Scam letter(s) from Elena Lebedeva to David (UK)

Letter 1
Hi. As it is pleasant to receive again your answer David! I hope that all well at you. Today a good sunny day. At me excellent mood.
You can frequently have access to the Internet? I write to you from the Internet of cafe. I think of that to have for itself houses a computer. But it very much to road pleasure for me and me will need to be saved money to get this pleasure. I have familiar girlfriend which now lives in Germany. She has got acquainted with the man on the Internet and now they live together.
They already have children and are going to buy the house. They very lovely pair.
In these days off I gather to my parents. I should tell him about ours with you acquaintance.
One time I already had disappointment in which man I liked. My mum very much experiences for me and always asks me about my familiar boys.David for me the main thing is love.
If two persons will not like each other, these the attitude will not be long.
I do not want to commit again
a mistake. I very much hope that you understand me. I hope that you are fast can write again to me. I shall wait very much your letter. YOURS Svetlana
Letter 2
David I have received your letter. I am glad that you have written to me. I am very glad! I hope that all well at you and your children. David me your photo which you very was pleasant to me has sent. I have shown it to my parents. My mum very good opinion on you also has told that you very good the man.My girlfriend works in travel agency. Yesterday I went to my girlfriend and could learn the information about which from me very bad mood. My lovely David I want that we have met and were together and my mum not against our meeting and even very to want that we could spend together. My girlfriend to me has told that I should receive the visa and others documents to arrive to you to Ireland. I will need to receive the passport for travel abroad and the visa. My girlfriend to me has told that she can help to receive to me necessary documents, but I should pay money for registration the visa and other documents. I will need to pay for document registration 680 $. My girlfriend has told that if I can find this money, she can receive for me all necessary papers. David I have no this money and I do not know what now to make, I such sad and these news of me have made sad. It is many money for my family and I do not know what now to make and as to me to receive all this more likely to meet you and to be with you!! If I shall receive papers, it will be necessary still tickets for flight to Ireland and it will demand even more money to receive tickets for travel. David I very much upset with these news also do not know what to tell to you about it more. David you wish our meeting?? You want to meet me and to be with me??
If I can arrive to you, we can lead together good time, we have sat shall decide to make our union, I can remain together with you for ever. I want to meet you and if you can and want it, tell to me as soon as possible that you think of it. I shall wait very much your answer. Yours Svetlana
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