Scam Letter(s) from Regina Appiah to Tim (USA)

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Letter 1

Dear My dear love TIM,

I hope you are fine and in good health today. I have a true confession to make to you about who i am .Am sorry i did not tell you this about me from the begining when we first met and it good you know my identity now but still want and love me.This is due to security reasons as i do not want you to love me for what i am but for
who i am.I actually came to this dating site in search of true love and long term relationship with marriage potential.
I vowed to myself,that i will not open up to anybody that i will meet until am sure that he truely loves me and willing to spend the rest of his life with me as husband and wife til death do us part.For now i know you are the right man for me. I am not interested in your money or any of your material wealth because i have seen enough of that in the history of my life and by virtue of who i am and my back ground. All i need is just a true,honest and caring man that will be my own,and that i can trust with all of my heart. Over the time you have come to prove to me that you are the one.The one that i can trust with my life and will not feel hurt.
The one that will be there always for me and to catch me when i fall anytime.
Honey,I am telling you this in trust and confidence that i have developed for you
in my heart.It is the story of my life that you dont know.
My father (Mr Anderson Appiah ) was a famous cocoa merchant and a prosperious business man in Ghana.But he got involved in a serious drug scandal which prompted the attention of the government and he was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison which led to his death in the prison.
All his properties and assets here in Ghana are ceized and converted to government properties except this money $2,600,000dollars (Two million six hundred thousand dollars) in a Bank over-sea which the governement and nobody knows about except me whom of course is the beneficiary of this fund. This money (2.6M USD) has being lying dormant in the bank over-seas and i have commenced arrangement with the bank to move this money from its present position to another account over-seas which is why i need your help.
What am telling you has to do with a lot of trust and honesty and i want you to promise that you will not exhibit any form of ambitiousness over this fund after the transfer has being made into your account in your country.
It takes a man with a high level of discipline to be able to carry out this transaction with me in truth and honesty and i am demanding such from you.
I want us to invest this money into a profitable business in your country after it has being transferred to your account in your country and i hope you will not let me down. I will compensate you with 15% of the total fund if you accept to help me receive this money in your account in your country until i am able to make my way to meet you in your country for my onward investment plan of the fund.But then i guess because of the love between us we can go ahead and make it happen.
If you are interested and willing to help me out of my predicament,I will request you
contact my lawyer for more details and directives on how to receive this fund into your account in your country.Please contact my lawyer through his contact deails below:
Please be rest assured that this transaction is risk free,legal and genuine as all preventive measures has being put in place to ensure a smooth and speedy transaction.
On getting your response,my lawyer I will forward your details to the bank and they will contact you for further verification and onward transfer of the money into your account in your country.
I hope my proposal meets your pleasure,I will be very glad as i wait for your quick response.

Your true love,
Regina Appiah.



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