Scam letter(s) from Anna Kurshakova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Rendering of services on the organization of tourist trip Moscow "26"; "07"; 2007. Open Company " Land Travel ", hereinafter referred to as "Executor", on behalf of General director Serganovoj Irina Gennadjevny working on the basis of the Charter (the License ? TD ? 0009404 from March, 18 2002) and Petrov Ivana Maksimovicha, hereinafter referred to as "Customer", on behalf of General director Patrushev Aleksandra Ivanovicha working on the basis of Railwaymen Oleg Pavlovich, have concluded the present Contract as follows:
1.1. The executor undertakes to organize to the Customer tourist trip in USA with the purpose of visiting comrade Michael Papazoglou 1.2. The customer charges to the Executor to provide the following package deal: flight on a route Moscow - Jersey City-Moscow, visa service, registration of the medical insurance on 1-persons: Elena Malinina.
The executor undertakes:
2.1. To give the Customer the undistorted information on trip, and also on rules of stay in the country.
2.2. To carry out booking and payment of services according to the Application.
2.3. After full payment of trip by the Customer to give out to the last necessary documents.
The customer undertakes:
3.1. At registration of trip carefully to familiarize with conditions of service in the country of purpose.
3.2. To give in the terms established by the Executor all trips necessary for registration documents, and also authentic biographical particulars.
3.3. To familiarize with the Typical instruction in process of personal preventive maintenance of infectious and parasitic diseases.
3.4. To make payment of trip to the terms established by the Executor. To respect laws, traditions, the customs accepted in a host country, and also to observe the rules of residing established by administration of hotels. Thus the damage put by the Customer to the accepting party, is compensated by the Customer on a place in full.
4.1. The advanced order with the assignment on realization of booking of hotels is made out signed by the Customer as the Application
4.2 Acknowledgement of the ordered services is made by the Executor within 3 working days from the moment of registration of the Application by exhibiting the corresponding account.
4.3. Before a start at office of the Executor or it is direct in day of a start at the airport the Customer receives the package of documents including the voucher and other typical documents.
5.1. Cost of service of business trip makes 1720 $
5.2. At the conclusion of the present contract the Customer pays full cost of trip by transfer of means to the settlement account of the EXECUTOR.
5.3. All payments according to the contract are made in roubles.
5.4. The cost of trip specified in the public offer of the Executor, can be changed. However, completely having paid trip to terms according to item 5.1., having received acknowledgement of the order, the Customer receives guarantees of its constant cost, except for cases of essential changes (sharp fluctuations of the exchange rate of national currencies or the changes caused by force-majeur circumstances).
5.5. The customer has the right to make changes to already reserved trip if changes do not entail penal sanctions or increase in cost.
6.1. Change of booking or refusal of trip is made in written form by the person who has signed the Application.
6.2. At full refusal of the Customer of the paid trip and cancellation of the Contract or at impossibility of realization of trip on the part of the Customer the Executor carries out monetary return within 20 working days minus cost of the penalty. The size of penal sanctions on ground service is established depending on term of refusal of trip:
In time from 21 till 15 day - 25 % of the price of ground service abroad
In time from 14 till 11 day - 50 % of the price of ground service abroad
In time from 10 till 3 day - 75 % of the price of ground service abroad
In time less than 3 day - 100 % of the price of ground service abroad.
6.4. At occurrence of situations when the hotel refuses the Customer in accommodation in reserved and confirmed number, the Executor gives the Customer number in similar or higher hotel on a class without any indemnifications of payments of the Customer that cannot serve as the reason for submission of the claim.
6.5 During carrying out of exhibitions, festivals and other mass actions hotels expose 100 % the penalty at refusal of the reserved services.
7.1. The executor bears the responsibility for discrepancy of given services to treaty obligations, and also for discrepancy of the given services to the standard standards of the country of purpose and to the requirements determined by common sense.
7.2. In case of infringement of obligations, the Executor undertakes to compensate full cost of idle service and to compensate mental cruelty according to the current legislation, but no more than 10 % from a total cost of trip.
7.3. The claim is considered unreasonable if the volume of the half-received service is not confirmed in the voucher of the client with the signature of the representative of the accepting party, and also in case of discrepancy of service to unreasonable expectations of the Customer and his value judgment.
7.4. The executor does not bear the responsibility in the following cases:
- Infringements by the Customer of positions of the present contract
- At refusal in departure wrong registration of the passport
- For a delay or refusal in delivery by embassy of the entry visa, thus consular gathering
To return is not subject.
- Not absence, delay to a place of gathering
- For actions customs, boundary, registration, etc. services " Aeroflots "
- For a delay of a start, an arrival, replacement of types of the plane, a cancellation of flights and changes of other conditions of airtransportation. (the Responsibility for performance of these conditions bears a carrier. The firm renders only assistance to the Tourist in purchase of air tickets.)
- For safety of luggage of the Customer during his transportation. (the Responsibility lays on a carrier, and in the rest of the time on the owner of luggage)
- For safety of values and documents of the Customer
- For performance of obligations of the insurance company at approach of an insurance case
- For independent change by the Customer of conditions of the service, entailed behind itself additional expenses, and also payment of accounts of the Customer for additional charges over beforehand stipulated service
8.1. According to an item 10 Laws of the Russian Federation « About bases of tourist activity of the Russian Federation » claims from the Customer are accepted within 20 days after returning the Customer from foreign trip. The answer to claims goes not later than 15 days after its reception.
8.2. The claim to consideration is not accepted, if by the Customer is not undertaken any measures for the decision of a problem on a place (the reference to representatives of the accepting party or the Executor).
8.3. Disputes under the given Contract are resolved by the parties by carrying out of negotiations.
8.4. At absence of the mutual arrangement disputes under the present Contract are considered in Arbitration court of Moscow.
The present Contract operates from the date of his signing till the moment of the termination of trip.
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