Scam Letter(s) from Elvira Karsakova to Rudy (USA)

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Letter 1

I am very glad that you have answered to my letter. Thank you that you have found time for answer.
I saw your picture, and you look beautiful, I very much loved your picture.
So o.k. let me tell you about me know. I live in country SLOVENIA. Where do you live, what country?
I'm 28, my birthday is on the 5 of February 1979. When yours? My growth - 172 cm 5 feet 6 inches. My weight - 55 kg- 115 pounds. I am single, never married with no children. How you? But I am looking to meet a men for a serious relationship, hopefully one day get married and have a family. Those that know me respect my intellect, enjoy my sense of humor, and can always count on me to lend a hand where needed.
I hope to get hear from you and some more information about you.

I shall wait...thanks for the email.

Letter 2

Hello! My name is Ilia.
I get your answer! You don’t forget about me and it is really pleasant for me!
I’m glad that you are older me since I like mature men. For me age doesn’t matter but I didn’t know if it problem to you? Age shouldn’t be important, so long as the maturity level is there and both people share common interests and enjoy each other’s company. I like independent men that know what they want. I need the right man to fill the empty space in my life, a man who is searching for the right woman to help complete her. I have never understood why I haven't been able to find my better-half. Probably not there searched??? I shall continue the story about me (In replacements, I want from you same). I live in small provincial village named Bertoki, (Republic of Slovenia, in southern Central Europe).
Tell more about city where you live? I live very small country. More in detail you can look here:
I have never traveled outside of my own country. I work as the dentist. I've been studying 5 years in Ljubljana the dentist academy. There I have studied English.
I lost my parents, me was 22 perished the dad, in 25 I lost mom. The dad perished in accident, mom had sick heart. Now I live alone, I have no any other family.
I haven’t got any brothers or sisters, so I completely devote myself to the job. I really love it. It is interesting job, my job is my hobby.
I very much very much love water and to float. I also love a ski, a bicycle, and walks on the nature. I spend a lot of time on open air in mountains, I love nature, and it calms and enfeebles me. How do you entertain, you like nature?
I have no computer of a house, I write to you from my work, and I can’t write you every day. I hope that it won’t be a problem for our correspondence. What you do for the work, it is interesting, you like it?
Despite the fact that I work much, I’m really buxom and many-sided person, but I live in small village and there are really few amusements.

I wait for your letter.

Letter 3

I don’t know where to begin… But I will try.
I do hope that we will continue to write and that we can get to know one another better.....
Thanks for new picture. I already spoke, that you a handsome man. Your new picture confirm my words. You really very charming and attractive a man and to
look at you is very pleasant.
What’s the weather like in your city? Now very hot, the sun is very bright and hotly.
But I love it… I like all four seasons. I enjoy swimming, sun-bathing and camping in summer.
In winter I often go skiing. I like cycling - I’m a very sporty person.
Sports bring health and beauty. I do my best to live a healthy life - I don’t smoke, reject drugs out of hand but I permit myself to have a glass of wine or champagne on very special occasions. I’m have very quiet and counterbalanced character. I am very slow to anger and am rarely upset with anyone or anything. I believe life is too short for bad feelings. What kind of character do you have? What else can I tell you about myself? You already know that I work dentist. I had been studying in an academy for 5 years to get my profession - and by now I work as assistant dentist for 1 years.
I hope that you understand my English. I studied it when I was at school and academy.
I can both write and speak English. But on your letters, I have noticed English differs from American colloquial. Sometimes, I cannot understand some your words, but I completely understand the general sense of your letter. Tell me, do you understand everything that I want to say?

This picture has been taken the last summer on Adriatic Sea. Probably it is interesting to you, who takes my pictures.. All my pictures are taken mine female friends

I with impatience shall wait your answer.

Letter 4

Hi Rudy.
I not distract you from the important affair? : ))))))))

Our correspondence is young, but I start a like receive from you letters. You had awakened my interest, I know we have never seen each other, but I have a good feeling about you. I couldn’t find a really interesting and worthy man in my little town. Probably it because of that that in my area, the female population is greater than man's. But I do need good contacts and manly attention - just like any other woman. However, I don’t have it here......The things that all women value the most are attention and understanding. I’m a usual woman with usual desires which you managed to approach so gently and elegantly. I love your sensitivity. Thank you for it.
2 years ago I broke up with the guy whom I had been dating for 1,5 years. The things that pushed us apart were a huge gap between views onto life and a lot of misunderstanding between us. We couldn’t keep on living together anymore, so we had to part. As Slovene people say, we couldn’t get on together. If you have ever experienced something similar, you will understand me. Well, whatever - let’s avoid talking about bad things. Actually, I don’t want to remember anything out of this period of my life. I try to live with a smile on my face and with hope in my heart. I think I can consider myself an optimist. I saw a great deal in my life, and for 28 years I have passed through a lot of vital tests. And I know that I do not need many things to be happy. All I need is a man, friend, soul-mate, love. I live honestly, and it brings pleasure to me. I know that happiness not requires many things. Likely the main thing that does not suffice me now is love. People without love cannot be happy. And I speak not only about love between a man and a woman, but also about love to a family for example. I have no family anymore and it really oppresses me. I always recollect my family. Rudy, you meet your family often? I very much want to return that time when I had family.
I want to believe in bright future and - I do believe in it!
I always promise myself to do my best to make it so.
Let's talk about more pleasant things. For example about food. I very much like to cook. I know many recipes of dishes (European cuisine). I like tasty and healthy food. I love various salads, pizza, sushi, products of the sea and any type of chicken. I very much love fresh fruit and natural foods. I like to think out new dishes, to make experiments. At free time I like cleaning my house. I like the order and cleanliness of a house. It betrays a domestic cosiness to the house. Do you value it in the woman?

Good night Rudy.




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