Letter(s) from Nadezhda Kamariova to Joaquin (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Joaquin. I am very happy to hear from you.
I think it would be great if we talked on the phone, here it is the phone number of my sister for you to call me cause unfortunately I do not have my own phone
kisses, Nad'a

Letter 2

Hello my sweet dear prince, prince of my heart Joaquin, hope you very honoured to hear this cause I would be on the seventh heavens because of the happiness hearing that I am the queen of your heart!!!!:))
You know my lovely Joaquin, all my days and nights are full of dreams about you, you are already everywhere for me. I want to share everything with you,all my joys and sorrows, I want you to see both my smiles and tears. I do not know why but I really feel that you are the right one for me , I feel that there is noone closer to me that you are now. can you imagine this we are so much far from each other but at the same time so much close????????this really proves that for real feelings there are no distances and what are that kilometres for the loving heart that is really ready to make wonders?? do you believe in this, do you believe in our meeting??
you know yesterday I was talking with my sister, she noticed that something has happened with me. She has noticed that I became very dreamy , she has noticed some special light in my look. You know I can't hide this any longer, I can't hide that more than everything in my life I want to be with you now, I want to be yours forever........
Tomorrow during the family dinner, I will tell all my family about you, I will share with them that now I am the happiest girl in the whole world? hope you do not mind??:))
with all my love and warmth, forever yours, Nadezhda

Letter 3

Hello my sweetheart, darling Joaquin. Thank you for your nice answer, you really made my day bright. You know today from the early morning my mood has been terrible, I do not know why, maybe because of the weather or maybe because I am missing you, yes, really I miss you very much. I think about you very often , I can't stop dreaming about us being together. Oh, my god it seems to me that I have found what I was searching for!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you remember I told you I thought that there was no such a man I want to be with?? But now it seems to me, even I can say that I am sure, I know that he exists, he is living on the same planet with me, he is breathing the same air with me, he is warmed up by the same sun. Oh, my lovely, I am so much happy that I have finally found my man, I am so much happy that I have found you here on the Internet over so much kilometres between us. And I feel that connection between us, and I do not want to loose it. Please, tell me what to to conquer you heart the same as you have conquered mine????
Oh, dear, I am really, sorry, maybe I am too fast. But this is what I really feel and want to share cause I am such kind of a person that I can't keep my emotions inside, I do not know is it good or bad but that is who I am. And this really makes such an open person. You know frankly speaking I am really in a hurry, in a hurry to be happy.:))Let's, try to build that happiness together???
Dear Joaquin, you know today while cooking, as you remember cooking is one of my hobbies, I thought how great it would be to cook not only for myself but for my beloved. How great it is to do something and to know for who you are doing this. Not just simply mix the needed ingredients, but to add there the piece of your heart, the piece of your soul and lots of your endless love?? do you want to try such dish , prepared by me or maybe you can prepare something similar to me??
My lovely Joaquin, I am so much excited writing this letter and I am full of hopes and believes that really a new and much more different life is waiting for me, and I do not want the word " loneliness" to exist in it, what do you think is this for real or am I just dreaming again??
can't wait to hear from you, with all my love and warmth, forever yours, Nadezhda

Letter 4

Hello my dear Joaquin. I am so much happy to hear from you on such a wonderful today. The sun is shining brightly,the sky is blue and the small wind that is slightly caressing my hair makes my mood wonderful. I want so much to spend this wonderful time with a person who is really very dear and close to me. And you know from all the people I know I have chosen......YOU. Do not be surprised and please do not think that I am flattering you. I am a very straight person, this means that I always tell what I think.
You know lovely Joaquin, for this time that we are communicating with you, you have become really dear and precious for me. Very often I find myself thinking and dreaming about you and about us being together, hope you do not mind??!!!:))
so, what do you think about spending some time with me....at least in my dreams:))
I have already imagined you in a nice suit, smelling wonderful with a large bunch of rose, white and blue roses. You are standing near my door and waiting for me. So, you knock for three times, I open the door and see your face stiffen in astonishment cause I am wearing a very nice light blue low-necked dress, high-healed shoes and a small necklace in a shape of a heart, the something like "la coeur de la mer" in Titanic, do you remember that blue deep one?? would you like to be with a girl like this???????
You take my hand and we go together to the nice fairy tail where there are no rules , no duties, an even no other people. But frankly speaking we do not need anyone else, we do not want other to stare at us cause we are not able to hide our feelings from others, we are not able to stop each other from kissing and showing how great and powerful our love is.By the way what is love for you?? what do you think have you ever been in love for real??have you ever noticed that even a minute without your beloved is like a year of waiting and anticipation for you? have you even felt yourself on the seventh heaventh because of the happiness just looking in the eyes of your beloved, just being always near?? You know I really believe that love gives us wings and the ability to fly but you will fly only if your feelings are really true open and sincere, when you are totally honest with your beloved, you have no secrets from each other and you are sharing everything with each other.
My dear, please, help me to get these wings again, let's fly together?? what do you think??
I am waiting for your answer with my heart full of anticipation, with all my love and warmth,Nedezhda