Letter(s) from Vera Noskova to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hello, to you there! I saw your profile and it intrigued me a lot. My name is Veronica, but my close friends prefer to call me Vera. I can promise you that I will be honest with you. You can rely on me any time. I will be your good friend or even something more! The further communication will give us the sign and tell us what to do then! I am a good person to communicate with! I wait for your soonest reply. Many smiles to you Truly Vera. Write me here: verrunchik@gmail.com

Letter 2

Hello, dear!
I? sending you big hello and warm kiss with a ray of light;
I hope that you have a good weather so you could receive it?.
It is a good sign to get your note.
I hope to have the wonderful communication with you.
Do you also want this?!
I wait with the great impatience for your letter to me
Best wishes Vera.
Write me here: verrunchik@gmail.com

Letter 3

Hello, Keith
Thank you very much for the interest to me and letter. Your letter interested me and I hope to hear from you again. You are nice man, I feel this! I have the good intuition. I am 24 years old, single, have no children. I am studying in the University on economy department. I will graduate it in two years. One of my hobbies is Psychology and I read a lot of books about it. I work in little firm as a secretary, because I have to pay for my study by myself.

I live in a little flat in the little town Dzerginskoe(Donetsk region). The city is nice and quite, but I miss my second part! It is so enjoyable to be with the loved person. That is why I am here and want to find my true love or just communication. It would be nice to meet one day. Do you agree with me? I love flowers very much. Especially white lilies and roses. I love sea and beaches, sky and sun... I love life!!! I am a bit of romantic. During the warm spring and hot summer I love to hike, and camp under the stars with that special someone. I love walking in the warm summers rain getting soaked to the skin and holding and kissing. : ) I love walking hand in hand on the beach at sunset, sitting watching the waves break on the shore laying back and gazing at the stars above and enjoying my partner. During the cold winter months you will find me indoors where it is warm. : ) Do you like these things.??? Some more questions for you : ) Are you ready for a serious relationship? What color you like the most? Do you dance? What sort of food and drinks do you like? Do you like to read? Which book you like the most? Why? What kind of music do you like? What are the dreams in your heart? Oh, may be enough!!! : ) I.m sorry, I asking a lot of questions, but I think it.s the best way to discover each other. Well, I.m ending my letter for a now. If you have questions for me I'll promise that I will answer you any (any?! yes, any!) question you ask me of course if you promise will be a gentleman :-)
Best wishes, Vera

Letter 4

Hello, Keith
thank you very much for replying me back!
i was really glad when i have found your letter in my mail box. How are you doing there? I hope you are fine and everything is all right with you and this letter has found you in a good mood. I'm all right and the news from you brightened my mood and now i stay in a perfect spirit.
I would like to tell U a little bit more about what Im looking for - my ideal person so to speak...
But I also would say that it depend as much of the other person, than maybe my self...
but I missing a positive, happy, interested, reflected, grown up and sexy girl in her twenties or maybe begging of her thirties...
- to share common interest
- to talk with, listen to, walk hand in hand...
- to share a good dinner with wine (in front of the fireplace?)
- to explore and to share dreams with
- to share an exciting a loving future filled with love, respect and trust as friends, lovers and partners...

In a relationship I appreciate:
- contact (mental, physic, chemistry, and physical)
- be friends, partners and lovers
- communication (discusses and talking about everything)
- both can appreciate same things (or some things, and have understanding and support for the others)
- loyalty, honestly, respect....
Sometimes fate allows two people to meet and allows as it is their destiny to find each other and be together, I do so hope that we are such a couple as i would be very proud and happy to have you as my future partner. There is so much love in my heart and I want to give it to my loved man. In my heart lives only true and pure feelings. I don't want anyone to play with my feelings and heart. You must promise me that you'll never break my heart and you'll be together with me all the time. I want to learn more and more with each coming letter from you. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I'll be waiting for your soonest reply. with all my best wishes

Sincerely Vera

Letter 5

Hello Keith
I am sure that you are the person whom i look for here and i have found you. I am so thankful to the destiny that it gave me the meeting with you here in the Internet. I could never had an idea that I will like the person via letters so much. I like you more and more with each coming letter from you. I am so thankful that I have you and for everything that you do for me. I will be the happiest person in the world when we will meet with you in the real life. I see that we are common with you especially in our thoughts about love, relations and trust. We have the complete understanding with you, do you agree with me? I think that it is necessary to have the person who will share with you the happiness and grief also. I respect people who stay together in any situation. you can be sure that you will rely on me in any situation, i will never leave you. I will give you all my warmth, tenderness, love, passion, respect, understanding and support. It isn't the empty words you will make sure in it very soon. you have the shoulder of support=mine!!! I love kids you know it and I dream to have them, with you. I will be the happiest woman in the world to have you behind me.
You know, after our correspondence with you I am sure that we are both looking for the same. I know you will agree completely that honesty and communication are very important. AI promise you close and honest, romantic relationship, always fresh and happy. I am very tender person with you i will open myself completely. I believe life must be lived with passion, and that applies also to love. I will love you totally, tenderly, without restraints or barriers.
I love you, need you and miss you
sincerely yours

Letter 6

Hello Keith
Thank you for your letter to me!
I was really glad to get your reply. How are you doing there? How is life? I hope everything is fine with you. I'm all right. How did you spend this time? I've missed you very much. all my thoughts were only about you. Honey, I'm afraid that it is my last letter to you. you see I've got some problems and i need to pay for our corresponding. My limit is over. That's why i write you a small massage. I don't want to bag the money, but i have no choice. I've got now some problems with money, i haven't get my wage yet. I don't want to loose you from my life, you are really very dare to me. I promise that next time I'll try to pay for the correspondence and translating by myself. I do really appreciate if you could help me with it. I feel that you are my man, and if you are really interested in our relations you will help me. I'll be waiting for your soonest reply. i send you many kisses and hugs. With all my best wishes
Truly yours Vera

Letter 7

Hello Keith
thank you for your understanding to my problem. I got to know today how to transfer the money. the easiest and most convenient way to transfer the money is the Western Union. you need to send the money and tell me your address, full name, control number of the transfer, the country where you live. The information that you need from me is

VERA NOSKOVA, Dzerginsk, Ukraine 85200
Street Potyomkina, 7

if you haven't got the Western Union in your country also here is the S.W.I.F.T. it is the money transfer too. Do you have such services in your country? I wait for your soonest reply. i miss you very much and need you in my life. With love