Letter(s) from Venera Ahmadgalieva to Keith (England)

Letter 1


how are you doing today? i hope you are doing great and fine, how as has the weekend been with you, i hope you and your family have been having good times, i just want you to know that i will really love to know you from the deepest part of my heart, i am a very honest and trustworthy heart, idon't have much time right now, i will have to drop i will be looking forward to read from you soon as you can..

Thanks for the note u sent me on isingles

do get in touch with me soon as you can, my heart is very open in geting to know you, i hope your heart is open... take good care of yourself for now ok..


Letter 2

Hi Keith

it is really nice reading from you, it so nice to reading such wonderfull message from you, it really lovely, well i must let you know that age is just a number ok, what matters is love, if i may ask you are you really ready to settle down, cos i don't need a pretender or heart broke. so how are you doing and how is everything going on there with you?, hope all is okey if so thanx be to God almighty.

i'm art work lady, i sell, buy and design wooden carvs, and an into interior decoration also, i'm a creative person, i like graphics, drawing, painting and using my imagination, this is something which i work on its like a passion/hobbie.

well, i am a very qiute, calm, caring,loving, and passionate someone, i so much believe in honest, i'm full of laughing. am always in happy mood, i'm so friendly and i love being in group of kids. i play a lot and i like jokes, am sometime kidding and i love watching tv,i love being in parties, especially outdoor type, i love singing and dancing, i don't go to bar, but i love candle night.

am looking for a man that will so much appreciate me for who i am, not what i have. a man that will interest in my future not my past, a man that will not take the advantage of my weekness to harm me, someone that is supporting and passionate, i don't know what to say, but i consider myself lucky to meet you on my very first time on the Site, I'm a God Fearing type i believe it's fate that bring us together.

My favorite actor is Nicolas Cage and actresses Kim Bazinger and Julia Roberts, you do have a very wonderfu family and you do have a very good job too, sorry to hear about you mother, i hope she gets well soon.. well tell me more about ur heart and what kind of woman you want in your life.

Me and My Family backgroud, Susan Bill, i am 30 years old, i was born in Coventry West Midland, England, I went to college in Coventry, I'm into interior decorating Designer, i lost my dad 9yrs old, after my dad dead, my mother had to go back to her home town, were she is from, thats a west africa country called nigeria, i guess you know there before? presently, i am on visit to see my mom , but will be coming back to England in the soonest... still want to get some designs that i will need in uk , i will be back in UK.. well lets forget my past bcoz i dont want my past to be a burden to me, i have met friends and love ones but none of them have show me true love in the past, i learn not to love again but it's an obligation we must consider, I learn not to be infatuated with anything of the world, but to be sincere with you i found you so tend to meet you but i will appreciate if we maintain this mutual communication bcoz i believe friendz grow out of love, bye for now and hope reading from you soon.

Bye now Hoping to hear from you again.

Your DearestOne


Letter 3

Hi keith,
How are you doing today? fine i hope so.. Good knowing little more about you, and hope you be that right one for me cos want i need is a man who is really wanting to settle down, i mean not an Impostal but a really man that will love and appreciate me for who i am and not what i am on the outside part of me..

Anyway just reminding you again that i am in nigeria with my mom, so if you think the distance isn't a problem for us now, cos to me i don't care about the distance, what matters is what the heart hold for each other. You sound like a nice heart, i will be waiting to get to see your picture soon, well i know you older than me, i would love to know what you thing talking a someone younger, for me it's the heart that count, i dont care about the age, do you have kids? tell me so much about yourself, i really would like to read your next note so i will be waiting so much to read it, ask me anything from your heart that u want to know okay,becos i want you to know inside and out of me.

have you done anything special this week, for me yes mailing you and geting to read from you is so very speacil to me , i thank you so much from my heart, May God bless you so much, i have to tel her about you that i just found a good friend, about my mom, she is very understanding, kind, caring , sure a wonderful mother, since my i lost my father she has been there for me, and i love her so much, i do tel her every day, sometime she ask me if i will not get married, i tell her anytime she ask that my faith will help me out in that becos married is not a today thing, so i am parying for someone that will love me for me, for who i am, she really want to see me get married, well i have to go for now, i hoe to reading from you so much from my heart, i still say thank you so much for the note you send me, looking out in geting so much kind note from you , wish you the best of everything,.. the time out here is 8:01pm, cooking some food for my mom so when she gets back, she will see what to eat, i will tell you more about nigeria when next i mail you okay , its really nice outr here, everything, i am droping now.

