Letter(s) from Irina Kuznetsova to Joaquin (Spain)

Letter 1

Dear Joaquin!
I feel also some very special for you and this feeling makes me happy every day and I really don't want to loose it. I am so happy that we met over the internet and I believe that we should not loose this chance. Every single day I go to bad with thoughts about you, I dream how wonderful it would be if we could be together, wake up together, spend days together. I think often about how you live there, because I haven't been abroad it is very interesting for me to know how you live there, I would be so happy if I could be there with you, if you could show me around, meet your friends and family. When some people come from abroad it is always very interesting for me to listen what they say about it, and I hope that some day I will have this chance too! I would be dreaming of arriving to you, I think I first meeting would be very romantic, I would definitely ran to you and hug you, and kiss you!My heart fills with warmth and joy when I think about it. That is my dream, but I hope that it would come true one day, hopefully soon ...
Your Anna

Letter 2

Dear Joaquin!
I was a little nervous waiting for your letter, as it is very important for me to know what you think about our relations and about me, but now when I see that you think the same as I do, I am very happy!!! Dear, I even decide today to go to the tour company before coming to internet cafe, as I am very serious about our future and I want to see you in real life! Dear, I was told that first of all I need to get intenational passport for travelling abroad and then I will need tourist visa to your country. I was told that it is possible to get all this documents in about 4 weeks, which sounds very good for me! Because I canot wait to see you! But there was also one very unpleasant point in all this, I was told that the cost for the documents for me is 367$, but it is obviously very much and I simply don't know where to get it, so you can imagine how sad I went out of the office. From one side I am ready to do everything to come to you as it is my dream, but from another if I don't have this money I can do nothing.So I feel very disappointed and sad, because my dream may still remain only a dream.
Dear, what should I do?
Your Anna

Letter 3

Dear Joaquin!
You know that I have holidays right now and I am free till September, so I can come to you as soon as my documents will be ready and this is about 3 weeks.I hope we can spend all your holidays togeather! Dear, as I saw your letter I thought I should go to find out some information, so before writing to you I have been to the tour company and found out the price of the ticket, it is 454$ Kiev-Madrid-Kiev. I was told that it is not a problem to get tpurist visa for me to Spain, so I am sure everything will be OK. I also have been to the bank and aksed how you can send me the money, I was told that you can do it by Western Union, you will need for it my full name and adress.

Anna Larina
45612,Ukraine,Volynskaya obl.,Torchin tn.,Ivan Franko str.,5

and I will need your full name and transfer code that you will be given in the bank.
Dear, as soon as I can make the payment to the tour company they will start to arrange the documents for me and then in about 3 weeks we will be togeather!
I cannot wait till it happen
I will be waiting for news from you with impatience
Your Anna

Letter 4

Dear Joaquin!
You made my life much happier since I met you here, this is true!
I hope next week you will know when for me to come and how long it is suitable for me to stay, because you have to work and I understand that.
Dear, you are right it will take about 3 weeks before mydocuments will be ready, so we can worry about the tickets a little later.
If you manage to send me the money today or tomorrow, please, don't forget to send me the ransfer information including your full name and transfer code or I won't be able to pick up the money.
I think I can make the payment to the tour company this week as they also work on Saturdays.
So your idea is great and I agree with you!
Waititng for news
Your Anna

Letter 5

Dear Joaquin!
Your plan sounds so good! An I would be very happy if I could see ou soon, but unfortunately there are some problems with it. I will try to explain what I was told in the tour company. Now i need to pay for tickets and insuarence as soon as possible, because without it visa proces won't start. It meens that if I pay now for tickets and insuarence then my visa is going to be ready by the time when you come to Kiev.If not, we will have to wait more. Dear, I cannot wait to be with you and I don't want to postpone this trip as we have been planning it for a long time.
Your Anna