Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Lozovaya to Bob (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Bob!

To begin with I guess I have to thank you for your time and attention! It was a great pleasure for me to hear form you!=) I guess you are staying in fine mood and it is getting better and better with my letter=))))
Thanks for your pic! I find you very handsome and attractive and I think we could be a good couple!;0)
Well, as you already know my name is Yana=) I'm 26 years young=))) I live in Boyarka(south of Kiev) one of the most beautiful city all over Ukraine. I was born on September, 9 By the way, do you believe in horoscopes? I do, but frankly speaking I don't really trust the word horoscope, I don’t know why but it associates only with horrors in my thoughts ;-), OK, nevermind… But I can say say I rather communicative and easy-going person and it's not a big deal for me to find the common language with people=) no matter what their sign is=)

I left my Mom's house when I was 18 and moved to Brovary, where I rent the apartment with the owner right now. I study finances in the local University now I use instruction by correspondence as it gives me an opportunity to enjoy my job=) Surprised to meet a person who is in love with his work! Here I am!=) I give all my heart, my body and soul to my job... I get a lot of pleasant emotions and excitement from it... Anxious to know what I am talking about? I am a dancer...
An Arabic belly dancer, actually and I work as the coach in the local fitness club=))) If you promise me to be a good boy, I promise you a private dance back=)))
So, as you see I am addicted to Eastern culture, customs and traditions but never the less my religion stays Christian if you really about it=)

Hmm... Well, then must be my likes and dislikes, right? =))) OK, that must be green tea with jasmine, white chocolate, sea(I am deeply in love with the sea), swings and fireworks, books in Fen Shui and Disney cartoons, white lilies,Armani Mania, when I am treated like a Queen and a little girl at the same time by a man, my job and good rest=))) I enjoy learning something new, meeting new people, I enjoy taking care of myself. I believe that woman should always look attractive no matter what happens=)

As for dreams, being a real romantic I believe that we live to realize our dreams and I truly believe that if you have a strong desire to something all the whole Universe will help you to make you dreams come true. Remember the well-known phrase, which says that we should be careful in our desires as they can be realized =)
As you see, I am very optimistic person, I believe in good, but the only thing that I lack in my life is real, true love… I think love is the most powerful force in the world. Love creates everything. Love creates life. Love creates peace. Love creates happiness. Love creates abundance. Love creates us. The main thing is to be able to connect to this living force, to be able to use it. Darling thanks to you I connected to the light, I try to make people happy, I try to bring them light and happiness. You know, a well known Russian master of Fen-Shui and the teacher of transformation of the consciousness writes, that all our feelings and emotions are like a mirror for us... If you give love and kindness to other people they will do the same for you...
You know, I've just remembered the words of Luisa Hey :"There are much more love on the world then you can even imagine". And I am sure this is true...
I hope that you agree with my ideas and I think that we have much in common...
Anyway, I will be waiting to hear from you,

A warm delicious kiss to you,

Letter 2

Hello my dear Bob!

Nice to hear from you again!=) To tell you the truth I have been waiting for your letter very much and I am so exited right now having read it=)))
I hope it is just the beginning and I will have a chance to learn you better and better with every letter=)

I am sure you want to know my intentions and what I search for here...
Life partner. A man who will make me feel special, who can make my dreams come true and who will treat me right=) I don't want you to think that I am looking for the easiest way to move from the country, no, not at all! I am quite satisfied with my life here. The only thing I really lack is a real man, as I'm really disappointed with our guys... Why? Most of them don't take care about themselves and use to have a wife who earns money for them and at the same time keeps their house... I need a hunter! I don't need such a weak man! I want to have a strong personality besides me, who will attract me as a man, who can become my best friend, my wildest lover, my children's father=) I need a man, who can support me financially in future, as I believe that a woman should take care of her house, of her children, of herself to look like a Queen while meeting her husband after the long wearisome working day... to be a Lady in public, a mistress of the house and a wildest lover in bed...Do you like this combination?;0)

I also want my man to be older then I am as I enjoy wiser adn more experienced man=) I also enjoy to be a Daddy's girld to spoil and to take care=)
And what about you? Tell me what are you searching for here and what do you expect from our mailing?

But frankly speaking I just wanted to make a small confession to you... It up to you whether you'll decide to continue or not... Choice is yours. I am just sure that all relations should be based on truth and I don't want to play games with you as I'm not kind of person like that, OK... As I have already told you I left my Mum's house at the age of 18 and moved to another city to study and work there... I have been spending all my free time practicing my dancing skills and I had not much time for learning foreign language... As you can understand learning finances does not deal with English at all and that's why I have only basic language that was left from school that are not enough to write you everything that by my own... So, a friend of mine offered me to use the help of translation office situated in our city... I agreed with their conditions it gave me a chance to meet you!=) I really hope that this meeting is not occasional and that this mailing may have the continuation and may lead to realizing our dreams=)))
Well, kitten, sorry, but I have to go right now as I have the group my my apprentices=)))
I will keep thinking of you during the lesson,
May you have a nice day full of pleasant emotions...
I hope to hear from you soon,

One more soft sweet kiss for you,



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