Scam letter(s) from Natalia Klyus to Keith (England)

Letter 1
Hello Keith!
My name's Natasha.
I'm here for find the Real True Love. I'm sensitive and kind, open minded and optimistic girl! And I appreciate every single moment of this life! I missed just beloved men next to me, who will understand me and with whom I can share all my life. Let's try and will see, if our relations could became something ******, than just friendship. Nobody knew, where is his destiny, maybe this is our chance? Please, write to me:
Letter 2
Hello,my new friend Keith!!! Thank you for your letter.:)) So let's start our [conversation].:)) As you know, my name's Natasha. Exactly it sounds like Natalia, but my mom call me Natasha, my dad - Nata, and you can call me as you like.:)
I'm 27 years old, and I finished Medical University two years ago. I'm living with my parents in small town Belovodsk. And, as far my sister (she's older, than me, and she have own family) is living apart from us - I'm staying with parents, because they need my attention now. By the way,what are your relations with your parents?Do you take care about them?How are they living? Now, I'm working like a [farmacevtic counsultant] in small [farmacevtic] firm in Lugansk, and my work is connected with a distribution of medicines. It's good work for me, and I like it, but I have not in my life the most important, for my opinion, thing..
It's love. Yes, I'm missing this feeling - love and be loved. I know, I'm not ****, so I could find a guy here, in my country. But I'm living in very small town, and the guys, who was interested in something ******, than stay in bar every evening - they're went to the big towns, and guys, who're staying here - are not really match for creation of the good family with them. I hope, you understand, what I mean - they're drink too much and they are interested in anything, except themselves. I can't even talk with someone about books what I read, or movies, what I watch.. I wished be with a man, who have the common interests with me. And who would be interesting for me. Sure, I have a friends, but all from them are female, and some of them are married already. In some way I envy them It's my main dream now - find my beloved man, my ONLY man, who will be with me, who will understand me, and with whom I could talk about everything.. I know, he have a kind heart and the nice smile, and it's something special in his eyes..:)) He would care about our family, as and I would love to do for him everything, I'll make him happy, I knew it!:)) I wished share with him all my life, and just be happy together, is this impossible? Hope, it's not so.:) What do you think about that,my dear Keith? Well, I'm just trying explain why I'm here and what for I'm searching. I know, than I'm able to love with all my heart.. I just have to find him.:)) I heard about happy cases with foreign marriages, so I think, this is not bad chance for me, and for someone, who's feeling lonely as I do. And I like dreaming, and share of my dreams with people, whom I love. If you have any question - I will answer with a pleasure, just ask.:) Hope to hear from you soon. With best regards, Natasha
Letter 3
Hello again, my dear friend Keith! I'm very glad to get the letter from you today. I was waiting for it, and thank you for replay me so soon:))) What's about I should tell you? About my usual day? No, it's too simple, and it's not interesting.. About my hobbies? Maybe.. I have some. First - it's reading. When I was a little girl I read all books, what my parents has in home library.:)) Even now I like read. And you? Do you like books, and if yes - what's your favorite? As for me - I like different directions. It's historical adventures books, or something like "How Make Things By Own Hands" - the last book I read about such things was about stained glass and painting on the glass.:) Sometimes, I read something, like fantasy books.. If I would find something interesting - I can't stop read, till the end of this story. It seems, like I'm living there, with a heroes for this time..:))))) You should think, it's kind of crazy.. But in truth it's just a kind of passion to the life. Exactly, the passion to the reading.:))) But my little nephew Denis adore, when I read to him. He listen so careful, what said heroes of his fairy tales and he scared and trouble about them so innocence!:) I always tell him - it's all be good in the end! And he knew it, but when we're reading book together, we're living on this pages! I hope, Denis will love to read, when he will grow enough for do it by himself.:))) Well, I like cook too.. As usually I cook a mail for our family, when I have time. I like invent some kind of food, but I'm always make something with common theme. If it's Italian dinner - it's Italian food and Italian music..:)) When it's Ukrainian - the same, environment should be Ukrainian.:) My father like this dinners very much, it seems very funny to him!:)) But as he said always "Thank God, I shouldn't change my cloth to the national costumes!":)) We're all laughing about his words, but I see, he likes this family dinners... I invented them, when I was a little girl.. I asked mom, What eat other people, who lives in another counties? And she told me about Japanese and Italian kitchen, about French and Spanish food.. :)))) Maybe this is a reason why I like try something new from another cultures. And I love all, that my culture is gave to me.:) And I should say, my parents teach me appreciate every moment of this life! The smell of morning coffee, or the sun rays on my face, when I'm walking on the street. The green color of grass in the spring time, and the rainbow after rain - all this the real Wonder, isn't it?:) Peoples so often doesn't put their attention to this things.. But we have not another life - and I like this one, even if sometimes it make me feeling sad or hurt..:) That's why I feel - I have to find my Love. I wished create the happy family, give birth to wonderful kids. I wished have three - two boys and a little girl.:)) I wished they have a loving parents, and the big light home, what will be their favorite place in this world.:) I wished keep peace and warmth of our home, and I wished my beloved man always staid for me the same.. My second half, my closest people in this world.:))) Hope to hear from you soon,
kisses and hugs for you,
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