Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vinogradova to Nils (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest man, Ulf! Thank you very much for your sincerity. I am glad we feel the same.
I like when the man never grumble about his life, when he solve his problem alone and independent, without woman though feeling her support.
The real man fences his love woman from problems.
I am glad that we know each other.
It is pleasant to realize that you have feeling with man of life principles.
It is truly scarcity in our life!
How do you think what is to meet love?
I think It is meet myself in other man! To see myself in his eyes to feel him, to know when he feels good or bad to be ready always to support him and to be next to him when he needs it.
You know that I don't speak English well, don't you?
It becomes harder and harder to avoid myself to pay for the translations of our letters. I pay $6 for the translation of each letter your letter and then my answer. If you still feel that we can have a chance, please contact
It's address of the best translator firm in our city.
I tried to use computer help, but the translation by it was awful.
I must learn English!!!!!!! I hope we will decide this problem together. You may teach me some English:)
Honey, please do not think that this is some kind of fake like most on the Internet. I don't want this issue to spoil our lives and to take away our hope to be happy. Feel my sweetest kiss....
Your Iren
Letter 2
Dear Sir, Unfortunately we are to inform you that our company will not be able to translate any further correspondence between you and Lady Ira until you cover the translation costs. Your Lady has paid for the translation of several letters and can not pay for your further correspondence. If you are interested and want to have your letters translated, please, contact us and we will send you our terms of payment. Waiting for the information from you.
Yours Faithfully,
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