Take good care of yourself and be bless, looking out to read from you soon, it should be night out there by now , wish you a good night sleep.



Letter 4

I really like your name so much keith i think you so much for the kind notes that you send me, i really do appreciate reading from you so much, i hope all is well with you, family and work out there , if so pls give thanks to God almighty.

It's been really sunny out here, hot but last nite was cold okay...I told my mom about you so much, she did not say anything more than (I WISH YOU THE BEST) i don't have much time staying out here in nigeria , before two weeks i will be back , Marriageis two people becoming one, and no oe should put or can put end to it, it's morning out here and i will be going to do some things later, i am not either rich or famous too but wnat i want is to be happy and geta good life, i really have a good night sleep last night i hope you had good sleep too, well if you dream will you mind telling me about it?? it really bad tp hear that the flood has made so much people homeless, i hope the flood stop soon so everything can be better for everyone

when i get back to uk i would really love to meet you okay , i wil let you know so we know how to meet up, I just wanted to let you know that we've been through so much in our lives, honestly I've never believed that there was that Special Someone until I met you. I've been hurt many times before, and I didn't know if I could handle anything at the time ... until you came to find you, you more than anything, with a good heart, i just want you to know .

I was really touch reading from you so much from my heart, you sure a nice and wonderful man, well i have been thinkin so much about your heart, i know it's more then words can show, very special, don't worry faith will make way for you heart so much, i have to go now, i am droping here now, do take good care of yourself, friendship is what make love becoming married okay ..

Lots of thank you so much.



Letter 5

Keith Daling

I hope you are not in the Flood,, Keith What further words can describe what we have together? I took with every beat of my heart. Words can no longer describe it, i really thank you so much for your kind notes you send me, from the deepest part of my heart, i appreciate everything from you so much, i just wish i could describe my heart for you, or i could express how i feel, i was sleeping last night thinking about everything, thing about you, how so special you are, you more than anything i have evern come to know in this life.

I hope you doing great out there dear, hope everything is fine, how is workgoing? do let me know and your femily too.. give thanks To God. Although we've never met, I feel as if I know you well. I knew that there was something special about you, you've touched my heart with you loving kindness, your joy and happiness, i wish you the best of everything you do out there, You entered my thoughts and magically erased all of my fears with your sweet and caring ways. Now I look forward to each day and feel so much at ease with you.

I'm so grateful that we're able to share everything with each other. It truly seems as if you're a part of me. Keith , it's really sunny out here, but that much hot, about 7:01am out here now.. i don't have anywere to go, just have to do some designs for myself, keeping myself busy for today, i could send you some of my works that i did, if you sould like them when you get it , just let me know, some drawing, painting and some other arts works.

thank you so much for your prayers towards me, i pary the same for you , God will give you the strenght so keep you save, and watch over youin your studys okay, i have to go now, i really need to eat something now, my mom is out now so i think doing some home works , some works for myself well keep busy.. when i finish i will watch a Movies called The Legend of Zorro and Just Like Heaven.. read some books too. i know you will love reading? well they is a book that i am reading now, i love reading the book called, the lady, her lover and her Lord, my Bishop T.D. Jakes.

I have to drop here now, i have so much things to do, i will be waiting with hope and faith in geting to read from you again, do take good care of yourself abd be save, have nice time where you are right now. lots of thank you from a very special heart that cares about you so much..



Letter 6

My Dearest One Keith

I most let you know that i am Very sorry about your mother condition, I have been praying so much for her, i hope she gets well soon, My mother sent her greetings to you and your mother she said she hopes your mother get ill soon, thank you so much for the wonderful picture of you that you sent me, you really look so cute and great, i just keep on looking at the photo.

Thanks for the wonderful note you sent me, thank you so much for everything dear, i hope you doing fine out there, hope everything is going great and well, not yet still reading the book okay when i finish it i will let you know, tell you about it.. i know you would love to here about it, it's really good reading books like it, well it's about female, about ourself, about being good to your husband, beeing faithful and standing by him, and above all God.. about puting God frist in your marriend and things that you do to keep your married last,am looking for a man that will so much appreciate me for who i am, a heart that will love me for who i am, someone that we trust me, understand me, love me with all is heart, honest, faithfulness, caring and kindness, someone that i would alway look at my side and see him standing by me, someone that i can love with all my heart, someone that knows the worth of a wife and kids, that would rsie a good family to the end in good times and bad times, someone that is supporting and passionate, i consider myself lucky geting in knowing you, I look forward to that very blessed day that i would get to met you.

