Roamnce scam letter(s) from Ulyana Byharena to Mark (USA)
Letter 1
Hello dear,me again,I do hope you are glad to see my letters!
It seems to me I have done all travel things here and I think that it is my last letter from here.Maybe I tell too much about myself but I think that is very important for meeting. I am very kind and I can forgive almost all I hate only drunkers and rude men.My favorite activite is swimming.I like to swim very much. I wish we had the ocean here! and I would like to see the ocean,you know it is my dream! you know I have never seen the ocean.I am in The Siberia State Univercity, trainers faculty as fitness ,dancing trainer. I want to tell you about things I like:I like to make barbecue and I so much want to have my own home with fireplace. usually I make very tasty ones and in principle I like to cook and it is not problem for me to cook something tasty. I have never been married and I have not any children.I have not boyfriend because I didn't meet the man of my dream yet! My favorite films are Titanic,Forrest Gump,Matriza,Kill Bill and many others,I like to listen Pink Floyd,Madonna,I like Queen,and to be fair I like almost all kind of the music.Much more I like romantic films about love . Also I want to tell you about my dislikes:I hate lazyness and people who likes to be late.I hate people who can't keep the word. I do hope we will spend free time together when I am there and I think I will be able to improve my english,you can learn Russian and I think it will help us to learn each other better,who knows.Have you big bed?(silly joke???!!!!!??????!!!).I know I will work hard but I am not afraid to work because I know that if i work hard I will earn money to live and maybe to save some to bye`something,to be fair I would like bye some france perfume. they tell in agency that it takes about a few days day to complete all travel preparations and I will get all documents ready when I am in Moscow,I ordered my papers in advance and now they need only to finish a few small things.Usually it takes about a few months to arrange so long travel ,get visa and it is so so strong travel rules for foreign visitors. In Moscow I will get all the info about my flight to your airport,and dear if you really want to meet me I will choice your area and I need name of nearest inter airport and please tell me your full name.(right writing in English) because I have to know exactly.Of course if you have the wish to meet me. I will make paper with your and my names I don't want to be lost in your airport.I will have it in my hands. I will leave airport here ( Irkutsk) to travel to moscow today evening and I will be able to send next letter from moscow.and I think it will be possible tomorrow or a little later because you know how hard it is to be in so great city and I need time to get rent room and find cybercafe.I do hope it will be so funny and nice to meet you.and I do hope to meet you in a few days.I will send exact schedule of my flight as soon as I have it in my hands. Well, I will close this letter. Now I feel better I know that I am on the way.See you soon,Ira! and much more I would like to meet just kind man because it is very hard to find kind man in modern world! P.S. pLease don't forget that I am on the way to moscow and I can't send my letters for a day or so,I don't want you to worry where is me.As soon as I can send letter from Moscow I will do it. P.P.S.and dear I am not sure I do it right I mean about my pictures because I can't put them in my letters and people here in cafe help me and if you get them I am glad because I am afraid that it may be any mistake.
I see you got my previos pictures and I do hope you will get new ones!
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