Letter(s) from Rimma Smirnova to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Greetings my name Rimma. My date of birth October, 3 1982. I from Russia, I was born and I live in Moscow. I want To get acquainted e-mail with the good clever attractive person To me it would be easy to communicate and to this with me Also, and not, excluding further creations of more serious family Attitudes. To me 24 years I have finished university, in me is higher Formation. I very sociable attractive girl, in soul I romantic The girl. In leisure I am engaged in sports meets, I visit theatre, cinema and me Contact girlfriends. I want to find attractive the person, fair Kind and certainly true. I would like it, we could contact The friend the friend without any stock in soul. Well, in general, I do not do Search for prince on the white horse, and I search simply for a kind and The decent person. If I loved you I wait your letter on My e-mail: rimmusik21vek@rambler.ru

Letter 2

2Greetings Fozzie
I am very happy, which you have answered me. You - not, as you
Have liked me the letter of thank to you for this purpose.. Now I want to inform
Not it is a lot of about me it is direct. My name - Rimma, I live in city Moscow it
Is very beautiful city. And where do you live? My city very far from
Moscow I live there from the majority of my birth to me of 24 years, I was not any time
Not behind of the husband. Now I work in shop as the seller, I have
The maximal formation, I on formation the economist. I have no any children,
But very much would like to have them. The boy and one girl. How many
You would like to have children? I very much am frequently borrowed
Sports meets and me it very much to similar I like to support myself in
The good form. You play sports meets in free from an operating time? Today I have told
Mum, that I have received today the letter from the friend
The foreigner, and she has told, that is it well, but has told, that me
Hurry and not where did not hasten. I understand, which you search
The woman who will come nearer to you on all life. I search for the same also. I
Not awfully speak concerning the English language, but I awfully write, and concerning it I use
The translator. I hope, that I write you, is accessible to reading mine
The letter. I think, that you can study me still to that to be in English if,
Something will not be clear, which I write you, at once I speak me, me
Will try to express it in other words from which you would understand,
That I think. I have no any the own house and a computer because it for me
Very much I go each evening to check my mail. I examine, it
The Internet - the most good thing which was thought up by people
Because it helps people which take place in various sides
From the world to be on communication. I shall wait your letter
Tomorrow, write to me about itself. I shall wait your answer
Tomorrow also send to me a photo! I with impatience shall wait
For this purpose!
Your friend from Russia.

Letter 3

Greetings Keith
I am pleased to receive your letter again, I am very happy today because
I saw your letter today my mood better.
How in you business???? You inform me where you work, and than
Employed on work? To similar you your work? To similar me my work, because I
Think, that the person should love work. Inform me as yours
Affairs today, than today you are borrowed? You know, you to me
Very good on dialogue, but also and not only to inform the truth, in mine
Opinion, for occurrence of the girl of the person far from a presence on
First a place. It seemed to me, that you the person which I during long time
Iauneaiiui also could not find it! You very much offer, clever, kind and
The decent person! And if it, photos are possible, is cunning in me still
A lot of some. On free days and on holiday I like to pass with
The girlfriend in streets or is included Into any cafe to sit behind of a cup
Fragrant coffee to speak about life. I hope, that it will be
Pleasant for you to communicate with me. And than you are borrowed in
Free days? I have understood, that in us with you it - is a lot of
The general though we live in the various countries. When in us winter,
I go to unite. I
Think, it represents the person, should be brave, which is it, should be
Capable to stand up for and for beloved. The person should be
Clever, cautious, interesting in dialogue, it should be always capable to
Inform and contact the girl so that she has passed about
All on light. Write to me which you you estimate in the woman of whom
You search. What your favourite color? As I pass about all
When I read your letters. Write to me, please. It will be very much
Interesting to me to study it. With impatience I shall wait, when yours
The answer will reach me.
Yours Rimma.

