Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Baidukova to Keith (England)

Letter 1
Hello I am Lena. How are you? I the free girl from Russia and me of 27 years. I am going to move to England to live. Therefore I search for English the man. Serious attitudes are necessary to me only... Any games and ****** offers. If you are serious and wish to meet me in England then write to me and we can learn each other better... I wait on mine mail lenysichek2007(at)rambler(dot)ru
Letter 2
Hello Keith! To tell the truth I did not expect to receive your letter. But thanks, that you have found time to answer me. Probably you write to many women??? Or I am mistaken... OK. My name is Lena. To me of 27 years. I live one in the city of Ekaterinburg. It is city is about mountains Urals Mountains. Now I do not work, because I move to England. To live there. In England there lives my aunt who will help me with arrival there. It will help also to me with work. For this reason I wish to find to myself the man from England. To me it is necessary strong the man, careful and true... So about itself, my growth 167 sm, My weight of 56 kg. I worked as the bookkeeper on Factory SINTO. I was never married and I have no children. I the kind, gentle, careful, responsible and romantic girl. I do not smoke and to not drink. But on holidays I presume a glass of white wine. You have bad habits??? In general I love rest on the nature, to go shopping, be engaged in fitness. I like to read and listen to modern music. Also I love when in my house cleanliness and a cosiness. A lot of time I spend on kitchen. Now I would like to learn more about you and your life. Also to see many your photos. Well if I interested you. Then I wait for your answer. Lena. PS: Thanks for your photos, you look very attractively on them. Now I send you your a photo that you could see me also. I hope you will love it???
Letter 3
Hi Keith! Today it was again pleasant to me to receive your letter... Also I am glad to learn more about you. You look remarkable the man. Would like to know you and to maintain our relations. Know to what it can to result in the future. Yes I really wait when my aunt will make, that I have arrived in UK. My aunt the serious woman. It is engaged in business and often goes in other countries. Would like to tell to you about the hobby. I like to go sometimes to play billiards or in bowling. You love these games??? Probably once we together go to play it. What do you think of it??? I went to bowling and I have some photos therefrom. I hope to you it it is pleasant??? I would like to know about your hobbies more. What do you love??? Also what you do not love??? I love sincerity, decency, cleanliness and understanding. Also I love gifts and compliments for me. I very much do not love lie, treachery, hypocrisy, humiliation. I try always to be kind, opened and fair with all. I very trustful person. Therefore sometimes it brings me. I hope you you will not use my trustfulness for bad? You know, it would be desirable to know. How you spend a free time? When at me a free time, I like to spend time at home. Because at home I happen very seldom and all time leaves for my work. Certainly I like to spend time also with girlfriends, to descend at cinema, in park, to have a supper in cafe. Sometimes we leave for city to do barbecue. Or easier to enjoy fresh air and the nature. I I hope has set not many questions. But I would like to hear all. So I can know more about you and your life. Now I shall close this letter and I shall wait again for your answer... I Hope it it will be fast. I wait Lena.
Letter 4

Hi my dear Keith! I again have received your letter. I hope, what at you all is good? You wait for my arrival??? At me good news to you. My aunt has sent me money for my documents and the invitation. Now I shall do documents and be fast I can in England. I hope you you will meet me there??? I very much would want it... Yes, address my aunt: Lower Earley; Reading Berks; United Kingdom. It asked me about you. Also it wished to know your address. Write to me where do you live. I am very glad, that I am fast I can live there. Hope we can meet and continue our attitudes. I very much would want it. I also still would like to learn much about you. But in fact we shall meet and we can see to what results ours with you acquaintance. Tomorrow I already shall go to embassy of England to do all necessary documents. My aunt has told, that there should not be difficulties with it. And when my documents will be ready the aunt again sends me of money for my tickets. And then I can inform you where I shall arrive also dates of my arrival. I really would like to meet you. I hope, that it is mutual... We can spend a lot of time together. Also I hope at us with you there will be only serious attitudes. I hope you seriously concern to me??? And really you wish to meet me and to continue our attitudes there??? Now I shall close the letter. Also I hope for your fast reply. I would like to have the man as you... Yours faithfully and understanding... Your Lena.
Letter 5
Hi my dear Keith!!!
How are you? I very well feel myself. Because my documents will be ready already approximately in 5 days. And when it will be ready, my aunt will send me of money for my tickets. And then we can meet. You very much want it? I want it. I am glad, that all so is remarkable. We can learn each other better and to spend our time together. And my aunt soon leaves for other country for business. It will be there about a month. And I will have its house at my order. We can spend time there together. You want it? I think, that it is remarkable idea. Or we can be at you this time? What do you think of it? It is a fine occasion will get acquainted more close. Or you have other ideas but to this occasion? In general I am very glad, that soon I shall arrive in UK. I now want it very much. I am glad, that I shall live there. And I would like, that ours with you acquaintance went further. I think, that at us remarkable attitudes can turn out. And already there we shall see to what it can to come. What do you think of it? I am glad, that have got acquainted with you and that I have now there remarkable the man. And I think, what it is mutual? And then we shall already see our attitudes. I very much would like to see more likely you, to waste time together, to learn you better. I also would wish to see your house and a place where do you live. I think, what I shall have such opportunity? You have already thought up, what we shall do together at our meeting? You will acquaint me with UK? I never before was there. But my aunt speaks, that there it is very good and that I shall be happy to live there. And I am glad, that I have such opportunity. Probably, if I had no there the aunt. That never would have a similar opportunity. And I am very grateful to my aunt. And I also grateful to you, that you wait for me and wish to see me. And I hope, that it will be very fast... On it I shall finish. And I shall keep you posted events in occasion of my arrival. I think, what you will meet me there? Because likely my aunt cannot make it because of its departure. I wait fast our meeting.
Sincerely your Lena.
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