Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Keith (England)

Letter 1
Hi,my new friend:)) I am Tanya,a girl from Ukraine.
Just like you I am missing true and romantic feelings and the right man who puts the family and the wife on the first place. It's a common thing in my country that families are made and children are born not on love ground but just occasionally... I have no wish to become just a passer-by on one's life road. I still believe that my destiny is wandering somewhere in the world and I don't care what language he speaks and what country he lives in. You can be my chance and my fortune or my fortune and not by chance. We may be destined to each other. You may be waiting and looking for no one but me... Please write me a bit more of yourself directly to my e-mail address:
Letter 2
Hello Keith, It was very nice to receive your letter! It's always pleasant when someone is interested in you and even made up his mind to send a messege! Thank you so much!
So, I'm a common girl living in Ukraine,in Pervomaisk studing, working and doing the same things other people usually do.
I was born in 1980.
I work as an assistant in the shop of electronicks.Yes,may ber it's not a very high payed job,but I like it,as I am a good mixer and the communication for me is very important.And we have usually a lot of clients during the day:)).
I am from the family of both parents and I also have a younger sister, her name is Yulia, she is 16. I don't live with them, I rent a flat not far from my job.
Practically all my parents live in Lugansk and I visit them very often.
I am in good terms with them but I don't want to exist on their expence, I enjoy being independant.
Surely my father helps me considerably but I try to earn my own money to pay at least my flat.
I have various occupations, I am intersted in Eastern culture the one of China and Persia in particular. I adore music, it's my obsession, music's always playing whatever I do at home. My favourite time off is going to the fitness club together with my friends. As a teenager I took dancing classes in a private school and still I can dance very well. I enjoy everything mysterical in our life, isn't it an enigma to talk to a man you don't see and know nothing about? It's prickling my skin! Actually I haven't got lot's of friends but those I have I trust on 100%! Intetrnet presents me one more way of getting aqcuainted with interesting people and making friendship too. And who knows, maybe it will help me to find a friend who will become more than just a friend!I really want it greatly. Unfortunately,I don't have a computer at my home,so I go to the translating firm to write you my letters from here.But I think it's good,as my English is very poor.Yes,I've learnt it at school but frankly speaking it's not so great.So,I need ther help of the proffessional interpreter. Well, and what about you, my mysterical stranger, I still don't know anything about who you are and what are you looking for!
Please correct this mistake in your writing me back! I will be waiting for you letter! and photoes too! Your Ukrainian new friend Tanya
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