Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vinogradova to Ross (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Ross!
I think that it is always nice and interesting to meet new people. Now with the help of Internet we have chance to communicate with people all over the world :). I am very glad that i have such chance to write you and introduce myself. I am an open, kind and interesting lady. I have many friends and they say that i have good character and i am very romantic and easy-going. I like romantic walks, sea, sun, nature. I like sport, travelling, being with friends, reading interesting books and visiting museums and theatres. I am here to meet an understanding and honest man who will fill up my heart with love. I need a man who will understand me, support, who will always give his hand when i need it :). I feel that you are such a n and will be very glad to get your letter.
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