Scam letter(s) from Olga Kovalenko to Karlfried (Netherlands)

Letter 1
hello my dear one.i will be very happy if you send me an email and i am also going to reply seccessfully with some lovelly pics that i think you will like very email address is and to see your lovelly mail.take care and bye for now.
Letter 2
hello my dear one,i would be so happy to see your email and i am going to reply back with some lovelly pics of mine.i know you will like them very much so pls if you want us to get in touch just send me an email.MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS and to hear from you soon.........................Take care and bye for now.
Letter 3
Hello my are you doing today?its been my greatest pleasure to read your lovely and interesting mail today. truelly speaking, my dad was a very business man and he was oneday sent to ghana on a mission so he founded that country to be a nice country and then after the asignment,he later went to build when he died,my mom asked my uncle and i to go and stay there so thats where i am staying now.In South africa,i lived in the city called Ariston and its a nice city for that matter,country.i realy love to have a nice wine and and soft drink whiles watching great movies and thats what i do for relaxation. what i really want from my life is to meet that special man i have been waiting for and be with him so that we can ride on and enjoy life together.i have really been praying for this and i know it will happen one day and i truelly believe in that very much.also i lived with my mom and uncle and he is the one who use to take care of us all the time when i was in South dad died in a car accident and my mom too is very old with alot of sickness but its ok now.she is 65 years old and she is a very good hearted woman and waiting to see the wonderful man whom her daughter is going to meet.and she wants to hold up her grandchild in her hand before she dies and thats what she is praying for.honey i really enjoy reading intesresting story books and magazines and the music i enjoy listening to is rock music,gospile,RandB,hip pop and so much more.well my dear the wather is very warm and nice in Ghana where i am now. once i am praying to meet my special person,the favorite place would like to be, is to be with him in his arms so that i can feel the love of him all over me.i would also like us go to the beach to have fun and enjoy ourslves together.i think i really like your photo on match alot.honey i will be looking forward to see more pics of you and i know i am going to love them very much. do you have any siblings?if you do,where do they live?and is your mom and dad still alive?i would really love to know about them. please there is one thing i want you to do and it is that i want you to try and get online all the time so that we can meet to have a chat and i think that will be the fastest way our commuication can be.i would be very happy if you do that.have a nice day and i wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.may the ALMIGHTY GOD bless you and bye for now............Martha
Letter 4

Hello my one and only love.i have really missed you soo much especially with today being my birthday.Honey i love you soo much and i know you also love me soo much too.honey i know our dreams will really come true and it is going to be soo nice and i cant wait to see our dreams come true.Honey pls for give me for not being able to come only to talk to you ok.amd the reason is that my internet link went off untill this evening that it just came and when i went to take my bath and got online,you were gone but had left me the emails and i was soo happy to read them.Darling i am going to wait to talk to you as we do everyday becos the link is now back.i have missed you soo very much and i know we can meet and talk tomorrow.have a nice day and i love you ok.............take care and bye for now
Letter 5
Hi Peter.i have got your lovely mails and i am replying you back becos i cant read your mail without reply.honey i think i just missed you online.i am feeling soo sad that we coundnt meet this night to have a chat.honey pls forgive me if i am the one who did it ok.Karlfried i know for sure that we are going to meet tomorrow and have a chat.becos i am going to come online very early to wait for so as soon as you get there,then we can have a chat.I will Love you till deat and i really mean every word of mine.also i am soo happy that you have check to see that i am no more on match.have a nice day and i know we are for eachother and we are going to be together very soon.have a nice day and take good care..............Will Always be your love.
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