Scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Dave (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Dear Dave!!!
Thank you very much for your letter, you are first man who seriously interested with me. I was very glad to get your letter. I am glad that you have written to me. I very much would like to learn more concerning you. My name is Ludmila, I live in the best city on light - Yaransk. Probably, it is necessary to tell a little about itself... My mark on a horoscope - Capricorn. Was born January, 14, 1977. Growth of 170 centimeters. Weight of 53 kgs. Education the maximum . I was not for the husband and I have no any own children. About my appeal look at my photo. My favourite colors - bright. It is possible to tell, that the motto of my life is do not make to another what yourself you do not wish . What I appreciate in people? Kindness, mind , tenderness, fidelity, sense of humour. .. And the main thing - honesty! I hate rage, envy, lie, treachery. And still - vainglory! Certainly, everyone has lacks (I too not an ideal). The main thing that them was very little!:).
Earlier I work as the medical sister in children's hospital. I very much love the work. Now I without job, as well as many in mine the country. I to speak in English not much, but now I go on rates on studying the English language. Now it is a little about my interests. They WELL ARE VERY EXTENSIVE! First, I do not present myself life without MUSIC (capital letters!). It means - only ingenious or, at least, talented. What exactly? Beatles, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Queen. classics. By the way, I very much love alive music. Second, I very much love books. Actually, without them life too would lose much. I read, basically, classics, love novels and philosophical things (Dostoevsky it is repeatedly re-read, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Sholohov.. .. Well it is a lot of Them!). The reference book - the Master and Margarita . Thirdly, I love cinema, Films too I look clever, but genres practically anyone. I like Mastroini, Kluny Hofman, De Niro, From directors Koppola, Parker, Torontino. Mihalkov, Ryazanov, and much, much... All and to not list! And fourthly, my weakness - I very much like to spend time on kitchen to prepare (be going) for new dishes and salads. I simply adore it!! Mine favourite foodstuff it Russian borch . This very tasty dish I would hope that it very much was pleasant to you. That else... Still I very much love animal (especially cats and dogs). I adore the friends (them a little, but all of them are checked up by years). In general it is possible to tell, that I very sociable person. I want to find that unique and unique in the life with which I could divide all life. In the choice I do not want to make a mistake. I would like to know as much as possible about you. My intentions are very serious. I at myself here have not found worthy to myself the man and consequently I have decided to try to get acquainted through Internet. Therefore I can write to you 6 days per one week. But, unfortunately, I not have an own computer.For our corresponding I use the Internet-center.I think that we shall be good friends or even more :. On what I to hope. I would like to hear your ideas, that you wish concerning the future. I hope that you find my words are interesting also it starts to help to learn to you me little bit better. I do not see my life here, as I search for the husband, I shall follow him, where he will wish. Dear Dave, i intend to meet serious man for relation. It don't mean for me nation or age. Just a little love, and happy future of ours children. I intend that you has serious intentions... Sorry for my bad english. Waiting your answer, Ludmila.
Letter 2

Hello Dear Friend Dave!!!
Happy to see new letter from you.