Letter 4

Hello Keith
I today am very glad to receive your letter. Today I am very happy, that you have again written to me. To me to like with you to communicate and have with you the general interests. When I receive your letter, on my person always arrive a smile, and I feel high temperature in my soul, thanks for it. Thanks for filling of my soul pleasure, thank you for filling my heart of the most pleasant feelings!! I am madly glad, that there is such person as you which Always will understand, will support me, will calm. I am very happy, that you are thanks your parents, that they have brought up Such good person as you thanks them for it. It is a pity to me, that I not near to you I very much would would like to be with you to be beside when to you you are bad also could To calm me when badly I very much would want it to me To learn you it is better to know your merits and demerits though I think, that at you, they are not present. I do not know, that with me I go on the robot and constantly I think, girlfriends speak about you, that with me, something not so but When I neaca about us they very much for me were glad to them, but have told, what I hurried up, and whatever it has turned out as Last time, but I him have told, that you not such that you remarkable. How your affairs? At you all is good on work? At me all is normal. I very much miss under your letters and always I wait, them I want to tell to you, that now is not lonely and that you have the person To which you are not indifferent. My mum knows about our attitudes(relations), and she will be not against it. On it I want to finish the letter to me it is necessary to come back home, but know, my unique, that I always shall be To think of you and very much to miss on you. Write to me soon letter, I shall wait for it(him) very much. Up to a meeting.

Letter 5

Greetings my dear Keith...

I am very happy to receive from you your letter, your letters for me as a drink of air, I am sincerely happy, that I have correspondence with you. The young man as you such good, kind, tender is necessary for me, I think, that the most important in life is love, as though you were not rich all the same at you will not be, love such sincere as at us you. I hope, that at us with you all to develop, and we shall live long and happily. I live, as well as wrote before in city of Moscow it is capital of Russia is very big city with the population in ten millions person. Fairly I now would like to go to you but alas there is no money, at me consider the salary of 500 dollars of 200 dollars I send mum, 150 dollars for an apartment we pay also the others 150 on personal charges so money does not suffice many money leaves on a meal. There is no I do not know that Russian girls so deceive, from these swindlers we suffer real girls, in Moscow I heard there was a session of the Interpol so them will not be fast. If it is fair, I practically do not look cinema as I do not have not enough time, come from work and at once to sleep, like Jack& a tub. I too very strongly love football my your favourite command it Shelsi because our Russian Roman Obramovish so main, Everton too a good command at you so in England well are a fan of commands is simply healthy. It is time to me to go, see you soon.

I wait for your fast letter!

Yours Rimma

Letter 6

Greetings my dear and loved Keith

I am very happy to receive from you your simply remarkable letter, really it is very pleasant for me. Today I have taken day off on work today have passed on park and so it would would be desirable to pass with you. You tell me you me you like??? As I have come from park, there was such strong rain already at us in a court yard trees have broken. 150 $ dollars I spend on myself but believe it very little, the cosmetics, clothes, cinema to descend in theatre, on a feed leaves much. Roman Abramovicha I simply support it, according to MASS-MEDIA it is going to buy Marseilles Olimpik. My dear I very strongly would like to meet you when we shall meet you??? I would like that you more quickly with me have met!

Yours Rimma

P.s My dear and loved for me very much the meeting is important you for me began of whom I dreamed all life. Loved(liked,favourite) I want to meet you more quickly!

Letter 7

Greetings my dear and loved Keith

I am very happy to receive from you your message, to me is fair very pleasantly that I have found you my favourite and future husband. I very much regret that you have such rains it simply horror, at you simply elements storm, how many houses have flooded simply horror. I love you and always there will be only with you my favourite kitten. I am already simple I can not without you you my sun, to me to become alone one I want to arrive to you more quickly. My dear yes I heard, when I on what site sat in a chat and communicated with one American that spoke me that there are such swindlers, who god of them is very a pity to me deceives people in such a way will punish c?y they so sin you see it is all will return to them. Dear in the fast future I shall be only with you and i?eea?o to you you my star, there would be I a bird I have arrived(flied) to you without any handicapes. I LOVE YOU And YOU ONLY MINE.

Yours Rimma

Letter 8

Hi my loved Keith!!!

How at you an affair? How your mood? I hope, that at you all is good, that you had remarkable time.

Lovely I, you began me for this time which we with you are copied by very expensive person. And I at all do not know, who except for you to me is more dear than all on light. I do not know, how you live, you do not know, how I live. But nevertheless, me you seem, that my destiny because for this time I have very much got used to you, I constantly think of you, I wait with impatience each your letter, and with the great pleasure I read each your letter. You, probably, think, as it you became me very expensive(dear) the person, you see you are far from me, between us with you very big distance. Yes, it is our biggest problem.Dear mine I now can take holiday and arrive to you my dear, you see we of it both want loved(liked,favourite) mine iineae to me more the photos, you simply best the man.

