Scam letter(s) from Elena Protasova to Andy (USA)

Letter 1
Congratulations my new friend! I am very pleased, that you have answered my message. I so am pleased to receive from you the letter. I have decided to write the letter to lives to the first. You certainly ask me why I have decided to correspond to the person from other country? I very much would like to find the friend or friends in other country and to adhere to friendship. You probably agree with me. I hope, that between us there will be serious attitudes, but I think, that time will show. In this first letter from me up to you, I would like to tell to you about my life. I now live in Russia. To me of 26 years. My name Elena. I live in city Kazan. My settlement to be approximately in 750 kilometers from Moscow. Now I work as the Bookkeeper, in one firm on manufacturing and sale of iron doors. It not the big enterprise. I work within several years. I take with registration of a various kind of documents and as calculation and the account of resources of money in firm where I work. You will have certainly questions on my work, and I shall try to answer you as it is possible in more detail in my ambassador of letters for you. About my formation. I have finished the Kazan State university. I have been trained in economic ability. I understand, that you have many questions. But I ask, that you were more patient, and I shall answer all interesting all questions. I hope, that you will understand me, also we shall find common language. I hope, that it will be pleasant for you to receive from me letters. I as shall be pleased to receive from you the letter. I very much would like it, you have written to me as it is possible - more frequently.. In this letter I shall send you my photo. I hope that she to similar you. It will be very pleasant for me. I shall try to send you from me a photo, which in me. I hope, that you will not be against if I shall sometimes use the program of translation, at spelling the letter. I shall study in language under your letters. I hope, that you loved my letter. Today I finish my letter, and I shall wait, when you will write to me. Sincerely yours Elena!
Letter 2
Greetings, think already As you? I hope me, at you all in the order! What weather at you now? I do not hope me that weather we with you to the attitude will influence. Which today at you mood? Today I shall continue to you Erzahlung uber his lives! I had Moglichkeit to visit only Moscow (capital of Russia), but I have dream to go, it is more life abroad and cultures auslandischen than people, to know somewhere close to you. I wanted to discuss something with you. I wanted to learn, how you are engaged on ***? I think, that you this question interests. This question interests all and everyone gegenwartig is especial Manner, in particular, you. I wanted his point of view on account Sexes very much to you erzahlen. I am engaged on *** thus. I only fur serious communications. *** is be relative between the man and the woman moglich, only, if they like each other. And if they are ready for this purpose both vollstandig. Still *** moglich if the man and the woman are in a legal marriage is. Me thus have grown. I am considered thus. And how you think? To me very much the goods it wunschenswert that you thought as, as well as I. I want to you erklaren that I was not easy zugangliche the woman. Me the woman, them are serious communications, and as communications of a marriage interestingly. I hope me for yours Verstandnis Recently to dream I much of serious communications. Uber to a marriage and family. And of what you think now, you disturb what ideas? What is absent at you during a life? I wanted to learn very much. And dream about the person whom I have grown fond, and at the same time it was my spouse. This very serious decision and daruber mu? Think. How you are engaged on love? They tested love fruher? Fur me love, it Gefuhl which helps all people to live glucklich and it is joyful. I think, that each person in the right that I love his love fruh or spat and, that I find, but it should do it. Without love the person cannot live. My heart is free. And I am free. But I want to find so strongly his love. It can be you? We learn a joule each other better and there can be we we konnen each other will grow fond. Everyone are if me normally thus I write? If a little I of you do not do correctly konnen you repair me. I wanted to understand you very much. What do you think anlasslich my letter? I am glad in such a manner that we are written off there thus konnen. It is simply wonderful. We hand over each other questions konnen and we answer them. I want to see your new photo very much. If you it will not complicate, konnen you send your photo to me. I am glad, that everyone like you to my photos. I me bemuhen shall send you still his photos in other letters. I mu? Whether go there my time in the Internet of cafe also to me beschrankt is mu? Leave. But I want to remain to you more and more uber me and to write. But, unfortunately. I shall be pleased to receive the new letter from you. Write to me, I shall wait very much. With kind Gru? en your girlfriend Elena.
Letter 3
Greetings my big and strong love Dustin!!!! I am glad to receive from you such remarkable letter. I so strongly love you and too very strongly I miss you, to me so is lonely as well as you. I so strongly love you. I now write to you and I think of you. I cannot without you I so of you have strongly grown fond. You such careful. I you want to thank that you want to help me. I see, that you too very strongly love me, as you help me, it is very good. I today went to bank in the morning, thank God, that the bank was open. The manager of bank has given us advice to use with you the special American company of remittances « Western Union ». Also has assured, that this campaign the most effective. For transfer of money ie it is necessary to open the bank account, and it is very simple. Besides I do not have bank account as at us rich people have the bank account. That you could send me of money, you should know my name and a surname. (Elena Protasova). I as should know your data, namely your full name and a surname. Your full address of residing. It is very important. I as should know the sum of money which you can send me. As to you in bank will give number of the control over ten figures. When you will go in bank, you will send me all these data. I shall wait. The manager in bank has told, that « Western Union » it is the big world leader in this sphere. So, that I think it is possible to trust completely. All this at first sight seems not difficult. To me if only you to see now though edge of an eye. I so strongly want you to see and embrace you. I shall give you the address of my city and a place of my residence. It the country Russia, 420000, city Kazan, street Lenina, the house 32, number of an apartment 52. Now you know my address. I cannot without you my love. Write to me my love, I shall be glad to receive from you the letter. I shall wait today from you for the letter. I shall write to you. I very strong kiss you. Your love Elena.
Letter 4

Dear mine help me with money I very much you I ask. I want to arrive to you. Send me tomorrow money. I shall wait. Elena.
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