Scam letter(s) from Olga Kovalenko to Richard (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, Richard!!!
Today I dare say that I have really an extraordinary day. You can ask me why? I can answer you, Richard! It's the day that we have begun our friendship. The sign of this beginning it's your letter that you have written me back. I really appreciate it a lot and I like it. I think that friendship is already begun and I like it a lot.
I think that now we really have a nice opportunity to know more about each other, to talk on a lot of topics and to enjoy our communication.
I thin k that it's really very important to have a person who will listen to you and will comment on your ideas. And how do you think, Richard?
Of course I ' d like to tell you a little bit about me. My name is Olga. It's a beautiful Russian name, popular in our country. Do you like my name? I am 29 years old; I was born on the 23th of April 1978. I was born in spring and that's why spring is my favorite season. I think that nature is marvelous in spring. Especially in my native town!!!!!!!!!! where there a lot of gardens and parks. I like my town a lot. It is situated 650 km from Moscow. I hope that you can look the city of Moscow on a map. It is capital of Russia. My city name Saransk. And tell me please about the place you live in? Tell me, please about it. I am eager to know more about it. I did not travel a lot, but I enjoy watching all kinds of TV programs about different cities and countries. I think it's so interesting to know more about the world you live in.
I decided to send you a picture of me. I tried to choose the best one. Tell me, please, frankly, how do you find it? I do not think that I am amazing beauty, but I think that my appearance is rather pleasant. I also want to receive more pictures of you. Can you send me more of them?
I do not smoke and drink alcohol drinks. I find some other ways to relax.
I studied in the Pedagogical University and there I studied English. I think that I had capacities to this subject and that's why I know it rather well. Of course, Richard, I can make some mistakes, so ask me, please, if you do not understand something, OK?
Also in my University I had computer classes and I was taught there how to use computers and Internet. This knowledge is useful for me now, when I began to communicate to you. I can write you letters, answer you without any problems as I know computer. The only problem is that I write you from the Internet cafe, that's why I cannot spend a lot of time there.
Well, that's all for this time. I hope that I'll have an opportunity to tell you more about myself and to learn more about you in our next letters.
Hope to hear from you soon, your new friend Olga.
P.S WOW. Many thanks for your photo, you very beautiful in a photo,you very much like me also I is very glad to our acquaintance.
Letter 2
Hello Richard!
I am very glad (I want to tell you this again) to receive your letter. I waited very much that you will write me, and I glad so much to see your words!
It is interesting for me to learn more about you.
It is very interesting for me to read your e-mails, from them we have a chance to know more about each other, and I begin to know more about you and your life. Certainly, you want to learn a point of our correspondence, about its sense, do you? I want to inform you that when I saw your profile, it liked me more than profiles of the other men.
I hope that we will continue our correspondence and we'll continue to learn each other better. As for me, I really want to do it!!! I have a great hope that at all will be good for us!
Likely it is interesting to you why I have addressed to the Internet for search of the friend and serious relations!
I had bad experience with men in Russia! And I have understood, that on the first place at them alcohol and a loose way of life.
They only think of themselves, deceive much! I want to find serious the man! Now I want To tell to you about the work!
I work as a manager in the shoe store. I send you my latest pictures in my job. How do you find them? I hope that you will like them. Please, tell me your opinion about it, OK?
Of course we work in special uniform (I have a skirt and a blouse), but this picture is taken after my work day, and I was going to go home. And I decided to take a picture especially for you in my work place. I want you to see the place I work in. Do you like it by the way?
I want to tell to you also about my parents. I live together with mum and dad. We live in an apartment.
My mum works as the teacher of Russian and the literature at school. She is a very kind woman like all mums, I think. Her name is VIctoria.
My dad works electrician in thermal station, which provides the electricity in all the apartments of our city. My dad's name is Victor.
I have cousin also, his name is Ruslan, he works as the security guard in bank, he always protects us, helps always, and he has a wife and a child, who is just 3 years.
Please, tell me about your parents too, just about your family. Richard, for me it's really very interesting and amazing. I really want to know more about you. It's so interesting for me!!!
During ours weekend, in my free time, we, my girlfriends and I walk in our city, we like to sit in cafe with a cup of tea.
I want to tell you also, that I never been outside Russia, I never visited other countries, but I would like to travel once, it would be so romantic, I think. Well, Richard, I should finish my letter to you, I hope, that we shall continue our correspondence, also that you will write me much more about yourself and I shall try to tell you more concerning me as far as it is possible in the future letters. I want to ask you about many things, and I hope that you will understand my questions and answers. I want to know more about your country.
I shall look forward to hearing from you, Richard. Also I'd like to say to you that it'll be a great pleasure for me to have more of your pictures.
Bye-bye, Olga.
Letter 3
Hello, my Richard!!!
You always tell me so many kind words; it is very pleasant for me to hear them.
