part of money, for the visa and other documents for travel. It was in some times more, than I thought. I planned, that the visa will cost for me about 200 $, but because of difficulties for its reception is was for me 700. dear, it is possible, that to me you will be required the help for payment of other part of cost of travel. I have some money still, Why you have written to me that that I did not answer your question, I answered you. Also spoke that that I would want that I arrived to you and lived with you. and also took some money at my the grandmother, but it is possible her will not suffice for payment of the second part of cost, for insurance and tickets. It will be known after the agent will develop a route. The second part of cost I should pay under the contract, before to take away the visa. I shall inform you Billy, if to be necessary for me the help. I hope, that it will not be a problem for you and I can not worry about it. I informed you all news about promotion of our meeting and now I go to have a rest, I am very tired today. I hope, what I can soon embrace you Billy. I wait for your messages my favourite. My kisses and embraces! Yours Ekaterina. P.S. Do not overlook to inform the address and the near airport.
Letter 2
Hi my lovely Billy!! I was glad to receive from you the letter, it was very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter. I am very glad that that we with you shall be together. For me it very important what to learn you it is better in life. That is very pleasant for me that you liked my photos Yes my prince I gave your airport, to my agent of travel and it for me learned all cost of travel to you, it has left in the sum 1137 $, this sum includes trip up to Moscow residing in Moscow and livelihood, I think that that you understood my the letter. Concerning that that that you set a question on the account of the agent, it did not give me it is all as it spoke me that that they do not work with the citizens of other countries, and it spoke me that what there is nothing to give you his telephone number as it can not speak in English, I think mine lovely that that you understood me. I that can not here make. Mine lovely I am very happy that that we shall meet you, but I have one question to you, I do not know as at you it to ask it uncivilizedly, but for this purpose what to come to you money and for money and for money and for money, and me would like ask you you can to me to help with payment in agency for travel to you. My agent of travel spoke me that that as soon as I shall pay money in agency that I shall take off for Moscow and to arrive from there to you mine are lovely prince. I very much worry before our meeting. On it I shall finish the letter to you. Write to me faster letter. I shall wait for your letter. Yours and only yours Ekaterina.
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