Scam letter(s) from Elena Hlopova to Cesare (Italy)

Letter 1
The attitude of people to a person depends on many things : his character, mind, manners, behavior,abilities, and appearance. If a person is a good looking he feels more confident, unfortunately to be pretty or handsome does not mean to be happy. very often not very smart people can be generous, kind, and intelligent. That is why people say" Don't judge by appearance". I want my future beloved to love me not only for my appearance, but also for my inner world. When you'll lay down and fill cold with no one around to keep you safe. Close your eyes and think of me. If you think hard enough you will fill me right beside you holding you. I will keep you warm through snow and rain. Keep you safe from pain and hurt. When you cant take it any more I will be there to help you through. When your legs can't take any more steps, call me I will lift you up carry you the rest of the way. When it's dark and theirs no light, call me I will light your way. When you have no food to eat, call me I will fill you with passion. When you have no time to spend, call me I will stop heaven and earth so you will not be late. When you think you have no one to turn to, call me I will turn every one to you. When you feel you lost all of your love, call me I will fill you. When your body aches with pain, call me I will take away the pain. When you wish on a star, look to me because I'm not far behind. if you want to have such woman in your life, write me to:
Letter 2
Good day to you, dear Cesare! It is so nice to receive the letter from you, you make me to belive that everything will work us, as you are writing me back now, that means that you are interested in me. It is very pleasant for me to realize. As I am very much interested in you, and i would like to be open with you, hope you will feel free in communication with me. Thank you for your nice photo. You are very good-looking! I took you address on a dating site! If you want to ********* in my soul deeper and better,I wish you knew how close and important these words are for me...Beauty is nice but there is the soul and mind that are more important. When young people unfortunately do not care about the soul, I am sure that is the huge mistake. Because in the old years we should have a reliable and caring partner besides. These are the words coming right from the bottom of my soul that is crying as it want to find its soulmate, my heart wants to find its second half,and my mind is seeking for an intelligent husband who will value my knowledge and wit! Cesare,let me give you a touch on my character. It is easy to get along with me. People find me sociable and easy going person. Nobody can call me selfish. I would like to tell you the more wide information about myself. I am journalist. This is an exciting job. I meet a lot of people all the time, I am very communicative, that is why it is not difficult for me "to feel like the fish in the water" in my job. I am very much devoted to what i do, and I like it. The only difficulty that I get as for my job now is that I was very weak at foreign languages at school, I wish I had studied more and more diligently! Now I am trying to gain that gap :) As a real journalist must be aware of everything! When I am not busy with my work, I enjoy spending time and relaxing with my friends. I also enjoy gardening, cooking,keeping in good physical shape. The things i hope to archive in life are to build the family of my dream, to have a healthy life, to never stop growing spiritually, and learning about the world. What i hope of most is to find the man to share all this with. I have another interest I like traveling. I prefer traveling by car. I think it is very convenient. You need not book any tickets in advance, you need not carry heavy suitcases. You can stop whenever you wish, and spend at any place as much time as you wish. Every year my family and i go to visit my grandma to the South for holidays, she lives in the Crimea, in the city called Feodosia. It is my father who drives the car. I have not got the driver's licence yet. But i would like very much to have it. Are you an addicted traveller too? Can you once teach me to drive or is that really difficult? Will we travel together once? Now you have the better picture of me, and hope you will tell me more in your next letter too. I will be waiting for your soon letter with impatience. Take care.
Send you my gentle kiss. Elena.
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