Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Titova to Richard (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
I hope you not against I call you so! I got just some letters from you but I alreday think that you are my friend! You last letter was so superb! Thank you for your answer my question! I like your answers! Please always write me the same nice letters! Then I will be very glad and my mood always will be very well. I read your letter and I want to speak with you is a lot of and to find out you further, I think that you good person and with you it is pleasant for me speak, I understand from your letter much and I think that you have good vital values. You as well as I speak from your heart and I think that with you we may speaks about many and develop our relations. And you not the silly guy and the person which have heart, you as well as I are lonely also I think that we may construct love give happiness and pleasure and then life will be more joyful and happier. By the way do you like animals?
I have small cat which live at me! SHe is so lovely! I want to tell you very soon I'm going to your country! Also I want to tell you very sad history which happened with me, but promise that you will understand me. It was during in last time. Some month ago I met a guy from your country his name is Tom! He told me that he loves me and want to meet me soon. We started to plan my trip. He sent me the invitation, then I start to prepare for my visa. But after while he told me that he is married. Also he wanted that I was his mistress, but his wife should not know about ours relations. I was upset when hear it very much, I been so injured. I have understood Tom - is a villain.
Mine IIkIIA name Mariya Koncerova
My heart be completely destroyed. Then I decided to tell him that I am 28 I want have serious relations, I want have family and to be happy. I told him that I do not want to have a meeting. After this moment our relations had the end. I spoke with my mum, she told me: " Do not despair my Masha you will find more good man on Internet. But you should be cautious ". I listened my mum and I decided to begin search my heart-felt partner. And after while we find out each other. I am glad that we exchange letters now. I want to forget this a history because my soul has been injured. For me it is hard to tell to you about this. I hope that you understand me. Thus I shall have the tourist visa which will be ready after 7 days. I plan to visit your country. But now we should find out each other better and better if we plan to have a meeting. Are you agree with me? I hope that you do not lose interest to me, write in your next letter what do you think about this. I wait your letter very sooooon. Masha.
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