Excuse dear Dave, that long time did not answer your letter. All is normal, you have written to me very beautiful letter! Simply I recently was ill (have caught a cold) and because of it could not visit the Internet of cafe. But that you have written that on Russian I and could not read.So as I see you are interested in me a lot, it's please to see it from you side. It was very interesting to know new interesting things about you. Definitely my choose was right:-) I happy for it. Sending here one more my photograph, and promiss to send more in my next letters. I came to internet dating through marriage agency here in Russia.? could not answer you at once and I think you understand, that I write through the Internet of cafe. It is a little difficult for me frequently to visit the Internet of cafe. It is a pity, I have no computer of a house. I think better to know each other to us it is necessary to speak more with each other. I did not think to post my profile in internet, this thought just did not came to my head:-), but now I see that this was right suggestion from their side. They post my ad, and post everythere my direct e-mail address, so now we had meet each other and we are only together now - only you and I:-) I really see no difference from that country will be my future man. God, who created this world, he did not create geographics borders, so I see no difference. I know that when I will found my only man then I will move to him to any place at this world. I sure that good peoples can live at any place, especially when they love together. I'll try to write something about me that could be interesting for you, and just things which I want to tell you. And if you will want to ask me something, do not be afraid to ask. I always have only two chooses when someone asking me something: reply honestly, or not to reply. I will never lie.? was born in Siberia. I lived with mum and the daddy there. When war between Russia and Afghanistan I my father have taken away on war began and it has not returned. We only have received the telegram, that it was lost on war. I was small and I much any more do not remember. We lived with mum and it was very difficult for us, and then we have moved in Yaransk. it is provincial small city, is located in Kirov areas. I also would want to find out more about your city.. It would be very pleasant for me to see a photo of your city because I never travelled also to me very interestingly to see new places. And so, I now live with mum in one apartment. My mum has not so good health and consequently it is necessary me cares and to support her{it}. I have no brothers and sisters. I am kind good woman, definitely kind, good looking, caring and honest. Sounds like poem in my name:-) I am some kind of dreamer, I image my sweet tales and can be really sad if they are not realizing. One of my dreams and hopes - to live in complete family somethere in good place, have good friends and not to bother ourselves with strange things like political, economical situation and etc:-). I want family there all members just life for each other. I like open minded peoples, who prefer to say sad things instead hiding it - even in the name of care. I am quite patient person, and I can holding in my feelings until I understand situation completely, but if something makes me angry - I am very temper. Like my friends tells " It's very hard to wake up good sleeping bear, but if you done it you'd better to run away ":-). And if to tell about relationships with other world... There are only two sides - me and my family and rest of world. I like cooking and I like to create cosiness at the home. I always try to create sweet sweet home, and I really want to enlarge family:-) to complete family! I really miss for someone who will share with me all joys of life and could be supportive in any situation.On the account of rest: I frequently go to have a rest to the grandmother in village and I never went on the black sea or somewhere else. Somehow and time is not present also a problem with money. I like nature and animals, good food and I am very romantic person. I just want to enjoy all sides of life and need the one man to share it with! I with impatience shall wait your letter.... Your friend Ludmila.
Letter 3

Hello Dear Dave!!!
I feel myself so sorry for not writing to you earlier, I got your letters and it's really joy to reply you now. Dear Dave why you so low estimate the beauty?! You very much like me!!! You for me very beautiful, nice and lovely the man and I really am interested in you and I want, that we and further continued find out each other! May be it's sounds funny, but I just getting joy reading your mails. I really understand your letters perfectly, and I like to do it:-) May be I image fairytale for me, but I feel very very good about you and I that you feel same about me, I think that you put in words less than you really thinks, just because words can't transfer all our minds. Writing this letter took not one day, and I have many thought about our possible future. And I truly believe that it can be perfect as only it's possible. This moment I regret about not perfect understanding English more than ever. And I wish to see your face and talk with you directly, that my desire.
You know about me already much, and I want to tell to you about my feelings in the past. Earlier at me the friend was and we very strongly liked each other. We met 3 years, at us all was good also we thought already of a marriage, but suddenly strange things have started to occur to him: he started to drink, to me at all did not pay attention and then I have learned, that he started to accept drugs. After that he became absolutely other person. It was necessary nothing to it except for drugs, he started me to beat, humiliate, offend, but I bore all this in hope that he to change and at us all will be good. But he did not vary, and on the contrary all became worse and worse, he started to sell things from a house, started to be engaged in theft and at last when they stole shop with the friends, them have caught and have condemned. Hour he sits at a lattice. He has very strongly broken my heart and after that I have told to myself that I shall never arrange the life with the Russian man, I shall better live one. After that I not to time did not try all to start of the attitude with Russian the man, in a word I in them was afflicted.
I 2 years anybody did not meet, and to me my girlfriend has advised to address in the Internet, to try to find the new love abroad. And I have obeyed her. I really miss for man who will enjoy things which I creating, and who could surprise me with something too:-) I dreamed how we could sitting all together someday, and just enjoying to be together! I really miss for my only man, and I almost believe that I have met you already. May be it's silly, but I just have that feelings and want you to know it!Ok, I have to finish this letter now, because otherwise I will not be able to send it soon. I just want you to know how I already miss you and constantly thinking of you my dear! Sincerely yours. Ludmila.
