Letter(s) from Elena Danilova to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Keith!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I want to tell to you, that I am very glad to see your letter in my mailbox.
My heart starts to beat strongly from it. I very much happiness,
That I can spend with you so much time, my love.
I want to tell, that I shall like to spend with you time very much.
I think about it and these ideas not allow rest to my heart.
Because I have a lot of excitement. I very much wait our meeting.

I have good news. All documents for arrival are ready. And I am ready to come to you.

I have money but it would not suffice what to buy tickets.
I have checked up flights to this week. The air ticket costs 900 US dollars.
This sum include road to you and back.
I to want to take only one ticket up to you, but I have made the tourist visa and consequently it is necessary to buy the second ticket.
Unfortunately i don't have money for the return ticket.
It is necessary to me 500 US dollars on this week. Because I should reserve tickets during a week.
Only you can help me with this situation.

I think about you each minute my life. And I am very glad,
That i have you and we shall be together soon.
Now I go and wait the answer from you. A kiss and love, yours Elena.