Scam letter(s) from Elena Dudorova to Bernabe (USA)

Letter 1

madly love you
My address
treet Furmanovo
The house 12 apartment 34
Elena Dudorova
Bernie my love
I love youI am glad to see your letterI grieved on you very much To me you not frequently to answer are hurt that to meI love you Bernie I use the program of translation to write to you the letter And also I use a computer on mailAs I have no his house My full name Elena Dudorova BernieI do not know why you have seen signature Inna Probably there was an automatic signature on this computer under word Inna And I have not noticed it and consequently have sent you such letter Otherwise I do not see other explanations of this a mistake Bernie I very much love you BernieI still wait our fast meeting It is very hard for me to live I cannot pay a duty for the Internet 30 $ at all I HAVE NO NEITHER WORK NOR MONEYI TO HAVE ONE DEBTS I have given all to receive papers and to take the visaTo be with you Bernie Now I sufferI have problems and debtsAnd also I have no you To me it is necessary only 500 $ to be with you Bernie Please the help to me to be with you more likelyI love youI wait your letter I cannot without you BernieTo me it is very badI wait your letter Your bride ElenaBernie my loveI wait your letter I very strongly love you and I grieve on youBernie I love you I love you such what you isYou fine wise and lovely I very much love you and I want to be with youI did so much for our meeting I did not regret anything I have given all that hadI ask you only 500 $ All this that to me is necessary to be with youBernie I like I like I love you Please know itIf you wanted to see me more likely You already would send me in MoscowHas sent me 500 $ All this that is necessary for me Bernie I do not know where I can take this money Bernie Only you can the help to me in itI love you BerniePlease do our meeting fast If we lived in one cityThat we would be already together But to arrive to you are necessary moneyThe visa tickets is necessaryI did all I have spent all that had and have climbed in debtsI have left with work Now I have no anything except for dream to be with youAnd papers By which I did for our meetingI even can take tickets aboard the plane on credit I needed to arrive only in Moscow and to receive the visaI ask you only 500 $ I to not ask anything superfluous I need to arrive only in Moscow to live there 4 days and to receive the visa Then I to take tickets aboard the plane and to arrive to youI love you Bernie I very strongly love you and I wait your letterPlease do our meeting fast Why you do not want that I was with you more likely I love you Bernie and I want to be with you You are necessary for me you in my heartI very much wait your letterMy kisses All my loveYours Inna
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