Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Krulova to Ron (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Ron, I do not know how I could live without you and your I could live and breath....I need you and I need you more every day!!!!! You are my SUN!!!!You are my AIR!!!! You are my LOVE!!!!!I always think of you and wonder what you are doing now....I kiss you....I send you many sweet kisses...DO YOU FEEL THEM???Your last letter was so ****!!!!!! I like when you talk this way....I see that you like my!!!! I know what you mean....and I like that you write what you think!!!! Today is the 11 th of May and ...It is quite warm in Omsk...There are green leaves on the treeses and first spring flowers are appearing....I like dandelions! They are like small yellow suns!!! Summer is coming....and it means that we will meet soon....right?I have come to the agency and there are so many women here who plan to meet their men this summer....They are so happy talking about the meeting. It is an ordinary day ......a day-off in Russia... I am staying at home and cleanning and washing...
I am baking a chokolate cake with nuts and apples. I wish you were here,honey.
We would walk and enjoy the warmth of the day and rays of the sun.
Evening would be romantic...DA????
Thoughts of you occupy every waking moment of my day and haunt my dreams. I need you. If my words alone could explain how I feel, each letter of each word would burn passionately day and night, forever! Today, I felt you were close enough to touch, to hold hands, to hear your voice in my ear. There is no doubt in my mind today and there has never been any doubts that you should be my man. I hope you understand my thoughts and what I'm telling you, Dear. I believe you understand that you are the man I care about more than anyone else!!!!!!!! love,
Svetlana. ps Honey,as for a phone....I know that there is a phone at the manager's office but we can not use far as I know the agency did not pay for the phone that we used...I will inform you when we can talk...ok?I also miss your voice!
Letter 2

Dear Mr.Ron , Miss Svetlana Krylova can not communicate with you now because she did not pay agency month fee .When she pays it she will be able to write you. Best regards.
Letter 3

Dear Ron, How are you? Thank you for your message....Honey, you must come here to understand our life better.....there is not Internet in the villages...I am sincere with you...and if I had a computer at home or just a cell phone it would be easier to communiacte with you....I needed money and I decieded to go to the village to weeded potatoes and beets.I know that it is hard for you to understand some of my actions and our reality but it is our life.When you decieded to send me a cell phone I told you that I would not get it...You did not listen to me I did not get it...and I am sure that I would not get it.I tried to explain you that it is useless to send it but you did not listen to me...You asked me to find a way to talk...and I must find it...most of my friends are having vacations and enjoying the sun and the sea....why did not you listen to me...I know that you wanted to send me " surprise" ...... You know I picture often how I am meeting you at the nearest airport in Omsk. You will be getting off the plane and walking into the arms of the woman that you are going to spend your life with. I think of this all the time and of the things that we will do while you are with you.I can show you my home city as well as introduce you to my family. When I stop writing you I will meet one of my friends.At the moment,she has separated from her husband and she needs a friend to help her. It is pleasure to help people and to cheer them up when I can. I enjoy helping people, it is what I was put on earth to do. I will leave it there for tonight and I hope you are as exited to read this as I was writing it. I do miss you with all my being and I hope that you fell the same way.
Untill next e-mail, I kiss you and sweet dreams. Svetlana.
Letter 4

My darling Ron, Hope this message finds you safe, happy, and thinking of us.....Sounds like you miss me very much!!!!! Do you long to hold me? Touch me? Feel my warmth??? Now you understand how I always think of you!!!! Honey, I am so sorry for not writing you for a while but I was sick...when I get your cell phone we would communiacte more frequently! It was so cold in Omsk that I cought the is unusual for me but it did happen.
My cold is finally starting to go away. I have had it now for some days.I still cough sometimes, which keeps me up at night. Maybe kissing will help...what do you think? Your last letter has originated from very close to your heart. I think you have strong feelings and opinions for our relationship. I hope when we meet, your opinion does not change. I can't wait to look in your eyes and finally hold you, kiss you!!!I do understand everything abotu your work...I will be patient! When we talked by phone, our conversations were as if we are close friends, and have known each other a long time. I am very comfortable with you, and I hope we share the same feelings and thoughts in person. There is a timer on my phone end. The phone line went silent exactly around 28-30 minutes.Anyway, I enjoyed talking and hearing your voice!!!!!!And now the phone is blocked because the agency will have to pay for it.When they pay for it we will be able to talk. So darling, how was your day?? Was the weather nice?
Here it is beginning to get warm now.Our country will celebrate The Victory Day on the May 9th so there are so many decorations and flags everywhere! There will be a fireworks.Do you like fireworks. Many movies avout The Second World War are presented on TV...and many TV programmes about historical events.
Usually the military parades are held in many Russian town and in Moscow.
I think that such holidays make us think about our past and history. Your last letter was wonderful. Thank you so much darling. Write more, please. Sweet dreams.... Svetlana
Letter 5

My darling Ron, How are you??? You ask me if I would like to travel with you.SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I dream of being with you!!!!!Thank you for your nice message...I like reading your letters because you are very open and tender with me......Today is May is my birthday...I wish you were here...because you can meet my parents and my friends...They will congratulate me...and I will smile but I will not be happy because you are not with me....There are 25 candels on the cake...but I am not happy because you are so far away from me...I am so missing of you...Honey, I can not write you a long letter today because my guests are waiting for me at home....I know that we will be together one day...and I will be the happiest woman in the world...when we meet! love, Svetlana.
Letter 6

Dear Ron, Thank you for your letter!!!! I feel that you like Germany or I am wrong???!!!!!It would be nice to meet there but it is not easy to get a visa.The easiest way is to meet in Poland or Czech !!!! I would like to meet in Czech.If you want I can send you a phone number of the travel agency and you will contact them.Honey, it is unbelievable but my father wonders when we meet!!!!!!! He can see now that our relation is very serious and we have been corresponding for a long time!!!!!You have no idea how I dream of us being together....spending nights and mornings together....having supper ouside sipping red wine...and looking at one another...without saying a word...Honey, why you are so far away???? I close my eyes and can hear your voice...I close my eyes and I feel you beside...I want to be with you as soon as possible!!!!!! You are so close to me...just in Germany and we can be much closer if we truly want it and dream about it! Honey,imanige just you and me...TOGETHER!!!! No virtual can feel my warm lips and tender!I do want being with you!!!!!!!! Today is Saturday...It is warm here and I think that our family will go to the village.I like going there because I can relax there....I wish you were here...we could swim is so hot in Omsk!!!!!!
Please, write me even you are very busy!!!!! I am missing of you!!!!! Bye for now....
Letter 7

Dear Mr.Ron , We have recieved your letter and when we read it we all were very confused.The thing is that our agency prepared a German visa for Miss Svetlana Krylova and our manager went to Novosibirsk to obtain it.She must meet a man in Frankfurt and spend 3 months there.We do not have any information on this matter and we are so sorry that you are in this situation and you misunderstood one another.When we meet Miss Krylova and will talk to her our agency will inform you about her answer.We thank you that you wrote us.We try to suppress such actions in our match-making agency but unfortunatly we do not have a right to control and check private correspondence of our clients. Best regards.
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