Dear, i have the feelings inside my heart that our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one, I'm talking about fate here when feelings are so powerful it's as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams, it's so much thinking i have been doing since i sent you the last note, thinking so much about how you doing? i hope you have eating something? i am a very Good cook, i will look for you when i meet you, i love doing it, i have alway put what my mom told me in my heart that married is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.

Historical Fact Keith, I was born in Coventry Westmidland, When my father died, my mother came back to africa and i spend some years with my my father friend before he died to i would be able to School in the uk so afther that i came back to out here to stay with my mother because i had no one well i have alway wanted me and my mom to relocate to england so we can be staying out there together, i really want to say thank you so much for your willingness i would let my mom know about it so i can be relocated to the uk and we be able to met and spend to much good times together, I really want you to know from the deepest part of my heart i would alway do appreciate everything that you would do in helping us to relacate to the uk, the only that it will take us it the financial aspet, we can get our visa back in coming back to the uk that would be had, we need to get some things ship to the uk and buy our ticket okay well i would be waiting to read from you on that, i will talk to my mother now about it too ok let you know when i read from you.

i Give thanks for giving so much, for giving me a very specal heart, and i don't want to share that with someone that will not know the worth of it, want to share it with someone that will appreciate it so much that to the end, my day has been a good, great, my mom she is out now but she is fine thank you so much, i am just bored just me alone at home writing you this note, i really hope you get it in Good condition of life, i hope you not bored, well it's really been raining out here this afternoon, speaking about my works, i have always work so hard, just praying for God blessings, i am very happy that you like them, thanks for your paryers.. it's really been a nice day reading from you too.

wish I could see through your eyes so I would know what you like to see. I wish I knew your wishes, so I could give you everything you want. I wish I dreamed the same dreams you do, we could make them come true. I wish I knew what makes you happy, so I could make you the happiest person in the whole world. And lastly, I wish I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart, you are so very special, i well tell my mom when i get back, i have to go now, i don't really have much things doing today, going back reading now okay, pls do take good care of yourself and leave God to make way for you, things well come out good okay, just believe, try and eat something too.. lots of thanks from my heart, eat something nice and drink good water



Letter 7


It's 10:52pm out here, i was just thinking about you so i wanted you to know.. well i would say good night now but before i drop, MY FAVORITE football team is Chelsea, I hope to read from you soon


Letter 8

My Dearest Keith

Two adults should be able to sit down and discuss any problems that may occur,There is so much things you have told me with your mail that i was wondering if you were reading what i want from my heart, it's really good reading from you so much, in geting to know that you are doing well with works, houses, eating good foods, drinking good water, having good time, being happy, well making a heart happy is making yourself happy too, My ideal first date too i would it to be as you have said it a Supper with candles a stroll hand in hand along the beach under the stars with sun setting on the horizon I can think of nothing more romantic, it's so wonderful i most let you know that, from a distance keith you find your way into my heart i most let you know, you have giving me so much great joy and blessing to wake up evermorning to look up to tomorrow, So my perfect Special man would be Loyal, Passionate, Loving, Honest, Believe, Kindness, Understanding, Compassionate, Affectionate, Happy, Caring, Trust, Ture, a good Father that will love me and his kids from the first day to the last day, i need that man that would be my future husband that our family would be a special family with love and trust, that i would stay with all the rest of my live with the kids, someone that will love me from the deepest part of his heart, that will stand and love with trust, faith and understanding, For better or for worse, In sickness or in Health keith you do have me my yourside too, i do like most foods too, i am a very good cook keith, good to know the kind of foods that you do like eating, i could make some Italian, Chineese and some traditional English food is good too, sounds like your Morning is a very great one, you woke up from bed, Shower and nice cup of tea to your start day, your breakfast usually two eggs poached on toast, i wish i could be the one to make all those for you when you wake up in the morning, it's been raining out here since yesterday till this morning but not that much, i stated my day with doing some things in the house i need to keep the house clean.