But we you see can reduce with you this distance, you can arrive to me, here to Russia where I shall meet you where I shall show you as I live, what beautiful our country, or I can visit you at you in the country where I can learn how you live. It would be wonderful to meet. I understand, that at you work. And I do not want, that you lost her(it), you see it is your life. Then it would be much better, if I arrived to you. You would like to meet me at yourself? I with the great pleasure would see your country, at you now, probably, very warmly, in comparison with Russia. It would be fine for learning each other closly, better. I have fallen in love with you, with each your letter, I understood, that you the remarkable person, that with you it is very good me. When I read your letters, at me is cheered up, and I would like to see you, I would like to meet you to learn, see your world. I very much grieve without you. Each person has world, there is a house, work where it works, and it is very interesting to me to learn, how you live, than are engaged to feel your heat, your love, your tenderness. You understand, when I do not receive your letter when I do not know, how at you an affair, what your mood, to me it becomes awfully boring, and when I receive your letter, to me becomes cheerful. I am very happy, that I have got acquainted with you. I believe, that soon we with you can meet to continue our attitudes, only it will be much better, than simply to correspond. You are very expensive to me, you are close and I think, that you will be the fine father of our children, that we with you will have happy family.

Lovely mine, I think, that you will be the remarkable husband, the remarkable father of our children. And I shall be glad to meet you. And my parents will not be against you. My mother is happy, that I have got acquainted with you.

Loved mine, I very much want to see you, I want to meet you. And to begin rather serious attitudes. You will be the remarkable lover, the husband. And I really want to meet you.

Native mine, you can learn cost of the ticket of my travel to you???

I hope, that you will write already soon to me. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.

I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you!

Yours Rimma

Letter 9

Congratulations my love Keith!!!

My Love, I very urgently love you.

Love mine, I very urgently love you. My Love, I, each day thinks of you, I each dream of day as we with you, should live together. You are very necessary for me, I still have never met such fine person, as you. Without you I can not and live and minutes. My Love, you are necessary for me as air. You know, that without air any person can not live, even the strongest and as I can not live without you.

My Love, I very much iai??a? without you. I would like to arrive to you more soon and to remain with you on all life, to care of you, to love you.

My Love, my mother ia?aaaaoAan huge congratulations. You know, yesterday that we spoke with my mother about us with you. She speaks me, that you the remarkable person, you represent the person, that you is very urgent, loves me. I have told this, that I know, that you love me. And in us with you mutual love. I very urgently love you, and I want to be with you, and only with you. My Love, I do not spend far from you. I want to be faster with you.

If the opportunity would be in me, I have thrown all and right now would sit in the plane and have arrived to you. I very much love you, I can not live without you.

My Love, you my LION. I very much iai??a? without you. Before going to bed I think of you when I go to a bath I, I think of you when I am lifted, early in the morning think of you. My most reserved dream it is faster to see you. And I am very pleased, which is fast my DREAM which will be executed is, and we with you shall be together. And it will be the happiest day in my life. I very urgently love you. My dear and love when to me, to arrive to you??? When you can help me money??? LOVEDI in me - only 300 dollars, but this money would not be, satisfy me what to arrive to you! I am very pleased, that it I can to arrive to you! Dear mine I want you, we shall be caiiaouny a floor all day, we execute with you a lot of time, only you and me!

I am going to look through some my photos to send them to you. That you felt me close to you directly. You understand me which I want to see photos especially for you, that you had more than my photos. Soon I shall send you a few(a little,little bit) lot of a photo. My Love, all for the sake of you! I want to show, that all from you like to you as I can. It is a pity, that now I am not close to you. Dear mine I very strongly love you and I want to arrive to you, I loved(liked) mine spoke with mum and she is very glad for us and our love, I have told that I shall arrive to you, I loved mine understand that that you want to arrive too. I think that you will be agree and can help me on the visa to me money I will suffice remained only on the ticket and the insurance already went to travel agency. I think you will concede to me and I shall arrive to you. to ME oi?aouny to have a rest at you and to carry out(spend) with you the sea of time to love you, just we with you shall go on matches, at you the championship already begins in two weeks, I love you! I so urgently want to be with you, that all my feelings to not write on a paper to not express in the letter. You will see everything when we shall meet you. I shall show all love, and our love will be envied by many. I want to love you and to similar. I know, that you love me. And I am very pleased, I am happy. You have presented me love, you have shown me as it is possible to love. You cautious, you the remarkable person. And I was more with anyone, I do not want to be, if not you, I want to be only with you. With you it is good me, with you I feel the happiest girl on all basis.

