Scam letter(s) from Rose Guei to Jan (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hi my dearest one, I am very much happy as to received your mail as I am in the hope that you are in good health of today, my dear after reading your mail I was so much confused for the contents of your mail, please I am advising you to be careful for what you are doing because so many people are using my name as to act like Rose, please I have gave you all my information such as my BIRTH CERTIFICATE together with the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT which was deposited to the security company through my late father before his death. So my dear I want you to please do what ever at your power as to make sure that you did assist me out from this my predicament which I am passing through here. As I earlier told you I am not the one and also do not listen to any other person that is using my name as to act that they are me please do not talk or discuss with the security company about the contents of this boxes. So my dear I am drafting a message for you so that you will copy the mail and feel your information urgently and send it over to the security company so that they will urgently proceed further as to deliver the boxes down to your country without any delay. My dear I want you to please do what ever at your power as to make sure that you did assist me out from this my predicament which I am passing through here so that I as soon as everything is ok I will be coming to meet with you for the rest of my life in your country. Below is the mail. TO PYRAMID TRUST SERVICES INC.
Dear Mr Chico KONE, My name is ----------- and I am a resident of ---------.
I am writing to request for the transfer of my fiance’s consignment to me as she will be joining me here in my country very soon. I believe you have spoken to her in the past, her name is: MISS ROSE GUEI. She has mailed me a copy of the deposit certificate and these are the details of the consignment ref:
If for any reason you need to contact me I can be reached at:
My Contact Information :
Please advise me how the consignment will be transferred safely to me and what your company will required as to transfer the consignment to me without any customs or police interference to my address above.
I look forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Regards, Mr---------------
So my dear the above mail is the mail which I will like you to send to the security company today, so that they will get back to you so urgently, also my dear pls, do not disclosed to the security company the real contents of the boxes, because my late father did registered it as a FAMILY VALUABLE/TRESURE EFFECT not as money so do not let them to know that is money. also when sending this mail to the security company please try to include your name and all your contact information’s, here again is there email address ( ) or ( ) or ( )Tel.+22508-16-85-31. I will be stopping here until I hear from you soon.
With love and kisses
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