Scam letter(s) from Irina to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my darling,

I'm so glad to get your letter:)
I'm interested in you because you greatly differ from the other men.
I should tell you that i'm interested in our communication.
I want to know more about you and sure i'll tell you more about myself:)
Well,where can i start?I'm 25 yearls old and i live in Donetsk.
I live here alone,i rent a flat because my parents live in the kind of country.I understood that i don't have any perspective there and decided to move.Now i work as a teacher of Russian language and literature and also try to earn more money by giving private lessons.
So i try to survive in this cruel world:)

Well,i don't know what else i should tell about myself,let's do so: you will ask me anything you want to know about me.

And now receive my kisses,
Yours Lena
P.S.I'm sorry i forgot to tell you one more thing: i use the services of the translation firm because i don't know English.
I'm very sorry to tell you about it but still i'll do everything so that it didn't become the problem for our communication.
Letter 2
Darling Wayne,
It is so nice to hear from you over and over again.I won't even tell you how i'm glad to get your letter:))
I'd like to tell you what kind of man i'm looking for.He should be very attentive to me because i think that i'm worth of it, don't you agree?:)I think i am:) I can't understand how a man of my dream whom i love wouldn't pay enough attention to me...

Well,i think i'll end for now.
Hope to hear from you very soon,i'm very interested in you:))
Receive my kisses and hugs,OK?:)
Yours Lena
Letter 3
Hello my dear Wayne,

I'm very glad that our relations develop.It means so much for me:)
And who knows maybe we can have the happy future together:)

Yes,i think ****** is ok,i'm comfortable with it.
Well,i hope that you are really as serious about me as you tell because our correspondence is not the game for me.I've started to use the Internet i can't find the right man here:(

I want my man to be strong and loving,caring and devoted.How do you think if my dreams can become the reality?I hope that they can.

Well,i'll be witing for your answer:)
Kiss you,
Yours Lena
Letter 4

Hello my sweetheart,

You know,i write this letter and tears appear on my face.I just don't know how to tell this...You became so close to me for these..ok you will say that we wrote only some letters to each other but still i feel very close to you and now it hurts me when i have to tell you that i won't be able to write you anymore.It is my last letter,i just want to ask you not to blame for anything but i can't continue it because i can't afford it:(I'm so dissapointed and lost.Can you imagine that i'm the first time in such a situation but i have to ask you for help.I just want to ask you to believe me and to blame that i'm just a scammer because i'm not and i'm very dissapointed if you were in such a situation already becase i've heard a lot about it and i don't understand how how people can judge about all the people after having met the one,bad.I won't contiue writing this to you but i'll tell you that if you really interested in me then you ahev an opportunity to help me,you can write to the address : to the translation firm and ask them any questions you want because i can't continue writing this to you,i'm emberrased...
Just remember i want to be with you and to continue my life only with you.

Yours Lena
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