Letter 4

Hello dear Dave!!!!
Has come to the Internet of cafe in hope to receive from you the letter, and my hope was justified! I am very glad to receive again from you news! Your letters please me, lift my mood and they so inspire me, that I start in them as to require as I need in oxygen! If there was an opportunity in the whole days to be in the Internet of cafe and to correspond with you, I would be the happiest person in this world, but unfortunately I cannot visit this Internet of cafe not more often than 1 time in 2-3 day, and it simply kills me morally. As it is bad to not have an own computer of a house. How are you, my dear? How are you doing are on work? What there weather? At us deposits are not present, an easy frost in the street.
It is a little about my work: has got used, new girlfriends have appeared, work takes its normal course.
Dear, I simply should tell to you about my dream which saw today at night! All was as in a fairy tale. I have arrived to you on a visit, you stood, waited for me at the airport with a huge bouquet of colors. I have landed from the plane and the bouquet of colors has rushed to eyes to me. The intuition has prompted me: go to him at whom a bouquet... I have gone in your direction, and on a course of reduction of distance between us I learned you. You and I moved to each other. We have embraced, you have kissed me in a cheek and that magnificent bouquet has handed... We have gone to you. On road you asked me as I have reached, as I feel myself, how at me mood and so on. I so freely and easy talked to you in English, to myself was surprised! On road we communicated, and there was such sensation, that we know each other not month, and some years. I was outside of myself for pleasure, in fact I near to you, I see you, I hear, I feel. I thought about myself: at last my dream has come true!... But mum it became bad, she has called me. And on the most interesting place, unfortunately, my dream has broken! To me was a reluctance to wake up, I was ready to see this dream eternally, not stopping. I thank the God that our ways were crossed! I really reading your letters between words and between lines, and I am truly sure that I see your beautiful soul in your letters. I want to feel you in reality, I want to feel your touches. I want to see your eyes, and sink in your deep eyes. I want you to show me all around you and I wish to see everything that you will want to show me. I want to pass through your eyes to your soul, and wish you to make the same thing. I believe that nothing can't replace one real meeting. And I wish to meet you. If you have same wish and possibility, tell me about it, I will get know how we can do it. I am sending big kiss from me:-) I know that may be I am hopeless romantice, but I truly believe that our meeting through internet is the best thing which could happend to us. Kiss you and hug you. Your and only your! Ludmila.
Letter 5

Greetings my dear Paul!!!
I was so happy after your answer to my letter. I think of you mine Paul all the days long, all cases, all minutes. I so wait for your warm letter, I want to tell to you, that now I cannot without you and your letter. You send me so important letters, that it already a part of my life, it - a source of my pleasure in my life. I want to tell to you, that your occurrence in my life, has played the big role in my lonely life. Now you and your letters became a part of my life. I speak all this with my sincere care and with the big respect for you road Paul. Also I want to emphasize, that I thought of my feelings to you mine Paul, and I have come to a conclusion, that we are created the friend for the friend. All these days I went and thought of all and I want to tell to you, that I cannot without you, that I have fallen in love with you my dear Paul, yes I LOVE YOU MY DEAR Paul. It has taken place so quickly and suddenly, that I even itself did not expect it. I hope, that when that and you will test to me the same feelings what I test to you. The last night I thanked the God, that I have found you Paul. It I have told about all to my mum and she very much was delighted for me, that I at last that have found the love, but she speaks that I was cautious, she does not want, that I have once again suffered.
Now you know about my feelings to you my dear Paul. On it I for today shall finish the letter, with impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you. With love Ludmila. P.S. Yes nearly has not overlooked, I send you my video record, I hope that you will like my alive voice.
About, yes, I have no phone, they at us cost very dearly and not everyone can allow it to themselves so I to you shall try to call itself from a public telephone booth. You only send to me the number on which I you I can cause.
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