Nobody is necessary for me if not you, you are necessary for me, and only you.

I very much love you. And I have more if not you than anyone - not existing. Nobody is necessary for me. I love only you.

On it I finish the letter. Now I should go home which my mother did not worry.

. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.

I like, I ionoonoao?, it am gentle also furiously whole you.

Yours Rimma

My data

Underground Marino
Street Ferry 3-231
Smirnova Rimma Martinovna

P.S. I LOVE YOU, And ONLY YOU. NOBODY IS NECESSARY for ME. In ME ANYONE - NOT EXISTING. I WANT TO BE With YOU, And ONLY With YOU. I VERY MUCH LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 10

Greetings my dear and loved Keith

I am very happy to receive from you your letters, your letters for me as a drink of air without which I can not live and day. Loved as at you an affair??? Dear mine at me an affair not so I very strongly miss you my heart is broken off on a part, I am already simple I can not without you, without your love and caress. I want to be only with you, on work I can not work I think only of you, but dream that I shall come to you, at me all the same remains, I am very much upset with such your letter. I never told lies because I from the childhood had parents strict, in 3 months of me christened, and after that I each month go to church, I recently went, would pray for you that at us with you all has turned out and that all would be good, I very strongly want to arrive. I want to arrive to you because for the new world new the man and new life will open. I want only you and anybody more except for you. I simply at all do not look at other men and for me simply for nothing are not necessary, you only mine and I only yours. I very strongly sympathize you that you had such tragedy that have simply deceived you, my uncle the colonel of militia 677 Moscow police station, it one of these days came us with mum to visit and it the groom has asked me if at me, I have told it that there is at me you it that all over again was indignant that as so, that here such as can not find, I have told it that I love you it was glad for us. And I have asked that the uncle that deceive foreigners ithave told what yes there are such groups of swindlers at which there are all girls, telephone conversations at them special that would talk to them, there are girls which remove money and work search on different sites they are teenagers, the uncle has told that we have caught a plenty of these swindlers, at them very harmonious command which are engaged in it. And to me to tell lies there is no sense, to me admit money these for nothing are not necessary that them to steal at the person to incur the big sin, it is not necessary to me. Any such case it was not fixed in Moscow deceit. Dear you can help me money???? My dear excuse but I do not have opportunity to arrive to you on the means I with pleasure but alas there is no money I like and I think that at us all will be good. I think that you believe me also you can send me money, I madly love you. To me on light is more dear than you anybody is not present. I think that you have understood me and will make a correct choice.

Yours and for ever Rimma

Letter 11

Greetings the my dear and future husband Keith...

I am very happy to receive from you your letter, my dear write to me each day to me very strongly there are no your letters they for me a drink of air, understand it my loved, I can not live without them. I would know loved, what problems at me that is at us in family, I shall tell you, because I trust you. My dear my father had firm engaged in wholesale purchases and togas further. It the has opened business 1994 and at us all was good, I was and in Spain, Finland, Greece, I was small all was simply excellent. And to one moment has gone big revolutions in wholesale branch, and to us competitors began to come and to threaten, daddy of me has sent to my grandmother who lives in city Gelendgik. All I shall not write because simply to cry at a meeting if she will be completely I shall tell but I hope that will be. After that daddy 3 years back has taken the credit because all goods from him ni?aee and it has incurred enormous losses, and we till now pay the credit now daddy has left from his business and us nearly has not killed. Now I without the phone, without good clothes, without good life. My dear at me plans what to arrive to you to begin new life and I want to become business the woman, believe I know in it sense. My dear and now simply in Russia I can not be any more I want to begin life with a pure sheet, you understand it??? My dear for me 900 dollars it is the big money because I live simply in poverty, understand? For me the most important is love without love where you will like also your partner of you will like and in your life all will be good and in work, and mood will be simply excellent??? A kitten I when did not meet such sincere person as you, you the best the man on it to the ground. Dear mine as at you there it is raining??? In your city all is good??? You likely have had the big losses from for this flooding, to me that is sincerely very insulting that weather has played such malicious joke. Loved I think that all will be good at us you, I want to arrive to you much faster you my star I think of you each second you only mine the man and whose more. I shall wait from you for your letter, with big love Rimma