Scam Letter(s) from Elvira Karsakova to Mike (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my Mike!
I went to buy a ticket today, but I faced a problem. I have only 385 euros cash, the rest of money is on my Check-book. It’s about 4800 euros. But Russian banks don’t service banker's checks. My check is not accepted at the airport as well. I can’t by a ticket with no cash and come to you. I was confused and upset about banking system in former Soviet Union. I have money on my check-book but I can’t use it anywhere in former Soviet Union. I’ve never had much cash with me, I’ve always paid with my check. But former Soviet Union is old-fashioned country in this sphere. People don’t use banker's checks here only cash. It’s like Stone Age!!! I know your country is a developed country and Banker's checks are easily accepted throughout the country. Probably you can help me in this situation? Could you send me some money? I will give all your money back as soon as I come to you. I need 380 dollars. If you have this money and if you want us to meet. Please send this money by 4 August. I don’t ask you to give me money, I ask you to lend it to me for some time. As soon as I come to you, I will give you everything to the last cent. I hope for your understanding and help. The flight information: Cost of the air ticket 875,57 American dollars, start from Moscow on 8 August.
1:10 pm Depart Moscow (SVO)
Finnair 154
Arrive Los Angeles (LAX) 10:30 pm
Finnair 5731

You can send it through Western Union. Western Union has website,called
Probably it will help you with the greater information on it. Please go to western union and send money for Ilia Lisunec , Russia. TO GET THE MONEY, I SHOULD TELL THE EMPLOYEE OF WESTERN UNION: 1 your full name 2 your full address 3 exact amount money 4 confidential numbers (Money Transfer Control Number), which will be given to you, when you send the money.
Without this information, I shall be not capable to receive money. I hope for your understanding and the help in our meeting.



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