Keith i would really love to meet you when i come once i get back to uk, as you know it would be a very good blessing having me around on your brithday., My Birthday is Oct 12 Libra, I love musicals so much, I love Natashe Bedingfield, Avant, Lemar, Uaher, R.kelly, Reuben Studdard, Nally furtado, dolly parton, Lionel Richie, Bryan Adams, Micheal Bolton, Roxette, Mary J Bliege, Gabrielle , westlife and so much more, i want you to find a musical cd called SEAL IV by Seal, listen to the song called Love's Divine on the CD okay or listein to a song called I call it Love by Lionel Richie its in his new CD okay, I hope your day has been a very good once for you since you left home in the morning and as u told me that you would be coming back home at 07.30pm at night, I want you to know that from my heart that i am praying for you in anything that you do for it to come out good, alway remember to pray, good good, eat something nice and drink good water, yes i do belive in stars, do you? as i know u are leo, well what more to know about my life you have know much about myself anything u want to know about my life u can ask me, well for relastion i have been with just one man in my life and we did not have anything together, i have alway wanted a very faithful good heart, i am a God fearing heart, were i live out here is just a nomal place, it's alway good to know how life is, i am not a rich girl i only pray for someone that would love me for who i am, i know i am a very good looking lady as my mother alway tell me that every morning that i am blessed with beauty lol, I love Football so much as i alway watch my team play on tv for now we draw our last match we played 1-1, i love Golf too, Basketball and Hand ball, i loev going to music concerts too, i have seen Akon, Usher, Jay Z, Joe, Puff Daddy , Mary J Bliege, and some more of them, i have seen some africa musical actors too.

Keith Once i arrive in England it would be a very great thing giving you so much hugss and so much times that we share together, well do let me know if you would still help me in geting back to the UK so i can get to the travelling agncy offlice out here and let you know how much it would cost me and my mother well as for my mother she said that she would join me once i am gone to the uk because i have really talked to her that we should stay in the uk together so when i get married in the uk she would be albe to be seing my husband face to face okay so she can see the joy of her heart, blessing is all we asked for in our life, i naver want to foget about love, faith and trust in my life, in Gods hand were is started i know it would blessed my heart and bless me when i marry, I have alway know and i ihave the feelings that you are that heart that i have alway been looking for for a very long time, i just pray it's u, i have alway look forward to that very good day that i would get to see my Kids and my Husband by myside..

Keith, I really have to drop right now as i have been working so much today in geting the house clean and i need to take my shower again, eat something, i hope to read from you soon as you can okay, please do take good so much, have a very wonderful and great day, I pray for Gods blessing in your life. Stay Save..

Hugs and Kissess, I wish u a very wonderful weekend

From Yours Faithfuly


Letter 9

Hi My Daling Sweet Keith,

I have been looking out reading from you so much from my heart, I am very blessed to read from you so much from the deepest part of my heart, I hope you are doing great and fine out there today, I hope your night was a very wonderful one, Keith Yes i am a British Citezen sweetheart, Yes my passport is British but my mom is not but it would not be had for her geting a Visa coming to the UK okay, well i need to do it's take her passport to the British Embassy, she has been to ukk before not once so it would be had for her and you know she is married in UK too, well for me all i need is to buy the ticket that's all, Keith all i need you to do it's help me in geting the money that we will used to buy the tickets and shipp some of our goods to uk, i would get back in touch with you when you mail me later ok to give you the amount that the tickets will cost okay and the amount the we will used to shipp the good, that's all i need keith the rest i would do everything i really want to get back to uk so we can get to share something more special keith, i am looking forward to that very special day i would get to meet you so much it would be a very lovely happiness to my heart, it's could out here right now and the time is 11:05 I would have to take my shower now okay me and my mom would be going to the Embassy now so when i get back i hope to read from you soon okay.. i have been out here for sometime now, i came out here last year Nov. My adderss is 34 Campbell street, Island, Lagos 23401, Nigeria, how about yours? i would be looking forward reading from you okay, well do act fast sweetheart so i will tell you how you will send the money for the tictets and the shipping okay, well you can send it thru western union money transfer okay, i will let you know how much they cost okay WHEN next i read from you soon, please do take good care of yourself so much, eat something nice , look wonderful, drink goos water, be blessed from your heart, be save and stay in faith, i care about you so much and i can wait to show you how much you mean to me and my heart..
Kisss and huggs from yours dearestone

Letter 10

Keith Daling

I have been looking out reading from you, I hope you are doing great and fine out there, it's late out here right now, i just can sleep, thinking so much about you and i want to send you the note to tell you that i am thinking about you, I hope the note get to you in Good Condition of life.

I would be waiting to read from you soon as you can, i hope you got the last note i sent you.

Please do take good care of yourself so much and stay blessed.. Kiss and Huggs from my heart

Susan yours sweetheart