Scam letter(s) from Mary William to Najeeb (UK)

Letter 1
thanks for dropping your email addy, my name is Mary, i have been single for sometime now, i live here alone , i have my own bussiness, i work as an interior decorator, i decorate homes, offices....
Letter 2
Dear Najeeb !
What you have told me really peaks my interest. I have no illusions. I am new to the process of the Internet romance, however I'm not new to life..
Tell when do you want us to meet in flesh in the month of August ?
So that i would check my calendar to know if it would if would be convenient for me or not,
Letter 3
I want you to send the sum of $1,075 to the supplier via moneygram, ASAP.
Kindly find information of the beneficiary below :
Names of beneficiary in full : Randolph Wright
Address in full: 29,Herkimer, street
Zipcode :11216
City :Brooklyn
State: Newyork
Country: U.S.A

PS..... Babybear upon completion of moneygram transfer i want you to send to my email addy the transfer details, or a scan copy of the moneygram receipt.
Kisses,hugs and kiss,
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