I want to tell you that I wait for every your letter. I wait for your stories about yourself; it is very interesting for me to learn about you something new every time.
Thank for the answer on my last e-mail, Richard. In my opinion, it is so wonderful that we write each other, because from every our letter we learn more and more about each other, do you think so, Richard? I am interested in our correspondence; it is very interesting for me to learn about you, about your life, believe me, I read your letters with great pleasure.
Write me, please, about your typical day, how it begins and passes. I didn't tell you about my hobbies, interests. You see, from this you probably will learn about the person a lot when you know what is pleasant to him. I think that I am right. I like to read books, simple novels, or magazines at my free time, especially magazines about sewing or just about health, how to be in the good fit.
For me it's very interesting, because I want to save my health and also I try to keep good shape.
My favourite kind of sport is swimming. I send you a picture from swimming pool. Of course, I am not a professional sportsman, but I really adore swimming. In the same time I manage to keep shape and to relax.
Sometimes I like to listen music, I like to listen music of Russian and foreign players. From Russian musical players I like to listen songs of following groups " Agata Cristi ", "Bi-2", and so on.
From foreign players I like: Madonna", " Bon Jovi ". In general, I like to listen good and modern music. Richard, and what kind of music do you like to listen? It would be interesting for me to know about it.
About films, I like to watch comedies, dramas, fantastic films, romantic movies.
I liked film "Patriot" also with Mel Gibson in the main role, where war between England and USA is described. I liked this film because there are a natural patriotic spirit, love to the native Land!
I think, that it is very important qualities, which should have all people.
Richard, I hope that you watched this film too, and you have many great impressions from this film.
I want to tell you that I like to read books very much, especially the literature of domestic
writers: L.N. Tolstoy, Dostoevski, Chehov, Pushkin, Lermontov and so on. Do you like these authors,Richard? I think that they are great!
I hope that you will agree with me, do you, Richard?
My favorite food and dishes are fry potato, various soups. I like the fish and the hen very much, do you like the hen? I love a pizza also very much. It is very tasty. I like fruits and vegetables, the apples, lemons, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on are most of all. Do you like to cook the food, Richard?
I like to cook very much, and it is tasty for my family the food that I prepared.
I like to do sports! I like to ski in the winter and I like to play volleyball I like to dance ball dances did you dance sometimes ball dance? It is so attractive and beautiful, do you agree with me, Richard?
Now I want to tell you about my hobby. I like to collect various beautiful female magazines, they are about a style, about female life, about keeping feet.
Now I'd like to tell you, Richard, about my favorite dreams. I dream to drive a car in the future, it would be so interesting. And do you drive a car, Richard? Do you enjoy it?
I want to talk with you very much, but I do not have house phone but if you have phone write it me, and I will call you if I will call you from the public phone, from the post office. You see, on the post office it is possible to do it. You would like to talk with me, just to hear my voice? I just want very much to hear from you words: hi, Olga!
I shall write you the address also:
Wow..... I cannot believe, Richard, I have written you such a big letter... I hope, that it will be interesting for you to know about me more.
Do you agree with me? Richard, I will be grateful to you, if you write me about your hobbies, about your interests, what music do you prefer to listen, what cinema and another.
Ok, darling Richard, I should stop my letter for now... Hope, you won't be tired of reading it, and may be you would enjoy it.
Bye for now, Olga.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Richard!
Today we have such a fine weather! Very warm, the sun shines. I like a lot these fine days when the weather is so pleasant. I like to look at the nature around. Their patterns are always different and I alwais try to find out what they mean.
Today I had a time of my life, really!!!!!!!!
We went to cinema with my friend from my job where I have seen new Hollywood film " Spiderman 3 ", and then we visited a cafe. You see, Richard, it is very pleasant to spend time when your friends are around you, is it? For me it's very important because for me our friendship is really very important.
Richard, today a funny story happened to me in my job. A young girl asked me to help with the choice of shoes. But I must confess that in that moment I was thinking of you, I was guessing what you have written in your letter for me, I was imaginning what should I write in my reply to you. And, naturally, I brought for her shoes 3 sizes ****** that she needed!!!
What a dissipated girl I am!!! Really, I cannot combine business and pleasure!!! But in general I must sad that everything finished allright. I helped the client to choose a nice pair of shoes of her size.
Richard, you know our life is so impredictable. Have you ever noticed that the life is very changeable? You never know, where you will find and where you will loose.
A little time ago I should have never thought that I would meet you and for me it would be such a fine time of communicating to you. But now I cannot imagine my life without these fine moments of reading your letter and of writing you back!!!
This wonderful connection between us gives me a great life energy. Now I know perfectly that I need not only to go to my job, not only to do my flat, but also to go to the I-cafe and to lead my correspondence with you.
Thank you very much, my Richard, thank you for this moments of happiness and of feeling my necessity for you.
