Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Ermanikova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Michael! I am very glad to receive from you the reciprocal message.
Thanks for your picture, it very much is pleasant to me.
I shall try to increase your picture and to unpack it, and I shall hang up above the bed.
Michael You send by e-mail the information for me, and it very much is pleasant to me.
You liked a picture me? What can you tell about my pictures?
In this letter Michael I shall send you other pictures me.
On one of pictures I am represented at home at a dark blue wall in white jeans.
In the second picture, I was photographed in a photo salon. I specially asked that have photographed one person.
Michael Has forgotten to tell, on August, 10th to me 30 years will be executed. At you when birthday?
Michael I think, that you read my structure and could see there, that I wish to find serious attitudes to get acquainted with the good person for the serious purposes. I wish to tell to you a little about my character, I think, that I very romantic person.
I like to communicate with people, I like to listen to people, I think that I the good interlocutor.
I love when at me good mood. I yours faithfully concern to people at whom there are such qualities as fidelity and honesty, loyalty and generosity.
I trust in love and I consider, that the love should be pure and mutual.
I very jealous person. I adore, when me congratulate, I am ready to listen to it long.Michael For me it is necessary, that around of me there was a cleanliness and the order, I
Often I am engaged in cleaning, also I like to cook I food, various tasty things.
I like to prepare for new dishes which I never prepared, it is pleasant to prepare for dishes from other national kitchen.
It is very pleasant to me to have romantic attitudes between the person and the woman, but all is probable women dream to get acquainted with good the person and to have with it the beautiful novel.
But often such attitudes come to an end without results.
If fairly to tell, I had no serious attitudes with men.
I had no ****** contact to men. Probably you will not believe, but it so.
It would be desirable for me to find such person.
I think, that for the woman the main priorities in a life it is career or other success, both strong family and the favourite person. Tell please, you dream to meet such woman in a life Michael, what I ask, you could discuss such frank thing with the person whom you know some days? But it is interesting to me, that the nobility you.
I have briefly written to you my outlooks on life if it will be interesting to you, we can discuss these themes in more detail in following letters.
I shall wait for your e-mail.
I wish successful day and successes.
Letter 2
Good day Michael. I am glad to receive again your message, every day we study each other, it is very good, I like to read your e-mail. Last days I missed, did not know than to borrow, now after I have got acquainted with you, your letters me as a solar beam. Michael, thanks, that you have written to me some answers to my questions. Yours e-mail which you send me, helps me to understand what you the person. Michael I had no ***, but I want it, but only with the favourite person who will be my husband. Michael I send you others 2 pictures. These pictures have been made on work where we with the father together work. These pictures with my father. You liked these pictures? Tell to me in more detail about your family. At you it is a lot of relatives? You support what attitudes with them? How Often you Are going to meet them? In my family very closed attitudes. I already informed, that I live with mum and the daddy. We live in a to an apartment convenient for us where there are three rooms and kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom, a toilet. I have a room. I the only child at parents. My father call Vladimir, 53 years and it serves it in a military part. In the same place where I work. We work in one part. On a rank it the lieutenant. It orders about a platoon. My mum is called Anya, to it with 49 years. At present it does not work. It is engaged in work on the house. We love each other, very often we leave in city to all family, and we have any entertainments, last time played billiards. In the summer we have a rest at Coast, we fish. During a winter time interval we go to skate and on skis. This good time for me! In a private life I have emptiness. Last attitudes in me were in the past by a year. It were no serious attitudes. We did not kiss at all. We did not love each other and had various interests, therefore we have left. I do not like men which live in our city, the majority of them does not wish to work, and wish to take alcohol. Are glad to spend on drink last money. Therefore I wish to find the man from other city. Because of the developed situation I have addressed to a site of acquaintances. Here I can probably find the person who will love and understand me. For me not important financial situation and work which it owns, the main thing that it was not the drunkard and appreciated the wife. I have defined in structure, that I search for the man of advanced age because I think, he is the person who lived, many years are, which already has experience also studied to estimate women and to address with them. I shall be be ready to give me all without others to such person and me Think, that the main advantage of the woman - fidelity and skill. I want that my family was happy, without quarrels and conflicts. On it I shall finish the letter. Michael, write to me the ideas in occasion of my ideas, that it is pleasant to you, and that is not present. I wait for your messages. Yours Alina
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