Bye for now, Olga.
Letter 5
Hello, my sweet Richard!
I am glad to receive your letter like usually. You know, I noticed that I miss every your letter, our words and communication. It is become like very important and necessary part of my life.
I know that it is difficult to have a contact when you cannot see the face of person, his eyes and cannot feel his touch! But I think in our case the situation is different: though we have not seen each other in person we have understanding in our relations - this is the most important thing, is not it?
Just a little time ago I should have never thought that it is possible to make friends in the Internet. With help of Internet we can know the person in the way which is not really possible in our real life! Communication on Internet gives us a chance to show us in the deeper reality because we do not afraid say what we really think and we do not feel any shame! We tell each other what we feel and share our dreams.
I want to say that I very glad that I've met you! It so interesting for me to communicate to you and now I can understand that all my life before you was not true, just without any point. I know now that I missed you, missed the man like you are.
Richard, in your person I have found not only a pen-friend, but also a man who can tell me gentle words, whom I can trust and who always supports me. For me those are the essential qualities I appreciate in people. And it's so curios that I found all these qualities in one man - in you, Richard!!!
I want to tell you that today on my job I think about you all the time. I cannot stop doing this.
Even my colleges noticed that I become some kind happier. Thank you, thank you, Richard, that you have given me all these wonderful moments!!!
Now I finish my letter and I really wait for your response. I need to know that you are with me with every your letter. Kiss you, your, Olga!
P.S Dear Richard you very happy person! Paris is beautiful and romantic city! Any person in the world wants to be in Paris!!!!
Dear Richard you asked me concerning the address! I shall write to you now my address! I think sometime we should meet! Country: Russia
City: Saransk
Address: st. Kommunisticheskaya, 45, app. 234
Index: 430000
Surname: Rozkova
Letter 6
Hello, my sweetheart, Richard!
Oh, I was waiting your letter with great impatience and it came to me at last. I happy to hear from you!
I do not know how I can explain my condition! May be it is too romantic mood but my heart is ready to jump out from my ******. I can feel that when I thinking about you my breath want to stop ….
Of course you can my confession to be too frank but I feel, my baby, my darling that I am ready to tell these sacred words to you ….
I love you, Richard!!!
Yes, I feel that I have fallen in love like a school girl. I like this feeling a lot because it's like an astounding aroma of rare flowers that cloaks me … I am entirely in this feeling … I am deeply in it … But I have no fear. I just enjoy it, Richard.
I know that in loved people look like a crazy a little. So I crazy, crazy because of my love to you!
What happened? From the first sight nothing changed: the winter is behind the window, I go every day to my job … .but I feel a princess in my heart, in my soul!! And that's you who are my prince, my darling and amazing prince!!!
I needed such feelings for a long time and you gave me them. The whole world is changed for me after this! This is because I happy and have my beloved person, whom I love and whom I want to give a great happiness! You are in my soul and heart! I do not want to lose this never!
My lovely, I think sometimes about the song from film "Titanic" " My heart will go on ", it sing Celin Dion (I probably incorrectly written, but I hope will understand it), and I think that it is necessary always to listen to the heart, and my heart pompted me the right choice: You, Richard!!!
I am sure that your heart prompts you the same … I wait for your letter, I wait for it with great impatience … I kiss you! Just yours Olga.
Letter 7
Hello, my sweetest love on the whole universe!
Richard, I missed you so much and I understand that every second without you was a real misfortune for me! I feel that want to see you, to hug you, just to feel you near me and your touch will bring me a happiness and heaven for our lives. I can feel that and more that it is my inside desire!
Darling, you know that I had a small talk about you with my parents. I told them how I have got acqainted with you, how our relations developed, how our feelings grew into a deep and amazing feeling. They told me that they have noticed some changes and me and they are very happy because of it!!! I told them how interesting is to communicate to you, how attentive and intelligent you are. They advised me to listen to my heart only and they told me also that they would support me in all my beginnings!
I have a very good mood because I have you and I have a lot words to say about our love!
Our feelings are mutual and this is very important for me and for you too. I imagine all the time about our first day together. I promise you to be very, very beautiful, like a may rose!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to make you happy, Richard, and I know that only you can make happy me. It's the miracle of our love, and that are we who have created this wonderful feeling.
I cannot imagine my life without you and you are in my soul forever.
I hope that you understand my feelings and I have a decision to see you, to tell you all face to face. You are my destiny, my man and all that woman want it is just to be with her man. I think that our relations become deeper and now it is time for our dreams coming truE!!!! I wish that with all my heart!
We have an aim to be happy and we can do that. If we really want something we will do that. I want to give you that and I am yours forever!
Darling, I wish you sitting next to me and caressing my hear - But when I turn back there is nobody there - It's a pity - But any way you are on my mind all the time and I love you!!!!!
I will write you soon, Richard! With love, your love, Olga.
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